Bolton Is In Israel Conferring With Netanyahu How To Provoke US Attack On Iran

Paul Craig Roberts – June 23, 2019

As I posted on June 22 ( ), the world still faces the danger of an attack on Iran by Washington acting as an agent of Netanyahu.  Israeli agent John Bolton is already in Israel conferring with Netanyahu.  It is a safe bet that a more serious false flag attack is being planned that will force Trump to save face by attacking Iran. 

If Israel and its neoconservative American agents succeed in setting the Middle East on fire, it will also be the fault of the Russian and Chinese leadership.  The Russians and Chinese could stabilize the situation by announcing a NATO-type alliance with Iran and putting military forces in the country, and by informing the criminal Netanyahu that if war breaks out Israel is the first to go.  

I am aware of the arguments that it is not Russia and China’s responsibility to protect Iran and save the world.  The problem with this view is that if a conflagration breaks out, neither Russia nor China can escape its consequences.  It would be far more intelligent for the two governments to take unified proactive measures than to be faced with having to react to a conflagration.  

The US Congress long ago decided to evade responsibility by giving up its war authority, a decision that currently rests in the hands of Bolton and Netanyahu.  The European politicians are Washington’s mindless puppets.  The only chance for world leadership resides in the Russian and Chinese governments.  Both should understand that their inaction is a form of deadly action.


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

24 responses to “Bolton Is In Israel Conferring With Netanyahu How To Provoke US Attack On Iran”

  1. Never Underestimate The Vanity Of Trump

    Let Bolton and Netanyahu do as they may. I have supreme confidence in Trump’s vanity! Let me explain.

    Trump is vain. HE IS INCREDIBLY VAIN. Bolton and Netanyahu have never had to deal with a vanity as superb as Trump’s. Try as they may, Trump has really been focusing on one mission. Trump as the greatest President in History of the USA! Yeah, yeah, I know what you are all thinking, that’s just a load of hokey. But, not to Trump.

    Trump, since he was born, has been building up his image of self grandeur. His hotels, his wives, his education and of course … his hair! There is nothing that is not manufactured for one supreme message, the magnificence of Trump. And there is the personal ghost he has been living with all his life. The ghost that he sees in his dreams, that push him in his ever rise to greater flights of fancy, the one that haunts many we men. Come on guys, you know, whom I am talking about….the father. Every son wants to out do his father, its a birth right. Its right of passage. And so it is with Trump.

    So, do you really think that Bolton and Netanyahu are going to really get Trump to do anything that will destroy his life mission? No way on Earth. The Trump force will squash Bolton and Netanyahu.

    So let Bolton and Netanyahu do their thing. I will make this prediction, if Bolton and co. false flag Trump into what Trump sees as potential disaster for his legacy, watch out! Bolton and co. are dead ducks. Trump will turn on them, with incredible vengeance. Trump will destroy them, and mold that destruction into something herculean and heroic, well at least in Trump’s mind it will be.

    So rest back, ladies and gentlemen, for the main event is about to begin. Trump versus the Deep State. Any bookies out there ready to give odds on that? I’ll put quite a bit on Trump!

  2.’ve obviously been taking some hallucinogenic substance.
    Trump,like Netanyahoo is a Jew…and triballoyalties always come first!
    Trump is currently trying to create the impression he is a reasonable man by not killing 150 Iranians while retaliating for the drone downing…..
    All he is attempting to do is create the impression he “tried to be reasonable with the Iranians”……but it didn’t work….
    WHY do people continue to believe this Trump nonsense??.
    Note in the current battle for leadership of the Tories in Britain….there are TWO candidates BOTH OF WHOM ARE CRYPTO JEWS…..heads or tails the Jews win…and there is good evidence to suggest Corbyn is also a crypto Jew.

  3. @Tiberius

    Not that I want to blow my own horn, but I have been proven right so far. I predicted that Trump wouldn’t attack Iran, and he didn’t. And we shall see the rest.

