US troops ‘saved’ Daesh terrorists, leaders from Taliban siege in east Afghanistan

Press TV – June 22, 2019

The U.S. performed similar operations in Iraq when US helicopters helped evacuate ISIL/Daesh commanders from Western Mosu. See Iraq: US Forces Evacuate ISIL Commanders from Western Mosul (linked)

US troops in Afghanistan have rushed to help members of the Daesh group following a Taliban operation to purge the terrorists from the country’s east, according to Taliban militants.

The Taliban militant group said in a statement on Friday that US soldiers “saved” Daesh members as well as their local leaders by helicopters from a siege they had been trapped in the eastern Afghan province of Kunar.

“The US troops saved them from the siege by helicopters,” the statement said, adding that the Taliban had been launching an anti-Daesh operation for one week in Kunar and had surrounded the terrorist outfit’s important individuals.

A large number of Daesh terrorists were rescued by choppers while fleeing a battlefield with Taliban last year in the northern province of Jawzjan.

The Economic Times estimated in a recent report that around 10,000 members of the Takfiri terrorist group were present in Afghanistan and the number was growing on Washington’s watch.

In recent years, Daesh has established a foothold in eastern and northern Afghanistan. The terrorist group has mostly been populating Nangarhar, from where it has carried out high-profile brutal attacks at major population centers across the country.

Last February, three months after the group’s defeat was announced in Iraq and Syria, the Associated Press reported that the US military was pulling its forces from a base in Iraq and shifting them to Afghanistan.

The report flew in the face of US President Donald Trump’s campaign promises to end Washington’s Afghanistan intervention.

The US and its allies invaded Afghanistan and toppled a ruling Taliban regime some 17 years ago. That ongoing war has failed to bring stability to the country despite the presence of thousands of foreign forces.

Today, around 14,000 US troops remain in Afghanistan, half of them assigned to what Washington insists are counter-terrorism missions.

According to an official US report last year, the central government in Kabul is currently controlling a little more than 50 percent of the country, down from 72 percent in 2015, with the rest remaining in Taliban’s control.


5 responses to “US troops ‘saved’ Daesh terrorists, leaders from Taliban siege in east Afghanistan”

  1. it is known that all the terror groups are USA/mossad
    they bomb and kill then usher all the people over to Europs as israel wants all the land oil and mineral reseoiurces in the area

  2. “The US and its allies invaded Afghanistan and toppled a ruling Taliban regime some 17 years ago. That ongoing war has failed to bring stability to the country despite the presence of thousands of foreign forces.”

    That’s because it was never about defeating the Taliban. It was then and up to this day all about one thing and one thing only – the control of opium.
    Interestingly enough, Britain’s first invasion of Afghanistan (1839-1842) mirrors the Opium Wars it had with China at the time, when Britain, under the command and still today of the Rothschild Bank, was flooding China with Opium, turning its population into zombies, hooked on opium, from the cultivation of the poppy.

    And what’s ironic is that the dumb Americans, actually believed the crap about Osama Bin Laden, orchestrating the attacks on 9/11, hidden in a cave, somewhere within the Hindu Kush. They then believed it would make America safe by invading that land and killing, what was effectively a nation of goat herders and strict Islamic dominance, by an authority they’d created, to fight against the Russians, during the cold war. This is what happens when you destroy a culture, through multiculturalism and heavy indoctrination in schools and colleges along with constant msm propaganda, through control of the networks. American soldiers have done NOTHING for the safety of the USA. They have invaded foreign lands, creating enemies where there were none, while the real enemy of the USA, called the shots in its Parliaments and CIA headquarters.

    When you join the armed forces of the USA (UK/EU etc), you are not fighting for America or the protection of your nation, far from it. You are nothing more than Rothschild assassins, invading foreign lands that they’ll plunder, culturally and nationally destroy and install their private banking system, to bring the country into heavy debt. This is your legacy, every member of any western armed force. You are bringing about not only the destruction of foreign lands but also your very own and creating incredible hatred for your country, by people who posed you no threat or danger, whatsoever.

    You are the puppets of Zion. You are fighting and dying for the Jew who wants you dead.

    You’re all rather pathetic really and there’s nothing patriotic about fighting for another land, that’s bringing about the destruction of your own and race. Well done!

  3. It’s well known that ISIS is an ‘ex’ CIA trained merc/jihadi trained leadership group… the grunts, as anywhere, are picked up local and trained in field, but the ‘leaders’ are trained directly by us and our ‘friends’. There’s a screenshot someone posted on this years ago… they didn’t bother taking down their site for quite some time.. then changed it to SIS… they simply don’t care much anymore unless a real stink is made of it… and then, if necessary they will do another Pentagon Papers or Snowden and blame it on others in the club.

    Notice the Agency’s black helicopters only pick up the leaders, never the troops/grunts who are expendable as always. These mercs/terrorists are everywhere we want them to be… but this is the test here in ‘purgatory’… no pain, no gain… it’s how we learn… how we ‘wake up’ and learn to choose sides… stay here in ‘Platos Cave’ or find the exit… some choose to join the Chosen People of Satan/Baphomet/Lucifer etc… and stay here in the Cave to learn the ‘dark arts’ of propaganda and herd maintenance… others choose to leave and rejoin their ‘team’ on the other side of the Tree of Life.. the positive polarity side. Purgatory is a classroom, same throughout the cosmos… a school of creation where the Creator, in fractal form, seeks to Know Thyself… it is that simple and extremely complex. All of the goings on here is part of the learn/teach, teach/learn as we learn from each other, as the individual fractals are all from the same point of origin.

