WATCH: Teacher kicks student out of class for saying there’re only two genders

Doug Mainwaring – LifeSiteNews June 19, 2019

The teacher who kicked the student out of class for saying there were only two genders, male and female. Click to enlarge

A teacher in Scotland kicked a student out of his class after the student insisted that there were only two genders, male and female. Video captured by the student on a smartphone shows the teacher lecturing the student outside the classroom for not being “inclusive.”

The brief video, filmed by a student named Murray and supplied by the Archbishop Cranmer Blog, shows the teacher becoming increasingly annoyed by Murray who calmly keeps insisting upon the binary reality of male-female human sexuality. It is not known who the teacher is or what school this took place in.

“Why did you kick me out of class?  It’s not very inclusive of you,” said Murray.

“I’m sorry, but what you were saying is not very inclusive,” said Murray’s teacher, “and this is an inclusive school.”

Murray then asked why what he said was not inclusive.

“There are more than one gender,” answered the teacher.

“That’s your opinion,” insisted Murray.

“That is my opinion and that is an opinion which is acceptable in this school,” said the teacher appealing to Scottish national school policy.  “And I think yours, saying there is no such thing as anything other than male or female, is not inclusive.”

As Murray again explains to his teacher, “There are just two genders,” the teacher becomes visibly annoyed, bites his lip, and turns away.

The teacher then accused Murray of “choosing to make an issue of this. You had an opportunity to keep quiet.  You were clearly given an opportunity not to pursue it and you chose to do so.”

“Yeah because I think it’s silly,” said Murray, who reiterated it’s silly to think there are more than two genders.

“Will you please keep that opinion to your own house, not in this room?” asked the increasingly flummoxed teacher.

“So you got to put your opinion out in class but my opinion has to stay inside my house? countered the student.

“I am not putting my opinion out.  I am stating what is national school authority policy,” declared the teacher.

“That’s not scientific whatsoever,” responded Murray.

“Not every policy is scientific,” said the teacher, now stumbling for words as he turned to walk away from the conversation.

“I state something I believe in and you kick me out of class for thirty minutes,” said Murray.

“I know what you think, and I know what the authority thinks,” said Murray’s teacher.  “I know that the authority’s point of view is very clear—very clear—that there be no discrimination.”

Murray interrupted, insisting he wasn’t being discriminatory.  “I’m simply saying there are two genders: Male and female.”

“I’m sorry,” said the teacher, who failed to make his case against biological science and again said that Murray’s statement, “is contrary to policy.”

The video displays the increasingly common battle between​ biology and ​​​​​​politically-correct transgender ideology, which is being adopted by more and more school systems in the Western world.

“Shocking, isn’t it? This is an ‘inclusive’ school, and that appears to mean there is only one opinion that is is ‘acceptable in the school,’ wrote one blogger who goes by the name Archbishop Cranmer about the video


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  1. We don’t need indoctrination
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  2. Chaos In The Schools: Teachers Teaching Rubbish To Students That Have Learnt Rubbish.

    So long story short, teacher in Scotland picks on Scottish student because, and get this, NEITHER ONE OF THEM, know what they are talking about! The real problem here is, poor understanding by everyone involved due to a poor educational system. Or as the Canadians would say (I do believe its their idiom), “what goes around comes around”.

    So the facts, first. Gender is not about the physiology of the human body. By that I mean, you all understand that each human has chromosomes, the DNA, and chromosome 23rd pairs, denote what you are, a male X or female Y. This is not gender, gender has NOTHING to do with SEX. So the student was actually wrong, but it was clear the teacher didn’t know what he was talking about because he didn’t correct the student on this fact. So what is gender? It is everything on psychological level that a individual associates with. Put it in computer terms, you have a CPU that runs the low level functions of the computer, basically the nuts and bolts, in the human body, that is represented by the DNA, it is the low level code, that has the design plans of how to go about building all the minute chemical factories in the human body, for it to function and reproduce. While gender is up at the Operating System level and Applications, where you create anything you like, for example, you simulate a MAC system on a PC, thus a female gender on top of a male body, in human terms.

    There is ONLY TWO SEXES, X and Y. Other animals can have more sexes, like some birds and fish, but for HUMANS and for ALL PRIMATES, there are only TWO SEXES. Whereas, up on the higher levels where our “software runs”, you can have A BILLION GENDER types! But they are not sexes.

    But now we come to gender. Gender is not SEX. Gender, or more correctly put, Gender Association, is what a person identifies as in terms of their sexuality. This is a higher level “cerebral” process. Its part of the psyche, not physiology. How is this possible you may ask? You may think that what happens at a low level, i.e. our DNA, should percolate up to the higher levels of our psyche. Yes and no. As you are all aware from you basic school science, you know there is a BIG, BIG…..BIG!!!! jump from the atomic level to the brain level. Just because your atoms, therefore you molecules and thus your DNA, may operate in specifically designed physical-chemical processes that we today seriously know a lot about, it is not the case on the higher level. Why? Read on….things are about to interesting.