    Some other points. Trump is not Jewish. But I do admit, he is one of those, “wanna be jews”. Trump loves the image that the Jews portray. Then there is Trump’s cowardice. Trump doesn’t fight, unless it makes him look good, and can cheat at it so he can win. As I have stated Trump, is only interested in self glory. We shall see, what will happen.

    Trump will blow a lot of smoke, like he as been doing the last 24 hours. You know, I gave the command to attack, then said no, all because I am a great guy! And so on.

    Tiberius, if you read my other posts (seek them out, they are going in the current trending stories), you will see I am no friend of Trump or Jewish politics. But please Tiberius, look a little more closer and what is really being done and not the pantomime that is surrounding this news story. Americans love a pantomime, they think they can keep the world fooled into their theater. Nobody does a pantomime in REAL life like Trump.

    With respect Tiberius, just leave the “jewish” issue to one side for a moment here. And let Trump do his magic, it is going to be glorious. And if I a proven wrong….I will apologize to all reading this, and will swear that I will never set finger upon keyboard every again upon truthseeker. YOU HAVE MY WORD. THAT’S HOW CONFIDENT I AM. WHY?

    Because, I know men like Trump (as supreme as Trump no, but very much like him), and they all want the one and same thing! To be magnificentized! (I know that’s not a real word, but you get the idea, there are no words, for someone like Trump. He is unique!)

    Let’s see Tiberius. I will keep my word. If the US attacks, I am mean really attacks, with serious weapons, missiles and stuff and alike, you will never hear from me again. Except perhaps one last post to say good-bye.


  4. Bolton was blackmailed over a sex thing with small boys the same as the amazing james randi, now called the disgusting james randi.
    Bolton has to do what hes told, the public sees him as a colossal idiot, hes not its just hes under control of the jew
    Remember the saying from roman times
    Beware the dirty Jew

  5. Very noble for you Paul Craig Roberts to point out the Russian and Chinese responsibility to stop the invasion.

    But they are not gonna do it, because the agenda is the nwo, ascended with just the right crisis brought to you by the incoming massive recession by the end of this year, and the war.

    This is a long scripted event and in no way they gonna back off since there is nobody to stop them.

  6. This will be Pres. Trump/Kushner last term . More Americans are set to die for Wall St. as this could possibly lead to a very serious situation for Israel that have nukes in their arsenal . At stake is one of the worlds largest oil reserves and the population of Israel , all hanging on the words of Bibi , Bolton and Trump/Kushner …

  7. Quoting Dorian: “So, do you really think that Bolton and Netanyahu are going to really get Trump to do anything that will destroy his life mission? No way on Earth. The Trump force will squash Bolton and Netanyahu.”

    This is a most revealing and precise comment I’ve read in Trump’s favor in a long time. There is an opposing theory that I subscribe to: Bolton and Netanyahu (who are currently scheming the next false flag) are going to corner Trump and force him to act. Trump doesn’t understand his role as the shabbos goy WHORE of Jewry – his only job is obedience to Sheldon Adelson and Satanyahu. The Jew financiers own him, having bailed him out of his bad business decisions (Trump’s companies filed bankruptcy 6 times).

    Trump portrayal of himself as master of the Universe is a big illusion. Trump is no master player and a very poor businessman, and has sealed his fate by appointing so many Jews and Neocons to his staff. I find the idea that Trump is going to pull some (final trick) magic trick out of his hat ridiculous, just as naive as the Q Anon material or that Trump is playing 4d chess. If Trump wants to save himself he needs to call in the Marines and arrest his entire cabinet for collusion with the enemy – making policy for a foreign state is his high treason.

    Trump is nothing less than a giant bullshit artist. All hat and no cattle as they say in Texas. He has no cards to play – he is being played and blackmailed. Ruthless Israel has the Mike Pence card up their sleeve, if Trump won’t then Pence will. Evangelical Zionist lunatic Pence salivates to lead the nation into all out nuclear war with the Arabs for Greater Israel.

  8. @Yukon Jack

    NEWSFLASH!!! As exactly as you quoted me Yukon, I now toot my horn again, Read it and weep! True to form, Trump squashes Bolton.

