Are John Bolton and Sheldon Adelson Controlling U.S. Policy on Iran?

News Commentary – June 19, 2019

The recent unvieling of the Khordad 15. Click to enlarge

In the event of war, Iran will likely prove a much more formidable challenge to the U.S. and its allies than Iraq was in 2003. Having seen what happened then with the West’s reliance on air power to secure victory, Iran has steadily developed its own air defences.
As well as acquiring Russia’s long-range S-300 air defence system, Iran has also developed its own indigenous air defence systems. This includes the Iranian counter-part to the S-300, the Bavar 373, which the Iranians claim is superior to the Russian system. In addition Iran has also developed medium range air defence systems like the Khordad 15, the Mersad, and the Raad.
Put that together with Iran’s short-range air defences like the Herz-9 and its increasingly sophisticated locally developed radars, like the long range over the horizon Sepehr radar, and it’s clear that Iran would be no pushover. It might even make sophisticated and well-armed adversaries think twice before striking. Or at least, it should.
And that’s the problem. Because as David Goldberg revealed recently, Trump was committed to launching a large scale strike on Iran this coming fall with much reliance on air strikes. The fact that Goldberg 59, was found dead shortly after revealing this makes it seem all the more credible. As if some were trying to prevent him revealing anything more.
However, what Goldberg revealed was bad enough and it explains how the U.S. and its allies plan to bypass Iran’s increasingly formidable air defences.
According to Goldberg, the U.S. plans to take out the Iranian armed forces using up to one hundred nuclear weapons.
If that happens it will be one of the worst, if not the worst crime in human history. It may seem barely credible but Goldberg’s unexplained death, after he had warned friends that what he knew could get him killed, only gives it greater credence.
Moreover, recent U.S. military deployments in the Middle East and the Trump administration’s increasing belligerence toward Tehran suggest that there may be some substance to Goldberg’s disclosure.
We certainly hope not but we cannot ignore an email sent to us by a psychic friend recently. Our friend has a good track record when it comes to foreseeing future events. He warned of a war with Iraq more than a decade before the 2003 invasion.
He also warned of conflict in Syria before it took hold.
Above all though he has repeatedly warned of a catastrophic conflict with Iran. For a while we thought that the plan to strike Iran that he had foreseen had been put on hold. However, last month shortly before the first alleged sabotage of two Saudi oil tankers, he sent us another email warning us that plans to strike Iran had been brought back on track.

Sheldon Adelson. Click to enlarge

Trump is a vain and egotistical man. He may not be an evil megalomaniac but those who know how to flatter his pride and vanity can manipulate him and they may have a much darker agenda. Thus warmongers like Bolton can have their way. While hard line Zionists like casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, expect a return for funding Trump’s presidential campaign.
This means that a gambling billionaire and a warmonger could be steering U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, for Israel’s benefit rather than America’s. All of which means that a potential U.S. military strike on Israel’s main regional opponent cannot be dismissed as wild speculation.
If it happens, and we hope that by some miracle it doesn’t, it will be catastrophic and literally millions could die. Ed.

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    he would make her president.
    Sheldon said on air before the mike was supposed to be on to John Mc cain
    ” johen your gambling and whoring debts are paid off, you now work for us ” unquote
    It is known in israel that they own John Bolton, he got involved with a teenage boy and was filmed. result ? Mossad got him as their lap dog.

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