    You might want to read this first….Click here for a full discussion, look in the Comments, for me there, I have given a full brake down why and how this is.

    You see at the higher levels, we have our entire brain to take into account. Low levels like intra (inside) and inter(external) molecular forces are very localized. But higher levels, other things come into play. As Science is still in a very early stages of learning about the higher functions of the brain and how it works, we are starting understand that there are forces, Quantum Mechanical based forces, that also bring in an element of “haphazardness” into the brain. To understand this great divide better, between the low and higher functions of the brain, I refer you to Arthur Koestler’s book, “A Ghost In the Machine. Koestler brings forth about concept he refers to Holon or Holonic systems. Give that a bit of a pass, concentrate on all the incredible other stories.

    To give you a VERY GOOD example. If you take a frog, and place some acid on one of its legs (they have two fore and two hind legs), say its left fore leg, the leg will instinctively react and move. It is like when the doctor taps you on the knee with his rubber tomahawk, and your knee jerks, this all because of the neuro-muscular reaction. Do read that carefully? A signal goes from your nerves in the knee to your brain, and reacts to the hammer incursion. And so your knee reacts. As does the frog’s knee, it kicks out, and you think it is the brain that is doing this! NOPE! No brain activity is doing this…wait on it gets better!

    Well, the opposite argument can be made, that it is chemical reactions in and around the knee that react, because after billions of years of evolution, you would think many frogs have been in similar circumstances before and received damaged legs, and so the frog’s body would evolve eventually from one of these damaged frogs and thus breed better frogs that can deal with such a problem. Nope! No evolution here! Why? Or how do we know? Now read this, especially all you people whom think that everything is “in their heads”, when it comes to biological and physiological processes. Like say gender issues.

    Read this very slowly ladies and gentlemen, because you got one hell of fact to absorb, especially if you’re one of those people whom think that people with gender issues are crazy!

    So now read this, AND ITS ALL TRUE. What if you cut off the nerve chord to the frog’s brain, and did the same experiment, that is, put acid to one of its legs, the same one, the left fore leg, what would happen? There is not direct connection to the leg anymore with the brain. Newsflash! The leg still reacts, it kicks, even with NO brain connectivity! Yeah, there is something else there that is controlling the leg, other than the frog’s brain. Ah! You may say, its all chemical, or biochemical, reactions, local to the knee! Well read on, read on, my intrepid scientist. For the mystery gets deeper. But the frog will do the same reaction with all the legs. Does this mean, there was a frog way back when that had damaged all legs and passed on its trait of feeling pain and its reaction to this pain. You mean 1 frog that had 4 legs with this behavior was THE ONE to pass this trait on to all frogs forever more? But it gets stranger still. You tie off 3 legs, leave the right hind leg free, and acid the left fore leg, THE DAMN LEG RIGHT HIND LEG KICKS! TOO! SO ARE WE NOW TALKING ABOUT AN INTER CONNECTIVITY THAT WAS PASSED ONTO ALL FROGS BY ONE FROG MANY MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO, THAT HAD ALL MANNER OF COMBINATION OF LEGS RESTRICTED FOR WHAT EVERY REASON AND DEVELOPED A LOCAL (CHEMICALLY WISE) ABILITY TO KICK ANOTHER LEG WHEN IT WASN’T HURTING BUT ANOTHER ONE WAS!

    Do you see the issue here? Biological systems are not just systems that are built up from just its chemical constituents. There other “things” happening, Quantum Mechanical things (as we are starting to learn only recently!), other than brain activity that causes things to happen locally in the body, which appear to be intelligent! This is what Koestler term “holonic” behavior. This means that complicated systems like our bodies are not run just on DNA, cerebral connectivity, but also “The Ghost In The Machine”, aka, Quantum Fields.

    So back to our gender discussion. People with gender issues are not suffering from delusion. They really are feeling SERIOUS gender dysphoria. And this dysphoria, like the frog’s legs example, may very well have nothing to do with the brain or the 23rd DNA chromosome.

    Thus our ignorant teacher, who shouldn’t evening talking about these things, is very much out of line with our ignorant student, who has learnt a lot bad knowledge, are both in the wrong.

    Now here is the REAL problem. These issues about sex and gender have been known for quite some time. Even more so, the issues like that I exemplified with the frog, outlining that evolution and brain behavior activity is not inline with the facts on the ground, are also flawed. But these issues like I just storied about the frog have been known for a long time! Koestler wrote “A Ghost In the Machine” 50 years ago! So you now know how backward the schools are, if they are raising teachers like that man in the photo, with knowledge that was out date already when he was going to school as a child.

    So who is to blame here? Well who allows backward education in the schools? Who benefits from having an ignorant population? This is why governments should not be allowed to control schools. Governments breed war by keeping the people ignorant. If people were better educated, we wouldn’t be having these stupid arguments and fights with people who have serious gender issues. And the same goes we wouldn’t be having these stupid fights with people like the Russians or Chinese!


    Nothing has changed since World War 1 and World War 2.

    I think you get message folks. The real problem is government and the false narratives they allow to propagate threw society. Now who still thinks that you aren’t living in Orwellian times?

