The Jews Surrounding Jordan Peterson

Brother Nathanael Kapner – Real Jews News June 16, 2019

IF THE NEW YORK TIMES is promoting it as an alliance of intellectuals foiling the mainstream conversation then you know the conversation is Jew approved.

The “alliance”—known as the Intellectual Dark Web—is Jew heavy, peppered with sodomites, with not one member openly anti-Jewish or anti-Israel.

Others are white atheist liberals with a couple of Middle Easterners thrown in for diversity’s sake, one of whom is a Lebanese Jew.

Trumpean conservative sodomite Silicon Valley mogul Peter Thiel and his Jewish circle are also “allies.”

In other words, queers, fags, jews, patsies, and God-haters make up the roster.

Whereas the alliance is comprised of “free-thinking” Jews like Ben Shapiro; David Rubin, (a homosexual YouTuber); and Samuel Harris—an ‘anti-Zionist’ pundit who certifies in Jewish double-speak why he doesn’t criticize Israel at all—its Gentile member, Jordan Peterson, just announced the launch of the group’s ‘free speech’ social media site, Think Spot.

As for Peterson, a Canadian Professor of Psychology, (hailed as an alt-right guru who styles himself as a “classic British liberal” and vehemently opposes any form of white identity), he adroitly uses his role as a Pied Piper and gatekeeper attracting young white males in order to destroy the rising political right wing, subvert any form of European pride or nationalism, and divert them from awareness of White ethnic identity. Perfect shill for the Jews!

On the same hand, his self-help cult of personality driven by an aggressively Jewish and atheist intellectual clique determined to erase Christ from American life, serves to distract white males from exploring authentic Christianity by promising that all of life’s answers can be found within the individual.

Does Peterson believe in God? He claims he’s religious, but doesn’t like the question. “It’s private,” he stonewalls. “I act as if God exists and that I’m terrified that he might.” PURE Talmudic BULLSHIT!

For under the cover of using white identity memes, Peterson positions himself for group diversion, and making a ton of money doing it.

And branding himself as a “radical individualist,” Peterson has no problem with “individuals” claiming to be homosexuals or transgenders.

“I don’t object to transgender persons,” Peterson said in a recent interview, “I object to the foisting of ideological motivated legislation on a population not ready for it.”

A USEFUL GOY by any other name would smell the same.

For what you get in “Jordan Peterson” is a man who rose to the top via the enabling of a coterie of Jews who habitually control all sides of the political and cultural narration.

Get the man tarred as “far right,” “extremist,” “conspiracy theorist,” and you’ve got a ready-made poster boy for the Jews to trap genuine alt-right enthusiasts into their web.

And while drawing young whites into the web of Jewish deception, Peterson openly rails against “the pathology of racial pride,” and “the danger of European ethnic pride movements.”

IN HIS TYPICAL Talmudic jugglery, Peterson flirts with white-nationalist memes, overlaps them with various ‘hot’ issues, yet keeps to the Jewish script of promoting Zionism, the HoloHoax, and decrying anti-Semitism.

In an Open Letter To Deborah Lipstadt (a vicious Jew bitch who accused Peterson of inducing Jew-hatred), Peterson replied:

“I’ve been teaching the horrors of the holocaust for 30 years trying to convince students of the probability that they’d be among the persecutors had they been there.”

There you have it! A bona fide Jew lover and a genuine Gentile shill!

Peterson’s only notoriety rests upon his opposition to Canadian legislation that would force him (no one else but him) to use gender-neutral pronouns such a zim, zee, and zis, only because it’s “foisted on a population not ready for it.”

His Jewish enablers grabbed it, aimed it at young whites, and lured them into their web.

Aren’t you glad you don’t shill for the Jews? Don’t you wish every Goy didn’t?



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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

6 responses to “The Jews Surrounding Jordan Peterson”

  1. Of course! Thank you Truthseeker for bringing this out.
    Pity – he is a worthless fool, after all.
    But then, he is obviously not exactly a real man –
    Pity. Pity.

  2. Sarah Nutenyahu known to all and their grandad as ” The Pig” is in big trouble
    she claims it was not actually her but her double miss piggy

  3. The minute people are instantly promoted into the limelight, followed by book deals and constant TV interviews, you KNOW that they’re up there for a reason.
    What is Jordan Peterson’s play in all of this?
    Quite simply, this is the attempt of moving the left-right Hegelian dialectic into the left-centre dialectic. It’s about completely eradicating the right.
    Peterson is, in his own words a “classic British Liberal”. British Liberals are centrist in their views. They are fence sitters. They are a mix of the left and the right, but tend to lean more to the left. For example, they’re for freedom of expression and freedom of speech, but they condone degeneracy in homosexuality and people’s right to be whatever they choose to be.

    Peterson was thrown into the public eye because he would not submit to bullying by the transgenders and other gender confused. They wanted him to call transgenders and gender ‘fluid’ peoples by specific pronouns and not ‘he, she, him or her’. There are something like 60+ gender pronouns now they want to be addressed as.
    The minute he refused the world targeted him, as a college professor and everyone started hearing about Jordan Peterson.

    Other than the obvious, already explained, when I saw a video of him refusing to answer a question, by an audience member on “could the same people behind the holodomor and Russian genocide do the same to Europeans, if they got into power” along with clearly lying about non having read Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s ‘200 Years Together’. I knew, there and then, that he was controlled opposition.

    He’s a gatekeeper. Now a very wealthy gatekeeper because his (((masters))) have given him lavish book publishing deals, public speeches, debates internationally, TV airtime, paper and magazine interviews and other means of income.

    Real truth tellers do NOT make lots of money, because they’re constantly under attack by our (((enemy))) for exposing them. David Irving is a classic example of this, even though all he’s done is tell the truth about WW2 and that there was no ‘extermination’ order by Hitler, along with stating that the Jewish death toll was NOT 6 million.

    There is one man out there (among many), however, who is telling the truth. I’m speaking of none other than E Michael Jones, of Culture Wars, who is utterly destroying Judaism through his simple telling of the truth, all backed up by historical fact. As a devout catholic, he travels the world giving speeches, along with writing excellent books on the reasons why our society is why it is. In any debate, he would SERIOUSLY wipe the floor clean with Jordan Peterson. He is the red pill that is offered to Keanu Reeves, by Laurence Fishburne, that wakes you up, while Peterson is the blue pill that sends you back to sleep.

  4. Absolute total proof that Mossad did the attack on the tankers
    as everyone suspected

  5. Didn’t Peterson identify himself as being Jewish ?