    Ladies and gentlemen, your hatred for Trump is understandable. But this extreme hatred, is closing your eyes to the wonderful possibilities that Trump is providing. Trump just spat in the eyes of the Necons today, and splashed a cold shower of humiliation on Bolton. The force in Trump is strong! There is nothing in all of Washington DC, or the US Military that is as strong as Trump’s vanity. The man will not do anything to disgrace his image. Trump has a goal, and it has damn to do anything with making the USA look powerful, strong or more profitable. Trump is for Trump.

    I know you hate him, I know you can’t stand him, and for what ever reason why that is, like myself which I too can’t stand the man, Trump is the best thing that has happened to the World in a long, long time. Trump’s ego is our shield!



    Anyone out there in the USA know John Bolton? Can you pass on a message from me?

    —–start of message.
    To John Bolton:
    This is the second time in your miserable guilt filled life you have had to deal with humiliation. The first time, when you cowardly sneaked out of going to fight in Vietnam back in 1970. You have been living with that humiliation for all these years, and you have been trying to live it down with all this tough war talk.

    Now you have been shown up by a raised “golden spoon” in the mouth, over indulged rich kid, that bought his way out of avoiding the draft 5 times. And he’s President to boot, and stopped you from getting rid of your shame!

    John Bolton your going to live the rest of your life and go to your grave with that shame, and Trump is going to thrust it into your face every single time. Like today, when the whole world found out from the Rich Kid himself that he spat in your eye!

    John Bolton, you were a coward in 1970. You are a coward today. Nothing has changed. Whereas Trump also avoided the draft, but between you and him, Trump has out witted you and out maneuvered you, and more importantly enhanced his own ego of himself. Trump is growing strong! You know why?

    ——end of message.

    Ok Everyone:
    So here are now the official scores:

    Dorian 1 The Rest of Truth Seeker 0

    But I am looking for new recruits! Anyone out there think I may be onto something!

  9. Quote: “I know you hate him, I know you can’t stand him, and for what ever reason why that is, like myself which I too can’t stand the man, Trump is the best thing that has happened to the World in a long, long time. Trump’s ego is our shield!”

    I don’t hate anyone, I am just an obscure populist writer stating my truth to the world. As a Trumptard, you think anyone who doesn’t support the most vain narcissistic playboy President ever then that must be hate. No hate here, just cold hard realism that Trump is a gigantic fraud who is selling out Amerika every day of his reign.

    Generations of Amerikans will suffer because of what Trump is doing – yet his idiotic dumb as box of rocks base adores him. It is truly pathetic that Trump could get easily re-elected. (That ought to tell you something about allowing anyone to vote).

    For some reason the QAnontards et. al. think Trump is some great genius with a secret plan to take down the deep state. No such thing is true, he is fully embedded in the deep state. Like I say again and agian, how many Neocons does Trump have to appoint before you get it. Trump IS the swamp and I refer you to this excellent video which was originally posted before the ZOG GOD EMPEROR took the throne.

    TRUMP IS THE SWAMP / Trump’s Jewish Elite MAFIA & The 5 Dancing Israelis
    (truthseeker link is broken)

    I have news for you, Trump is in way over his head and his 6 bankruptcies disqualify him from running McDonalds. Trump is completely incompetent on a Biblical level, he has no idea what he is doing. He’s like some kind of immature playboy with a smart phone reacting to every little thing with some threatening tweet. He’s the laughing stock of the world, which is really funny, because according to him America is the greatest nation with the bestest weapons – which if that were true then why is the greatest nation of all time run by completely incompetent bozos?

    In my opinion, Trump is like General George Custer, or Nero. He’s insane.

    Here is the truth, the empire is wavering and waning, it is unclear who is actually in charge. Like Gordon Duff says, there’s 5 government agencies waging war in Syria and none of them give a rats ass what the President says. Amerika has been swallowed by the Zionist entity, Amerika is a 100% absorb by the Jew parasite, it is a vassal state of Israel.

