Armed Militias Pledge to Fight for Fugitive Oregon Lawmakers ‘At Any Cost’

Will Sommer – The Daily Beast June 21, 2019

Right-wing militia groups across the Pacific Northwest are mobilizing to prevent Oregon state police from arresting Republican state senators who went into hiding on Thursday in order to prevent climate change legislation from passing.

All 11 of Oregon’s Republican state senators are currently on the lam, with some leaving for Idaho in an effort to deny the Democrat-controlled state senate a quorum to pass a cap-and-trade bill. In response, Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D), citing a provision in the state constitution that allows the state to “compel” absent lawmakers to attend legislative sessions, dispatched state troopers to bring them back.

One of the lawmakers on the lam, Republican Brian Boquist (R), warned that he would resort to violence rather than return to the state, implying in a local television interview that he would attack law enforcement officers sent to retrieve him.

“Send bachelors and come heavily armed,” Boquist said. “I’m not going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon. It’s just that simple.”

Militia groups in the Pacific Northwest—a hotbed of far-right extremist activism—claim they’ve mobilized to protect those state senators.

“We’re doing what we can to make sure that they’re safe and comfortable,” said Eric Parker, the president of militia group Real Three Percenters Idaho, adding that the Idaho militias are in touch with their Oregon counterparts about the senators.

In a Facebook post, Paul Luhrs, a member of the Oregon III%er militia, said the militia had “vowed to provide security, transportation and refuge for those Senators in need.”

“We will stand together with unwavering resolve, doing whatever it takes to keep these Senators safe,” Luhrs wrote.

This isn’t the first time state lawmakers of either party have fled their states to deny their rivals a quorum. In 2003, Texas Democrats left the state to avoid a vote on redistricting legislation, while Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin fled in 2011 to block Republican cuts to union rights. But what makes the current standoff in Oregon unique is the offers of help from militias—and the threats by at least one of those lawmakers to shoot police himself.

Despite the offers, it’s not clear whether any of the Republican senators are actually in contact with the militia groups or have received help from them. Senate Minority Leader Herman Baertschiger Jr., who fled the state with the rest of the senate Republican caucus, didn’t respond to requests for comment. Parker declined to comment about whether his group has been in contact with the senators themselves.

One source inside the Oregon militia movement told The Daily Beast that their members were “willing to put their own lives in front of these senators’ lives.” The source claimed that dozens of armed militia members have “mobilized” to protect the state senators, and said there was potential for violence if law enforcement officials try to bring the senators back to Oregon. The source added that the militias would defend the Republicans “at any cost.”

“All of these people are armed,” the source said.

The militia mobilization has drawn in members of the III%ers, the Oath Keepers, and independent militia groups from outside the state, according to the militia source. The III%ers derive their name from their belief that only 3 percent of colonists were involved in the American Revolution, while the Oath Keepers claim to be veterans and law enforcement officers who have vowed not to violate their “oaths.”

Parker, the Idaho militia leader, compared the fugitive state senators to the far-right activists who engaged in an armed stand-off with federal agents at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada in 2014.

“We see it the same as we saw the protesters in the wash at the Bundy Ranch,” Parker said.

This isn’t the first time Oregon has seen militias “mobilize” for political ends. In 2016, militia members, led by members of Nevada’s Bundy family who argued that the land should be open for private use, briefly seized Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Militias are often trying to attach themselves to mainstream political causes in an attempt to win over new supporters, according to John Temple, the author of Up in Arms, a new book on the Bundys and the Malheur occupation. Temple said the fleeing legislators have the potential to attract support from across the militia movement nationwide, especially after Boquist boasted about attacking police.

“They are public officials and carry some weight, yet they are talking like they are straight out of the Malheur occupation,” Temple said.


3 responses to “Armed Militias Pledge to Fight for Fugitive Oregon Lawmakers ‘At Any Cost’”

  1. The big joke is that bi-sexual gov Kate Brown and her troop of global warming / climate change retards are dead serious about “saving the environment” with windmills and cap and trade tax scam. They never add up the carbon units used to make the steel and concrete for the windmill and subtract it from the CO2 saved. There’s no savings. In other words the windmills are a huge political boondoggle.

    And oh is this climate change bullshit a huge scam of Biblical proportions – a ploy to raise tax revenue for the Oregon Statehouse which is financially bankrupt from socialism. Oregon is 100% socialist police state. They have even made collecting rain water without a permit a crime. According to environmental supremacist Kate Brown, the STATE OWNS THE RAIN. How soon will they tax the air we breath?

    First of all, “global warming” is complete and utter bullshit. When all the doomsday predictions failed they changed the meme to “climate change” which means absolutely nothing because the climate is always changing. Proving that humans have something to do with it is impossible and never has been done. Here’s the real question for all of you reading this, can humans even change the climate of earth?

    You all do know we are in an Ice Age and in a temporary interglacial. You all do know that someday the Holocene (interglacial) will end and ice will return an bulldoze Canada out of existence? You do know that right?

    Humans are NOT affecting the thermodynamics of the planet. Humans use about 160,000 terrawatts per year and the sun inputs 175,000 TW per hour. That means in one hour the solar irradiance on earth’s surface is greater than all of human energy use in one year. So how are humans going to change the climate if they can’t change the heat equation? Impossible. Bottom line the Ice Age is intact so the real threat is global cooling when orbital cycles change.

    So face with the facts, climate retards claim that CO2 is going the heat the atmosphere. This is their ultimate fallback position which is not even true. Facts don’t matter to them, it has become a religion – especially to people who have never taken one collegiate science course like AOC. She says we only have 12 years left before runaway global warming cooks us all.

    Here is the scientific fact. CO2 doesn’t drive warming on any timescale, there is no known correlation of CO2 forcing temperature ON ANY TIMESCALE. CO2 has never forced temperature ever in earth’s 4.5 billion year history. Now understand this, the entire Global Warming religion is based on the assumption that CO2 is forcing temperature. This is an epic fail of Biblical proportions – all this legislation is based on the primary assumption being true and it ain’t.

    The Oregon senators on the lam ought to get some Ayn Rand/Libertarian/Anarchist books and get to learnin’ about the true nature of the state. The state is force. The state is the ultimate coercive tool of tyrants everywhere.

  2. Setting aside the chicanery, fraud, and fake science behind the global warming slash climate change cult, “cap and trade” and “carbon credits” are clearly a steaming pile of bullshit. They are nothing but another scheme to fleece the already massively over-taxed citizenry. Anyone who buys in to the cap & trade carbon credit scam is either in on the scam or a gullible fucking retard.

  3. Got to laugh at the Daily beast the only extremism in Oregon comes from Antifa the hordes of lunacy while being very well documented. As for extinction rebellion well when someone suffers from a delusion they call it insanity when many suffer a delusion they call it extinction rebellion.