Drag Queen Story Hour attracts threats of violence, large police presence — and allegedly rooftop snipers in camouflage

Hide Out Now – June 20, 2019

The Drag Queen Story Hour phenomenon hit a public library Saturday in Spokane, Washington — and the result was certainly dramatic.

What happened?

While drag queen Katie Rockswell read “A Family Is a Family Is a Family” to about 50 children and their families at the Spokane Public Library on the South Hill, the Spokesman-Review reported that about 400 gay rights activists were outside the library in support of the event while 200 protesters against the event held signs and even spoke through megaphones across the street.

The paper added that about 40 police officers were on hand watching the crowds, as cops were concerned based on social media chatter that people on both sides of the issue would show up armed — but no one arrived openly carrying guns.

Although police arrested one protester for repeatedly trying to enter the nondesignated protesting area, Sgt. Terry Preuniger of the Spokane Police Department told the Spokesman-Review.

That protester allegedly was Afhsin Yaghtin of New Covenant Baptist Church,  Christian News reported, and a video shows the pastor asking officers why he’s not allowed to stand where he wants.

“This is a public library,” Yaghtin is heard saying. “The only event that they’ve reserved is a private room. The rest of the library is U.S. property. … I have the right to free speech wherever I want to speak.”

The Christian News said the pastor was taken into custody and later released.

“May God use this for His glory and His glory alone,” Yaghtin said of his arrest on social media, the News added. “God bless all my supporters and friends and those who inspire me to stand strong for the Lord Jesus by their godly example!”


There also were reports of alleged snipers dressed in camouflage on the library roof. A Spokane County 911 dispatcher supervisor said the individuals in question indeed were snipers “most likely” with the Spokane Police Department SWAT team as opposed to the county SWAT team, the Christian News reported.

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