    Trump is television window dressing for the real power which owns and operates the United States. This means that war with Iran is 100% certain. Any other conclusion is delusional and based on wishful thinking.

  10. Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no! It’s…

    !!! SUPERTRUMP !!!

    Since I put on my new rose-colored glasses, I can see the light. You just got to have faith. Imagine Trump going into an imaginary phone booth, taking his suit off and emerging from the phone booth as SUPERTRUMP…!!!
    …with the song “Dreamer” from Supertramp playing along:

    Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer
    Well, can you put your hands in your head? Oh no

    I said, “Dreamer, you’re nothing but a dreamer”
    Well, can you put your hands in your head? Oh no

    I said, “Far out, what a day, a year, a life it is”
    You know, well you know you had it comin’ to you
    Now there’s not a lot I can do

    Dreamer, you stupid little dreamer
    So now you put your head in your hands, oh no

    I said, “Far out, what a day, a year, a life this is”
    You know, well you know you had it comin’ to you

    Now there’s not a lot I can do

    Work it out someday
    If I could see something
    You can see anything you want, boy
    If I could be someone
    You can be anyone, celebrate, boy
    Well, if I could do something
    You can do something

    If I could do anything
    But can you do something out of this world?
    Take a dream on a Sunday
    Take a life, take a holiday

    Read more: Supertramp – Dreamer Lyrics |

    Dreamer – SUPERTRAMP 1983 MUNICH

  11. Dorian: Take a tablespoon of honey, three aspirins, a cold shower, go to bed and leave the comments about your ‘wonderfully under-rated Trump to those with more grey matter in that round ball sitting on top of your neck.
    Trump has no power. Kushner has more power than Trump. Ivana has Trump’s ear and he will follow her to hell. There is no one, either in the military or in his cabinet who has any power. The supreme control sits in Tel Aviv. Americans let it happen over the years based on false historical data gleaned from Hollywood movies such as Exodus, myths such as Anne Frank and the “Holocaust” gruel thrown at the world ad nauseum. Now, Dorian, you state your man Trump is going to ride on his white horse and charge the cabal and free the world? Excuse me. I have Alice in Wonderland to finish reading.

  12. Trump = Drumpf = Jewish…

    His genealogy is well researched and documented here:

  13. @Yukon Jack

    I hear you, I hear you! And truly, many things you say is quite sound. But….

    People like General Custer, were ignorant, they had no idea of what they were doing or up against. Little Big Horn, that is, Custer’s last stand, was an illustration not of over confidence, but total arrogance!

    Trump is not arrogant. Seriously! You might laugh at that statement, but he isn’t. Trump is beyond arrogance!

    I know it may all go kaput at anytime with him, that is Trump, for people like Trump either collapse from very great heights or on very rare occasions live out their lives in total delusion, kind like say, Queen Victoria! And Trump really is more a royalist, at least in behavior (just take a look how the man lives, for Pete’s sake!) than he is say like Henry Ford, of a century ago. No, no, Trump is something that the world has not seen for many a year.

    So Yukon, relax, sit back and pull up a drink, and enjoy what is unfolding to become The Greatest Show On Earth: Trump’s Vanity Versus The Deep State’s Megalomania!

    My money is on Trump’s Vanity! Oh where can I find a bookie to place a bet!!!

  14. @Voltman And Everyone Else!

    Mock Trump all you like, mock me, that’s ok too. Anything goes, I’m ok with that.

    But Voltman, and everyone else who hate Trump, just don’t forget, if Trump loses the next election, its WAR. Is that what you are looking for? How many of you are under 30? Don’t think Iran will be a push over. They aren’t. Persians have a very long and proud history, and are very resilient and uncompromising, remember the Shah of Iran?

    Trump loses the next election (which I don’t think he will), but if he does, the Neocons are back in power. War with Iran is likely, actually very likely, and that means the US Military will not have the sustained man power to fight Iran, and its many allies! That means, the draft will be back!

    John Bolton will get exactly what he has been looking for, a way to excise his demons.

