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Reflections in a Petri Dish – January 31, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

‘May your noses always be cold and wet.”

Well, my friends, I probably shouldn’t be feeling as good as I am; slammed by physical problems (not my usual métier) at the moment. And I probably shouldn’t be looking forward to all of the things that are coming, when they mean bad news for the majority but the majority have backed all the bad things that brought us to these terrible imperatives and also persecuted the minority that only had their best interests in mind. Meanwhile they supported the minority that did not have their best interests in mind. I probably shouldn’t be in an expectant and sometimes gleeful state of mind (probably just trying to distract myself-grin) about what’s coming for the minority that, as I write this, is promoting revolutionary changes, in order to give the impression that things are changing as they maneuver to take control of the new systems.

Here’s what needs to be changed, regardless of any and all secondary needs; the construct of central banks, Federal Reserves, must end and laws made against their return. Corporations must be taxed and controlled to the degree needed. Public servants must adhere to things they say as opposed to what they actually do under severe penalties to the contrary of serving the very interests they were elected to protect the public from in the first place. Laws can’t be laws if they are so easily compromised by the ability of money to provide the lawyers to do so. This is all very general and the reader will not be satisfied with my vague embrace of what needs a tighter specification and interpretation. That’s not my job. That’s someone else’s job.

TPTB are working behind the scenes to instigate what is inevitable because of their general policies of governing. It’s coming anyway, so they’re trying to control the direction of the flow. Some numbers of their fellows are earmarked for sacrifice to the illusion of justice. It’s like the Nuremburg trials, where they tortured the accused to get them to admit to lies, in order to set the groundwork for massive lies that followed in the aftermath and this came about because the neo-Pharisees controlled the Russian agenda, due to their authorship of the Bolshevik Revolution. This worked in tandem with the neo-Pharisee cabal that instigated the war in the first place from the American side. All of this was greatly assisted by the money men in London who funneled financial backing through any and every proxy at hand; simplistic again, but so.

It all comes down to money and who controls it. They can switch it on and switch it off. They did so in The Great Depression, in order to take ownership of a great many things and it is a carbon copy of the same happening today. Goldman Sachs needs to be torn to the ground and utterly destroyed. They’re as anti-human and devilishly intent as The Vatican and no less of a religion. You can argue all you like about unnamed shadowy figures pulling their strings but if you destroy the agency of their operation then you have reached these men in any case.

The pharmaceutical companies are also heavily engaged in this multi-pronged war against humanity. You can no longer buy so many of the natural Chinese herbs and many other truly healing substances, not only because they work, where the pharmaceuticals do not but because what they make also renders the population docile and disoriented, making them easier to herd and control. Inexpensive natural healing substances cut back on the profits that are made by the butchers of the allopathic medical/pharmaceutical combine. That has to stop. I cannot order, basic and healing items from other countries, because the pharmaceutical empire controls what passes through customs into this country. It’s the same thing with food. Good and nutritious foodstuffs and the ability to grow and sell them, are being systematically legislated against for the benefit of Monsanto and other agri-business interests. They cynically shoehorned the new laws into a bill dealing with Veteran’s concerns (if I remember correctly) and everything else in the bill was threatened if this one, courtesy of Harry Reid, was not also approved. Monsanto needs to be pulled to the ground and destroyed and their agents imprisoned for murder and fraud.

There’s no wiggle room with any of these things. They have to be attended to. If peaceful means do not serve then the alternative is unavoidable. Much is made of the peaceful revolutionary styles of Gandhi and Martin Luther King. It must be remembered that despite the intent of these efforts, a lot of people got hurt and a lot of people died. The concept is the right one and can insure an enduring success but you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs and you have to be prepared for the worst they can throw at you. After all, you are threatening their illegitimate position from which they are abusing you. They have no conscience; otherwise they would not be behaving as they do.

The Constitution was designed by people who understood the things it was created to defend against but the authors warned repeatedly that it would not be long before more revolutions would be required, to reaffirm what these principles defined. I know that some amount of the readers think that The Founding Fathers were a bunch of Luciferians and what not. Years ago I read about The Hellfire Club and Ben Franklin’s escapades and the like. Secret societies have always been with us but they are not all satanic. The good guys have them and the bad guys have them. Read the Secret Teachings of all Ages by Manly Palmer Hall and please refrain from telling me bad things about Manly. He was a good guy, end of story. I’m going to bet that not a single person who downloaded this book some months ago has finished the whole thing yet (grin)

The most powerful thing any of us can do to help what is coming to arrive, with enthusiasm and power, is to believe in it and see it as a reality. Think of it as a collective, revival house prayer. Live with the understanding that it’s already here. We need to be peaceful because that is the position of true strength. The position of peace acknowledges that the universe is under benevolent control. However, our position has little effect except as a good example and as an assurance of our continuing good karma. Cosmic forces, including Mother Nature, have their own agenda to make double damn sure that the predators who have inflicted such misery upon us get their due reward. This means powerfully destructive agencies, coming to bear upon their designs and machinations. It may be hard viewing but so has been the viewing of all their heinous efforts to this point.

In the process of these changes, Israel and the empires she has corrupted, are going to be destroyed. That’s just how it is. That is not the true Israel, not the real Israelites and their existence has been permitted to show the nature of their behavior. That is not the true, nor the New Jerusalem. This is not even the real world. The real world is going to appear, out of the ashes of the destruction of the false world, just as our real selves are going to be revealed to us through the vision of our real eyes, as the veils slip away from them. For some of us these veils will slip away, or be burned to nothing, by the power of our efforts to awaken. In other cases these veils will be ripped away but… going they are. They are going and no personal or externally controlling force can maintain them any longer in their state of enforced deception. Freedom may be a welcome condition but it can be truly terrifying as well. It’s like standing on the edge of a cliff and not knowing from one minute to the next, whether you can restrain yourself from jumping against your will.

I try to look at my life and what is coming the way I look at dental visits. I look forward to them with positive anticipation because I know the result is greatly desired as opposed to the circumstances that required the visit. This is a true story and I assure you that it militates against the worst features of the event.

Folks, it’s here and all bets are off on everything. Don’t let the primary or initial appearance of conditions and events, determine what you should believe about what is and what is happening. If you want to know the meaning of what is happening outside yourself, look inside yourself, because that’s where the answers are. Just as major changes are taking place in the surrounding world, major changes are taking place within you and you can amplify and accelerate this, to the degree that you cooperate with and seek after the force responsible. To get an idea of how transformative this is all going to be and how rare the opportunities are, keep in mind that this is not just the turning of an age but the turning of a complete cycle as well. We can’t really imagine it but it does grant some perspective. Do yourself a favor and make a reservation for the winner’s court. May the winds of fortune be at your back.

End Transmission…….

The general publication date for the forthcoming books is set for around March 1st. I mention this so that people, hopefully, will stop asking me when they are going to be available (grin).

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