Angela Merkel seen shaking AGAIN ahead of G20 summit – VIDEO

Charlotte Davis – Daily Express June 27, 2019

ANGELA MERKEL was spotted shaking for the second time in less than two weeks as she met with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Thursday morning

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The German Chancellor appeared unstable on her feet and trembling as she met with the German President, in her second spell of shaking in under two weeks. In concerning video footage, Mrs Merkel is seen crossing her arms as though to steady herself while attending a meeting with President Steinmeier. An assistant at the event can be seen offering the German Chancellor a glass of water as the country faces record-breaking June temperatures.

A spokesman for the German Chancellor confirmed she is fine and will be participating in the swearing-in of the new Justice Minister later today.

Mrs Merkel is then set to fly on a German Government Airbus A340 to attend the G20 summit in Japan.

Her spokesman confirmed following the incident that she will still be participating in the G20 meeting.

He said: “Everything is taking place as planned.

“The Chancellor is well.”

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As we noted when Merkel first displayed seemingly uncontrollable trembling while meeting the Ukrainian president the week before:
According to an online medical reference site
Kuru is a rare and fatal nervous system disease. Its highest prevalence occurred during the 1950s and 1960s among the Fore people in the highlands of New Guinea. The Fore people contracted the disease by performing cannibalism on corpses during funeral rituals.
The name kuru means “to shiver” or “trembling in fear.” The symptoms of the disease include muscle twitching and loss of coordination. Other symptoms include difficulty walking, involuntary movements, behavioral and mood changes, dementia, and difficulty eating. The latter can cause malnutrition. Kuru has no known cure. It’s usually fatal within one year of contraction.
Is this what Merkel is exhibiting? Has she engaged in cannibalism – after having eaten the body parts of the victims of human sacrifice that the elite are rumoured to be involved in? If so we cannot think of a more fitting reward.

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  1. The Shake & Bake Momma is shakin’ her bacon again.
    Shakin’ All Over

  2. Now if Mrs Merkel is in fact suffering from Kuru – cannibalism (eating victims of Human Sacrifice), then I hope we will see her shaking to pieces at some stage for her poor choice of food and trying to stand to attention for that awful German National anthem.
    Hopefully we will also see the world elite shaking to pieces at some stage on our television screens or will we be told they are just fine and auditioning for “You’ve Got Talent”?

  3. Hey Merkel! Time For You To Retire
    Merkel: Zeit für Sie, sich zurückzuziehen

    The problem is with Germany, is that Merkel did more divide Europe than to unite it, Merkel’s poisonous legacy.

    Merkel, of all people a East German at that!, allowed the US with its wars in the Middle East to push more and more migrants into Europe. Frankly, this cowardly women, should have stood up to the US and told them, “if you create dislocations of masses of people then it is the US that should take them all!”. But no, what did Merkel do, she just accepted US Suzerainty over the Germany!

    Frankly, people like Merkel, I can consider to be a traitor to her people and Europe!

    Hey Germans! What the hell do you think are doing always voting for those treacherous Christian Democrats? Don’t you people understand that you can only grow (with respect to, population growth) towards economic chaos! As you are witnessing now.

    We have in Europe, ladies and gentlemen, a political class that think that constant growth is the solution to our problems. Not it isn’t. It is a great solution for countries like the USA that see places like Europe as their trash container where they can dispose of all the problems they are creating upon others.

    Merkel was a disgrace. NO MERKEL IS A DISGRACE.



  4. Methinks, the German National Hymn has nothing to do with this woman for she is a disgrace to the German people and their still occupied country by the “Liberators”.
    This woman is also a liar, a traitor and a cheater regarding the promises or oaths she has given at the moments of her installation as PM of Germany.

    This woman must have been blackmailed and/or bribed and her actual Boss is Soros of the Khazarian Mafia. This woman’s best friend is Barack Obama, her lovely friend, together they built plans to bring Europe and specially Germany to the edge of the abyss, which she so far accomplished quite well.

    This woman has no love for the country and she attached/connected to it. Her Barack did the same trick with the USA/Americans. Fooling the people and bring the country economically into oblivion. The biggest wish of Soros.

    This woman has fulfilled the greatest wish of Great Britain/Ratschild country, US/AIPAC country and The Vatican/his majesty the Pope to wipe Germany from the map of the earth. The biggest wish of the jews.

    This woman has received a high decoration for “illegally and contra the Law” opened the German borders, let in the whole world to live in Germany (and Europe of course) and Germany is paying everything for the Migrants.

    This woman is politically convinced “the Islam is norm in Germany”, ” We shall Overcome with our new neighbours” and “Germany does not belong to the Germans”.

    This woman has to go. How?

    What is happening before our eyes is the theaterplay composited by her advisor to start playing (like her friend Killary) like having a desease and increase the desease step by step so she can say “honorably” goodbye to Germany.
    This will be the coming excuse to get her out of the German politics ASAP.

    Thereafter she will be healthy again, “I needed a long vacation and am OK again” to ascend the Chairmanship of either EU or a high position in UN, the near future world government.

    This woman is a clown, a joker and has to bring down the sooner the better for Germany and Europe.

  5. I lived for years in the Fore near Okapa. The disease of Kuru is a long incubating prion disease found ONLY in the Fore tribespeople. It is closely related to Parkinsons and Mad Cow disease. Maybe Merkel has the latter.

  6. Maybe Angrila Merkel has Rachel MadCow Disease?!
    Maybe The Shake & Bake Momma has Porkinson’s Disease?

  7. I hope that demonic cunt is in excruciating pain and is bleeding out of every one of her orifices as I type this. She can’t drop dead soon enough and rot in hell for her treachery.