    As much as I may mock, I know also, the stakes are grave. For the US’s economy is in serious free-fall, you all know that. Just take a look at the hundreds of thousands of homeless that are living on the streets of the US’s major cities, soon to go into the millions. And that is with an “official” unemployment rate of 5%! Yeah right, you all know government statistics in all countries are doctored. Well this is how wars start. Now the propaganda is really going to fly and paint Iran to be evil, ergo, the precursor to war. The US are already sending more ships, including aircraft carrier groups to the Persian Gulf. For what? To play water polo! This has now gone serious.

    Don’t let your hate, envy, or what ever it is that is pushing you to encourage Trump’s demise get in the way. For if Trump goes….its the supplicating Democrats and the Necons in power and war.

    You may have all thought that those war days are over. You really think Man is better today than in your parents or grandparents time? Nothing doing. Man is just as corrupt and self-indulgent and has a propensity to do evil as ever before. The only thing that has changed from say a hundred years ago, is that people have more bewildering gadgetry to amuse themselves with. That’s all!

    The war drums are beating. This is how it starts. All there is between war and peace, is Trump. Laugh all you like, but do you think any European leader has the nerve, or the ability to say no to the US Neocons?



  15. @Virginia

    We shall see, Virginia, we shall see.

    Nobody controls Trump. Trump will let things go right up to the moment where it is about writing his name in the history books. Trump is always thinking about his image, he doesn’t want to be put on the same page as Obama!

    The Vanity Force is strong in this one!

    Trump knows, the moment he lets missiles fly, his place in history, at at least in the history that he has written in his mind, is gone!

    We shall see, Virginia. So far … so good. If I do say so myself!

    I really think I’m right on this one.

  16. @Peter

    I hate to destroy your argument Peter, but seriously if we are going to win any argument with the Jews we have to use their own narratives against them. Just as I did here with the story of Noah’s Ark really shows how false Judaism is.

    For you see Peter, in general in Judaism, tribal affiliation follows the father of a child but is only applicable if the marriage of the parents is viable according to Jewish law (where both parents are Jews). In a case where the mother of a child is not a Jew, the child is the same as the mother, “is like her” i.e. the investigation stops there.

    This nullifies any argument in that pdf you gave. But I do admit Trump is a “wanna be Jew!” That is clear, and Netanyahu knows that, and is exploiting that! But what Netanyahu doesn’t understand, all because he has his own Jewish ego that stops him to, is that Trump is only exploiting him, Israel, and Judaism for his own glorification.

    Wow… Jewish Ego versus Trump Ego! What A Battle!

    My Money Is On Trump! Last time the Jews ever had to deal with an ego the size of Trump’s, hmmm, let me think, who had an ego to rival Trump’s? Maybe Ahmose I, the Pharaoh that resulted with Moses and the Exodus.

    I think when this is all over with Trump, the Torah may have to have another chapter added to it! This is Biblical stuff, perfect for a man like Trump.

  17. Examine these latest tweets by Trump and try and decide if this man is sane. Trump has put sanctions on NK, Venezuela, and Iran and is making those people suffer.

    Donald J. Trump
    ‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

    “Iran leadership doesn’t understand the words “nice” or “compassion,” they never have. Sadly, the thing they do understand is Strength and Power, and the USA is by far the most powerful Military Force in the world, with 1.5 Trillion Dollars invested over the last two years alone..”

    then Trump tweets a total contradiction:

    “….The wonderful Iranian people are suffering, and for no reason at all. Their leadership spends all of its money on Terror, and little on anything else. The U.S. has not forgotten Iran’s use of IED’s & EFP’s (bombs), which killed 2000 Americans, and wounded many more…”

    It is the United States causing the Iranian people to suffer. It is the United States that spends trillions on the War of Terror. It is the United States that is illegally sending it’s young men to die in Syria.

    Obviously the argument that Trump is some super-genius is wrong. Trump is confused as to who is doing what. I say it is obvious that Trump is literally insane. Furthermore, Trump is boxing himself in with these threats. How can he back down if an American ships goes down with all sailors on board?

