Is America the New Africa?

Darkmoon – June 21, 2019

Who is funding the illegal invaders swarming into America and demanding free housing and welfare and insisting their families should be allowed to join them from Angola and the Congo? And how come they have smart phones and thousands of dollars to pay for all their expenses?

By Kyle Olson
with additional material by Lasha Darkmoon

Is This The Man
Behind The  Third World Invasion of America? 

The “poor huddled masses” coming across the southern border may not be so poor after all. Swiss journalist Urs Gehriger recently visited African migrants who breached the border and hung out on the streets of San Antonio, Texas, waiting to go elsewhere in the country, and he met hostility from people who didn’t want to share details about their experiences, conflicted each other, and had rolls of $100 bills.
In a recording played on Fox News, Gehriger asks a migrant from Congo how she got to America.
She refused to say.
“We are here now in the United States. Why do you ask about Ecuador?” the woman said, referring to the reported country they passed through.
As Gehriger continued to ask simple questions, he said they backtracked and “were not answering at all.”
“They wouldn’t tell me anything about how they got here, and then they started to get aggressive and they were contradicting each other,” he told Laura Ingraham.
“One said they ran through the forest, and another said no, there was no forest, and they were actually arguing among themselves,” Gehriger said. He said they started to get “aggressive” after questions about money and help.

Is America the New Africa?

. . . and millions more on their way from Africa, Asia and the Middle East,

all claiming refugees status

(See endnote by LD and accompanying video)

Gehriger believes the illegals were coached on giving answers to authorities.
“I had the impression that somebody told them not to speak about it,” and acting like “now we’re here, you have to help us, give us money. What I found from an aid worker there, they actually do have money. Quite a few of them, because he spotted them under a tree, right in front of the shelter, counting a roll of money with hundred dollar bills,” Gehriger told Ingraham.
Hundreds of migrants Congo and Angola were transported to San Antonio the week before, and city officials say they received no warning from the feds that they were coming.
KENS published a story showing dozens of people milling around downtown, saying they arrived at the southern U.S. border by way of Ecuador.
All told, 350 Africans arrived that week. City officials say CBP told them another 200-300 would be arriving later.
Source: The American Mirror
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Endnote by LD:

Is  This the Fiend
Behind the Migrant Invasion of America?

I append these two opening comments on our website to the above article. They are worthy of independent note and in a sense complement the article and give it an extra significance:
FRANKLIN RYCKAERT:  This is all part of the White Genocide Plan. Yes, George Soros is probably involved. Other Jewish organizations too. Think HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) and even the Israeli IsraAid, which was already involved in smuggling black Africans as so-called “Syrian refugees” onto Greek islands. “Poor” refugees from Africa fleeing all the way by air to the US is of course nonsense. It is all planned racial destruction. If you can stomach the hypocrisy, visit the website of HIAS here and look at the pictures to immediately understand what the racial intention of this “immigrant aid” really is.
SAKI:  Americans, who react with horror and revulsion to this invasion of their country by hordes of Third World migrants, need to ask themselves one harrowing question: do we deserve this fate? Is this our karma for past crimes? Have we sinned gravely and is this our punishment?
America, after all, has destroyed Iraq and Libya and is in the process of destroying Afghanistan, Syria and (now) Iran, creating in the process havoc and confusion all over the Middle East. So America is directly responsible for creating the very refugees that are now pouring into our Western countries, thanks to America’s ceaseless belligerence.
America is doing all this with the help of its Nato allies, especially its lapdog Britain. And it is hellbent on this course of destruction because it is being egged on by Israel and international Jewry, especially by American Jews and their non-Jewish shabbos goyim lickspittles, men like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. Trump is of course marching to Jewish orders. Anyone who denies this and pretends the opposite, that Trump is a man of peace doing his best to rein in the Jews, is delusional.
Did you know that the Israelis are so delighted with Trump’s gesture of recognizing the Golan Heights as now belonging to Israel, not Syria, that the Golan Heights was recently renamed by Netanyahu in Trump’s honor? It will soon be known officially on world maps as “Trump Heights”. (See picture of Trump, preening and gloating)
VIDEO   :   5.25 mins



Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. As Netenyahu said ” palestine today tomorrow america “

  2. Lasher Darkloon INSISTS on the Trump BS.

    LOOK….Trump is a crypto Jew,end of story.Even his daughter is married to an Israel stooge….HOW OBVIOUS DOES IT HAVE TO BE?.
    Clinton is ALSO a Jew….her daughter also married a Jew.
    What you witnessed at the last election was a sideshow for the Goyim.Like a Big Time Wrestling match….totally fake.
    If Trump was genuine none of these illegal immigrants would ever get to enter the USA.

    Put it like this….all European English speaking countries are in the thrall of the Jews…..which is why they are all being inundated with third world invaders.

    So this raises the question….what’s Darkmoons REAL agenda.

    the only power and wepon the poeple have is to boycott all jewish shops supermarkets and produce
    make sure you do

  4. The Jewish Question is a very difficult one for most of us non-Jews. On the one hand, Jews are generally law-abiding and productive citizens, but, on average however, are both far more cunning and wealthier than whites in a myriad of ways.
    They have come to dominate politics and finance, which is not necessarily bad in itself, but is bad rather because their influence is used contrary to the best interests of white Americans, not the least of which is getting the country into costly and pointless Mideast wars.
    This resulting in financial abuse and chaos with their domination of the banking system (viz, depressions and inflation via the Federal Reserve), seeing that zillions of taxpayer dollars are made available to “that shitty little country” Israel, and using their media control to condition the population to accept doctrines like multiculturalism and political correctness which are both contrary to American interests and the exact opposite of the policies of Israel.
    Beyond this, the history of the 20th century leaves no doubt that Jewish leadership — sometimes referred to as Organized Jewry or the Jewish Establishment — has an enormous animus for whites, and in pursuit of this animus, has brought Western civilization to the brink of collapse and the white race to the brink of extinction.

  5. Nethanyahu is for the first time in his life speaking truth.

  6. (((Those))) who make free and rational discussion impossible, make ‘Zyklon-B’ desirable! — Ghost Who Walks

  7. @Tiberius:
    What kind of view is that? Almost all countries in this world are in the thrall of the Jews. There is as far as I know no country in the world where the exclusive Jewish Masonic Lodge B’nai and B’rith is not present, including their Anti-Defamation League, but under a different name in the countries. .

    I find the articles by Lasha Darkmoon worth reading and can’t see any agenda in them. Are you suggesting anything to her?

  8. Ray N,

    There is no other country, with dual citizenship peoples, having power and influence in that country and/or running it. Of course, unless that is their Israeli Jews as one of their citizenships. This simply cannot be accepted. It has to go, but it won’t because the majority of people, in those lands, courtesy of Jewish control of the msm (another establishment you never mentioned of the many you never mentioned) are totally and utterly indoctrinated into loving Jews, seeing them as persecuted, won’t hear a bad word about them and will always defend them, regardless what’s being said.

    They’re like every horror sci-fi movie rolled into one, that is the parasite organism that works its way inside the host to completely control it. This is what Jews are in the west and everything they do, is instrumental to overall Jewish benefit and of course detrimental to all non Jews’ lives. This is the reality that the west is in. It’s a toss of the coin as far as they’re concerned – heads Jews win, tails non Jews lose.

  9. How a vicious criminal like Soros is still walking around free and alive is beyond me. Oh, that’s right, he’s wealthy and a Jew, so he gets a free pass to destroy and kill. Well folks, that shit has to stop and it has to stop now. Soros the Destroyer is a satanic shit-stain on the fabric of humanity and needs to be impoverished, dragged through the streets by his ankles, stripped naked, flogged mercilessly, rolled in pig shit, and nailed to a tree.