Elite child sex slaves “1981” forgotten documentary

elevenplaneteleven — July 2012

2 responses to “Elite child sex slaves “1981” forgotten documentary”

  1. This was politically correct and innacurate
    The narrator said most boys are raped by heterosexuals .
    if they rape boys then they are not heterosexuals are they ?
    The British New Labour government based their support of P.I.E even to wanting to make its director Peter Tatchell a new labour MP
    New Labour D noticed the Nene report, operation Ore and the Longford documents
    all dealing with grown men having sex with small boys in 16 london care homes, once a boy is out of his teens they are no longer wanted by men, and are referred to as
    ” fuckpigs” this is why all the homosexual magazines financially supported by New labour had naked centre pages of young boys- not men.
    The Longford documents, Lord Longford spent years going into prisons and consulting sex offenders and killers, Longford states, ” to some one disturbed sexually, it does not mater if the child is boy or girl, as its their bottom they want, therefore it is a homosexual crime ”
    I spent my working life counselling young boys got at by homosexuals.
    Normal people do not have sex with kids

    Tom Driberg was a leading Labour MP and communist activist, and Harold Wilson was narrowly chosen over both him and Lord George Brown to lead the Labour Party, because of his sexual tastes
    On many occasions the House of Commons would grind to a halt as stewards would rush out to search public lavatories for Tom Driberg as he was a voracious homosexual.
    Masquerading as a christian he was part of the Sir Anthony Blunt/Greville Janner gang of boy abusers, this gang consisted of Clement Freud the Kray twins Leon Britten the amazing James Randi (Randall Zwingli) Peter Wyngarde Guy Burgess and other high profile jews.
    These men would abuse boys in leicestershire care homes and Barnados homes on a regular basis.
    When his name was called in the house of Commons and he was not there, guffaws of laughter would break out and you would hear the homosexual anthem being sung
    “Little boys are cheap today cheaper than yesterday
    small boys are half a crown, standing up or lying down
    Bigger ones for bigger dicks Biggest ones for three-and-six
    Get yours before their gone Come now try one
    sodomise them all today”
    New Labour under Tony Blair D noticed Operation Ore the international investigating into online pedophilia and the Nene report which looked into massive homosexual abuse in 16 London care homes, as both named members of his cabinet
    3 New labour cabinet ministers Patricia Hewitt Harriet Harman and Margaret Hodge childrens minister supported Peter Tatchells from PIE
    ( Pedophile Information Exchange) becoming an MP and changing the law to abolish the age of consent for small boys.
    Gay parades homosexual marches and displays in schools were all funded by New labour
    Peter Mandelson a known boy abuser was made director of the NSPCC, and the jewsess Ester Rantzen put in charge of childline, where sexual crimes by jews were hidden up
    Experts say first incest was downgraded to a non crime, then homosexuality legalised next comes the abuse of kids being made an
    ” alternative sexuality”