  18. @Dorian I’ve come up with a new theory to counter yours. It’s an expansion of “Trump is insane” theory. Like all insane people, Trump doesn’t know it – nor do his followers – because an insane person or group is unable to know their true condition.

    The reason why Trump’s insanity has not been spotted by his staff is that they, too, are insane. Trump has surrounded himself with Jews and Neocons. We all know Neocons are insane, and they get along with (Zionist) Jews famously. That means the Jews and Neocons (who aren’t Jews) are all existing in the same mental pool of insaneness.

    Those who exist in the same Rupert Sheldrake morphogenic field called “Jewish Supremacism” can not detect their insaneness. This includes the mainstream media, New York Times, and Christian Evangelicals like Mike Pence. Thus all these groups who have the same supremacist/American exceptionalism vibration/thought patterns get along and act as one thing.

    Note: Just to make sure you all know that I am not being “anti-Semitic” let’s qualify some terms here. Not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Jews are religious, and not all religious Jews are Zionists. AND the biggest population of Zionists are Christian. In fact many Jews see what is going down in Israel and have high tailed it out of there for a more free part of the world like California.

    If we make the observation that most states of human consciousness are different forms of insanity (because all humans are feral Anunnaki abominations, abandoned domesticated specie suffering Cosmic Abandonment Syndrome – see Mark Passio lecture). Human life on earth is akin to many different breeds of domesticated dogs abandoned by their owners and turned feral – all fighting it out for existence and dominance. Think Lord of the Flies on a planetary scale.

    Thus, in conclusion, Trump’s insane behavior is only a puzzle for those outside the main dominant morphogenic field called Jewish Supremacism. Proof of what I am saying is Trump’s latest tweets which blame Iranian suffering on the Ayahtollahs and not his very own sanctions. Trump also blames Iran from the IUD deaths in (Syria?) which is total nonsense.

    Amerika illegally invaded and bombed Syria. It has no legal/moral/Constitutional right to be in Syria. Blaming Iran for American servicemen deaths in Syria is utter lunacy, yet Trump tweets this out to the entire world like it is some sane fact. It is not sane at all, it is proof that he and his staff are completely insane. No one calls him out because they too exist in this state of Jewish Supremacy.

  19. Dorian said:
    “But Voltman, and everyone else who hate Trump, just don’t forget, if Trump loses the next election, its WAR. Is that what you are looking for? ”

    The only election that would interest me is one in which 99% of the people have the good sense to NOT VOTE!

    Complete towns have been obliterated in California just in the last 2 years, Trumpenstein showed himself to be yet another sack of rotten garbage and these moronicans are going to get all involved in another long and drawn-out electoral campaign of bullshit, horseshit and chickenshit?!!! And we’re supposed to be patient with these retarded infants?

    The war has been going on for a long time but most moronicans haven’t even identified the enemy yet.

  20. Dorian:

    “Don’t let your hate, envy, or what ever it is that is pushing you to encourage Trump’s demise get in the way. For if Trump goes….it’s the supplicating Democrats and the Neocons in power and war.”

    I’m not merely encouraging Trump’s demise, I’m wishing, hoping, praying, affirming, predicting and prophesying the demise of the US government, its agencies, its military industrial bullshit complex and all the sick little materialistic money worshiping pipsqueaks who execute the orders of such ignorant, stupid and mendacious fake authorities.

    I hate liars whose lies have horrendous and unjust consequences for good people everywhere. I’m not blinded by hate. I can see quite clearly. What the majority decides is no longer of interest to me. The majority is sick.

  21. @Yukon Jack

    All valid points Yukon. I will not contest them. I respect your perspective.


    You, I mean we, or should I say all whom are reading this discussion, should keep a few things in mind:

    – The US has a long, long………long! history of seek, destroy, kill anything that gets in its way, of growth, profit, and keeping the elites happy,

    – Trump, is SUPREMELY VAIN, with a good touch of arrogance and ego, this kind of mix can always be understood as stupidity masquerading as anything but “stupidity”, alla the Emperor Has No Cloths Syndrome.

