Why The Illuminati Burned Notre Dame

henrymakow.com — June 17, 2019

Flames engulf Notre Dame. Click to enlarge

Illuminati Satanists burned Notre Dame Cathedral purely for its symbolic value.
The Cathedral represents a celebration of God.

by Henry Makow PhD

It’s not just the Cathedral that needs to be rebuilt, but also Western civilization, which is based on belief in God. Society, philosophy and the arts have all been debased by the Satanists.
Individually and collectively, humans are lost and condemned to suffer without God who is our compass and our comfort. Western civilization is based on the belief that  God speaks to us through the soul.
God is the Moral Order governing human life.
God cannot be encapsulated, but as far as human behavior is concerned, God is Consciousness, a spiritual dimension in which ideals like Beauty, Truth, Love and Justice are self-evident.


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3 responses to “Why The Illuminati Burned Notre Dame”

  1. The jews will take revenge on a mans family down to the 7th generation
    They hated Oswald mosley, so tey set up his son Max Mosely for a nasty scandal in which a prostitute set him up for ridicule.
    The jews bragged about this more than they did for 9 11
    The Notre Dame fire was in revenge on the catholics because on this same date in
    1250 Pope Innoncent III refuses Jews of Cordova, Spain, request to build a synagogue

  2. Holocaust Cathedral On Burning Temple Mount

    Holy Smoke on the horizon
    Holocaust Cathedral arson
    Believers abandon reason
    Temple temperature’s risin’

    A sculpture of scripture, a majestic fixture
    Gothic architecture of stone mason culture
    Monumental museum of time immemorial
    Accidental? You see em’: a crime unforgivable

    Religion of liars dressed up as friars
    Their burning desires igniting fires
    Corrupted minorities misleading the people
    Mistrusted authorities defiling principle

    Internet spies spreading all their lies
    See the hate they generate by censoring our guys
    Big time lying criminals should head for the confessionals
    Their crimes are known to those who care
    They leave their traces everywhere

    Holocaust Cathedral
    On Burning Temple Mount
    Notre Dame Memorial
    The Church of no account


  3. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Mr. Makow..thank you for your post!