    So I have to ask, are you ready to go to war with the Russians and Chinese all because you Brits are think your government cares for you? Or for that matter, you really think Iran is a push over?

    Its so easy to breed hatred. You read it in the story above between a both an ignorant teacher and ignorant student. Is that how you want to base your decisions to go to war, based on 100% ignorance?

  3. Oh, fuck all that. This idiocy has gone on for too long already. That deviant “teacher” should be dragged by his ankles down the school corridor and down the front steps to the front of the school, stripped naked, and horse-whipped, then placed in a stockade to be pelted with rotting fruits and vegetables by the mocking citizenry. Hey teacher, there are, by nature, two genders, you bloated museum of treachery. I don’t give a fuck how people “identify” and I don’t give a fuck about “inclusiveness” if that inclusiveness bases itself on something immoral, unnatural, deranged, or just patently absurd.

  4. Let me correct my comment above, there are only two *sexes* by nature, as Dorian expounded upon. However, most people use the terms sex and gender interchangeably, even if it may not be technically correct. Otherwise, I stand by everything else I stated in my previous comment.

  5. @Umbra Bellator

    I understand what your saying Umbra, but you have to understand the problem is much more wider than just gender/sex issue. The same kind of problems exist in say, history. Where they are teaching about World War 2. Most schools still teach of the holocaust but it is now proven that there were no 6 million Jews killed. That’s only history. Too many lies go on in the history. Just take a look at the American history books for high school, these works have been largely a work of fiction since the early days of the US school system.

    Then we have things like Climate Change. Its all a lot of garbage. The climate has not changed now for nearly two decades as the scientific data shows. In recent history we have had a small ice age, aka Little Ice Age, and we were just bouncing out of that. But people took advantage of this, by taking data over a few decades that showed a global temperature rise, when in fact it was rising also in the 19th century but then dropped early part of the 20th century. And anyway, the Earth climate takes centuries to change, not decades, everything else is more less just weather patterns.

    Then there are things like commerce or economics. This field is a complete and utter failure. Nothing in economics has ever worked. Free markets, communism or what ever, it doesn’t work. Why? Because you can’t treat humans like mathematical equations.

    Now my forte, physics. Physics is a bloody mess! The most ridiculous theories are now coming out, like they are something handed down from God. Big Bang, Dark Matter/Energy, Black Holes, White Holes even the Stand Model of Physics has issues. Then lets not get into the big problem, Quantum Mechanics and Relativity don’t jive together very well; they have inbuilt contradictions with each other.

    But one thing is pretty much regular. I have noticed, and it depends on how old you are if you noticed it, that once the computer revolution kicked off in the ’80s, every field of endeavor whether in Science, Engineering, Economics or Finance, the idiot theories in these areas have exploded. All because now everyone can just “create” some theory now with the push of few buttons, and write a scientific paper so easily now (a process that once took many weeks), every single crack pot idea is now being published.

    The same goes with Biology. I understand your frustration, believe YOU ME I DO! But the issue is not something like that teacher, or that student. The problem is the “educational system”, it is controlled by people that have no interest to educate real science that are based upon facts but rather poorly put together counter ideas and cherry picked facts. And so the educational system started breaking down, decades ago. This is not a recent event Umbra! What you are seeing today is a result of at least 40 years, READ THAT AGAIN….FORTY YEARS of poor educational management. We are talking about now nearly two generations of people that are now poorly educated.

    Elementary schools, high schools and universities have all thrown out the “Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic” syllabuses and have now put into its place, everything but the three R’s. Its not enough to “throw out” teachers like that person in the story above, for, who will replace him? Just another ignorant fool!

    I definitely don’t blame the student, for anything, but his poor understanding was not his fault. The teacher does take some blame here, but in reality it is the educational system, that is run by the government. Governments all around the world, since the computer revolution that started in the ’80s, have just treated the educations system, specifically tertiary education, as a cash cow. Where more and more people are pushed into this system, all just for profit. Education these days is big business, and all governments are interested in raking in the big dollars, they don’t care what is taught anymore. Just give people whatever they are will to pay for. And there lies the problem.

    No Umbra, I am afraid I have to disagree with you. Just “throwing” out the bad people, will not help. The entire educational system has really gone, kaput!

    I am afraid, it is only going to have get a whole lot worse, before it gets better. This is only the start, of some very dark times to come, both in education and society in general. This is what happens when you play games with people’s minds, as governments feel they can do. Stupid. Very, very stupid.

    But maybe a solution is to start naming things more appropriately now. For example, sports. We have separate events for men and women (well generally we do). However lately, as well as I am sure you have been seeing in the US track and field events, has been causing some “issues”, like men in the guise of women are breaking all female records. So instead of having Male and Female events, maybe its time to refer to them as Y and X events, you know the 23rd chromosome (I know, I know, it sounds stupid!). But bare with me. This means the gender argument, you know, “I identify as”, can no longer be used, nor can gender designing drugs be of use anymore. This will put short thrift to all this gender madness. Its just an idea!