    – If Trump is everything you say he is, Yukon, then what does that say for all those 10s of millions that voted for him. For in this case, you (not you personally, in general I mean) have a bigger problem than you may think for the entire US.

    I am afraid I can’t support your thesis Yukon, for those exact points. For what I see is this:

    – Many Americans are getting desperate, farming communities and in general the non big city regions are suffering, and they felt that both Dems and Reps have left them behind. Enter Trump, yes he is on the Rep. ticket but everyone knows he is really an interloper, nobody in that party likes him either! And so these people are really protesting with their vote, I don’t think anyone of these souls really like Trump, but they do like he sticks it back to the establishment, and Trump is NOT an establishment guy. He may jump around a lot and look it and appear he is supporting the establishment from time to time, but Trump is really just for Trump.

    – It is clear the USA is literally starting to fall apart at the seems. Hundreds of thousands of souls live on the streets now, soon to become in the millions, middle America is not growing, its aging, its buildings are starting to look weathered and decrepit and its infrastructure like bridges are becoming a new form of Russian roulette. Whereas, if you live in the Hamptons or Beverly Hills, you live in style and just look down on the poor. Yes Trump is part of that richly lifestyle, in fact no-one measures up to Trump’s lifestyle, but, and this is the big but, even the rich hate Trump, why? Because he flaunts his wealth and brings undesired attraction to his life style. Hence the more and more vilification of the Hollywood crowd, the Oprah-kind hypocrites, and why cable networks like CNN, CNBC etc, are are slowly evaporating away.

    Basically Yukon, Trump is no good for anyone. I don’t deny that. But because he is no good for also the Neocons, he just uses them and strings them along, at least for as long as they are useful, like a cat toying with a mouse, until the cat gets tired the gaming, and then out come the claws.

    Trump cares about no one. Look at his family, it is a designed family. Everything done by the best in fashion or style. Especially his kids, intelligence not filled with facts, figures and method, but loaded with dollars; like a gun that looks every bit a gun, but the bullets are filled with perfume. And lets not forget his wife, bought and paid for to be his Venus for all other men to envy. Dare I say this, dare I say it! damn right I am going to say it….has Trump ever slept with his Venus? Melania Trump, like Ian Fleming’s famous character Solitaire in “Live And Let Day”, her magic and desire would disappear once you sleep with her. Trump, I tell you is very superstitious, why else does he look the same every day, never changes, never grows, the man is the universal constant of pomposity.

    Anyway Yukon, as I have outlined in another story of more importance, Are The Saudi Oil Reserves Finished, Is This What This Is Really All About?, we are going to find out soon enough, what kind of man Trump is. Are we actually on the threshold of serious war, all because the American Deep State and its Evil Minions will have a decrypt Military because the petroleum from Saudi Arabia is about to dry up, or will Trump see this all a chance to be remembered in the history books as the greatest Savior of the Human Race since Rocky Balboa beat Ivan Drago (you didn’t think I was actually going to give you something historical and non-fictional did you? with Trump? look at all my other metaphors in this story! 😉 ).

    I truly believe, though, Trump, for ALL THE WRONG REASONS, is the best thing we have for all of us! Time will tell, and very soon too, for things are now getting, I truly fear, very, very serious.

    The games are over, we, that is the whole world, have entered a new stage….survival! And that may just mean, you, Yukon, me, Dorian, and everyone else have only Trump to depend on! If you don’t understand these words, go to that last link.

  22. @ Dorian

    I am not in disagreement with you about Trump’s narcissism and vanity. Trump is vain and he is stupid. What you are not getting is that Trump’s vanity is really cover for his incredible stupidity. You are right about Trump and his vanity, I am very curious as to whether his vanity is more powerful than his stupidity and his appointed Neocon goons.

    I am adopting part of your viewpoint, see comments over at the sister site (darkmoon). You should post your outrageous comments there also – nothing like a firestorm to get things heated up with the true Trump believers. lol rofl

    Trump is a one trick pony, the man just repeats himself because his brain is a scrambled mess of self importance and glorification of himself. Does he really have any idea of what he is doing? It is only a matter of time before his staff figures him out and then outmanuevers him.