    Only a very small percent ever ‘graduate’ in any class or Grand Cycle or school term… but it really doesn’t matter when time is so variable, right? As UFT points out, the past, present and future are really all connected, as time is variable, but that’s a subject for those seeking to graduate from this school… who can grasp that brass ring…. see the Choice, make the Choice, empower that Choice…. it’s how we, as the sleeping half of consciousness, wakes up… all our problems, issues and sufferings are geared to do just this… all these ‘terrorists’ are part of the same schoolhouse… all in the same Cave…. half beginners – PreAdamic, and the other half Adamic…. but only a fraction of the latter are experienced enough to really Choose… otherwise, as manipulated by the ‘dark shepherds’ ruling here, we will get suckered into choosing the ‘wrong’ side when we think we are choosing the ‘right’ side… these jihadists are no different than people everywhere… some do it like psychopaths by nature… others after their lives have been destroyed and they ‘get as mad as hell’…. it’s the same ‘waking up’ process… anger turns to rage…. and then it’s up to us where we take that energy. These terrorists are being used, but their leaders should know they are working for the American Empire and/or its allies in the Axis of Evil… and there’s always an ‘evil empire’ here in Purgatory… it’s “par for the course”…. they create the obstacles we need to learn from.. to learn perspicacity so we can make the correct Choice…. until then, like the grunts, we will get used and abused as needed… when we’ve had enough, we will make different choices in life and move on.

    School is about over soon anyway… as Mother Nature approaches to ‘cleanse’ the scene and allow the planet to ‘graduate’ itself to the next level… 4d… up the Tree, and it seems, over the ‘Bridge’… hyperdimensionally speaking. All we see is the ‘dark’ team seeking to install their version of the NWO beforehand…. but that isn’t looking too promising from the look of things today. Creating chaos is easy, but managing it isn’t, and most of the fighting is either fake or ‘in-house’… but it’s still the necessary challenge for people and their govts to learn from. The question has always been how many times do you need to repeat a lesson until you learn from it?

  4. gdpetti,

    “Creating chaos is easy, but managing it isn’t.” – succinctly put.

    There’s no doubt in mind that the many scientists, over the decades and centuries, tapping into how the human mind works, the Freuds and Pavlovs and the many unknowns, have done so to bring about the many ‘outcomes’ of that chaos, but they are simply playing with far too many variables. They forget, they may have the police and possibly the armed forces, along with private contractors, to call on when tshtf, but they are terribly outnumbered.

    A few ‘well placed shots’ could seriously screw up their end game. They forget, that amongst the ‘awake’ are some very, very angry ex military who are itching for ‘the chains to come off’ so to speak. The societal restraints of an ordered society that is. They forget the seething hatred being fomented, within many at the lies, pouring out of the msm, academia and government. Finding out you served, to protect your nation, only to find out you worked for globalists, hell bent on destroying your nation, is all it takes to flick a switch and send someone over the edge.

    The last thing order wants is chaos, because it’s completely unpredictable. Too many variables as stated.

  5. Afghanistan: The Graveyard of Empires …. and Fools!

    It is true, no one ever in history, has controlled Afghanistan, as Harbinger above me hinted so. So the question has to be asked, why isn’t American Freedom not being received so well with all these Afghans? Answer: for US freedom is not freedom its tyranny and slavery, as in Orwell’s “1984”, Freedom is Slavery.

    Let’s start by first displacing this myth about how bad the Taliban are, for they aren’t as bad as the US portrays them to be. Here is a story, showing how fair and honest the Taliban are. As you read in that link, the Taliban, those supposed purveyors of back societies and out dated social behaviors, are incredibly frugal and honest with taxes. You pay once if you use a road, and you receive a receipt. So that later you only have to show the receipt to the next Taliban road block so you don’t pay again. How gentlemanly. Whereas, the US supported government’s forces, force people to pay again and again, and again at each incurring road block. Business is good when you are backed by an Evil Empire so that you can do your own acts of evil. So how many of you Americans would like that kind of honesty in your government! Yeah tough act to follow isn’t it.

    Did the Taliban do bad things when they were in government? Well I suppose for those people who consider blowing up statues of long past histories to be bad, as opposed to massacring millions of native landowners of their lands just because the interlopers are white and holier! Aren’t they devout Muslims that subjugate their women? I guess so, just like the Saudi’s do to their women, while Americans go there and pay homage to these slave holders. About that, question to you Americans, how does that work exactly? You go to Saudi Arabia, shake hands with a Saudi, and then what? Do you go out on the balcony and watch people get beheaded for the rest of the day?

    Look, we all know what’s this is really about. The US wants to be on Iran’s eastern border, and be at the South of Russia, so they can attack them, when the need arises. Or is it that Americans are stealing another natural resource from another country, as they do in Syria and Iraq with oil? Namely, opium. Its a big market now day in the US. Just take a look at all the resulting byproducts that you can make from it and how much it is craved for in the US! You know, Skidrow in LA, San Francisco and basically any big city in the US today.

    The only real problem the US has in Afghanistan is this. The Taliban do not want to deal with the US, they want them out. That’s why the corrupt Americans are working with the corrupt Afghan government. Whereas, how long do you think the Afghan government today, would survive, if the Taliban allowed the US to stay in Afghanistan? The Taliban would be in power, tomorrow, NO tonight, if the US got a deal with the Taliban so they could stay in Afghanistan. In fact, if the Taliban allowed the US to stay, the US would turn a blind eye to all the reprisals that would be dealt out to the present government supporters by a New Taliban government.

    What all this is showing you, is who is really the more honorable people here, namely, the Taliban! Reprisals and all! Yeah tough to think that, but there is a lot of truth in this.

    For the record, I don’t like the Taliban, I think they are trouble, at least trouble for the Afghans people, especially women. But this is really a case about the better of two evils. And since Afghanistan belongs to the Afghans, nobody should be interfering with internal matters with any country, and that includes Afghanistan.