  23. @ Voltman

    quote “I’m not merely encouraging Trump’s demise, I’m wishing, hoping, praying, affirming, predicting and prophesying the demise of the US government, its agencies, its military industrial bullshit complex and all the sick little materialistic money worshiping pipsqueaks who execute the orders of such ignorant, stupid and mendacious fake authorities.

    I hate liars whose lies have horrendous and unjust consequences for good people everywhere. I’m not blinded by hate. I can see quite clearly. What the majority decides is no longer of interest to me. The majority is sick.”

    I couldn’t agree more, the majority is sick, and Trump is just a reflection of the sick people. This photo of a Trump rally “god, jesus, trump” is a perfect meme of how insanely sick the majority really is:

  24. @Yukon Jack

    Is Trump stupid? Well, was Queen Victoria stupid?

    Yukon, most leaders through history were stupid. Examples, you think Stalin was a genius? No, stupid, and really selfish. You think Roosevelt was smart? No, he was the most dishonest man of perhaps the 20th Century, his lies led to war, by manipulating Japan to do his dirty work. Ah, ah, before you interject Yukon, I know the question was about smartness, and I answered it with Roosevelt being dishonest. Why? Because the truth about Roosevelt is well and truly coming out now, and believe you me, other countries, like for example the Japanese themselves I am sure are learning how they have been manipulated. Thus all this is going to come back, and many other things, to haunt the USA. That’s why he was stupid, he’s selfish act, will end up being just another fact to destroy the US’s credibility. It benefited him, but it will eventually play a role in the US destruction.

    So back to Trump. Is Trump stupid? No. He is not stupid. He is selfish, he is arrogant, he is deluded, even self-deluded, and very very vain. But no, he is not stupid. It takes a lot of nouse to do what Trump does. Seriously, some of the most brilliant people in history were master connivers, like all of the Royal Houses of Europe. Like Queen Victoria! Look what she got away with. Nearly owned half the known world.

    Do you really think the world is run by smart people? Do you really think the world needs to be run by smart people? Do you really think there are smart people!

    What do you call smart Yukon? Hey are you Yukon in name only, or are you up there, you know, the land were sun doesn’t set for some of the year! Because then the Innuit that are up around there, they ‘aint stupid, but they wouldn’t rate on your scale Yukon, if you think Trump is stupid.

    You don’t need intelligence in a leader. Leaders don’t solve diddly squat! Leaders either implement or impede solutions, that others create. Right now, Trump is impeding the solutions that the Deep State would like to implement. That to me, is GREAT! Trump will never, ever implement a good solution for Mankind, he will implement something great for himself, but not for you, me and everyone else. But here is the catch, you see Trump’s goals, and ours (you, Yukon and me and every other non Deep State person) align! Yes for us to get what we want, we have to let Trump get what he wants, that is, GLORY!

    Don’t let your hatred or jealousy get in the way of the benefit we can can get too, that is, the weakening of the Deep State, you know John Bolton and co. . Ok so Trump goes down in history as the President of all time, lets say, but in doing so, he destroys and/or mortally wounds the Deep State, then I will bring flowers to his statue every year for the rest of my life. And I can’t stand the S.O.B., at least not as a person!

    Yukon, who or what do you think is going to destroy the Deep State, that is hell bent on war? You waiting for Jesus to return? Prince Charming? No. To destroy evil, you need something that is just as vulgar, and Trump is perfect!

    Let Trump have his glory, for he even just weakens the Deep State, so that others then can destroy it, then Trump has earned his gold star, and a place in history, as much as that makes your and my stomach want to throw up!

    Is that so hard to accept. World peace always comes at a price! Is Trump really too much for that? Will we get world peace with Trump? Nope. But he’s not letting the Deep State do what they really want, that is invade Venezuela or Iran, and that for me, is good enough news to say, GO TRUMP!