US must invade Venezuela to scare Iran and North Korea: Senator Graham

Press TV – June 15, 2019

A hawkish Republican senator has suggested that the United States should take military action against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro so countries opposing the US are intimidated and surrender to Washington’s demands.

To handle foreign conflicts “we need points on the board,” Senator Lindsey Graham, who is a close ally of President Donald Trump, was quoted as saying on Friday by Fox News.

The warmonger from South Carolina told Fox News that the US needed to resolve its issues with other countries using military actions.

The Chair of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary suggested using US military force to resolve America’s conflicts with countries opposed to US foreign policy.

“Do what Reagan did in Grenada. Put military force on the table … start with your own backyard,” he suggested.

Graham implied that after the US military invasion of Venezuela, other Latin American counties, as well as countries opposed to US foreign policies such as  North Korea and Iran, would be intimidated and give in to US demands.

“Fix Venezuela, and everybody else will know you’re serious,” Graham, who is a notorious supporter of US interventionism, suggested to the Fox News host.

Graham has in the past repeated his call for US military intervention in Venezuela. Last month, as representatives of the Venezuelan government and opposition forces were meeting in Norway for talks on resolving the political crisis in the Latin American country, the Republican senator dropped another Grenada reference aimed at scaring government representatives.

In 1983, Reagan ordered US troops to invade the small Caribbean island nation of Grenada, resulting in an easy victory for the Americans.



5 responses to “US must invade Venezuela to scare Iran and North Korea: Senator Graham”

  1. Iran is hitting tankers? Really?

    Fagotty Gayham wants to terrorize the rest of the world by attacking Venezuela to save the Venezuelans from Maduro The Thug…? (insert laugh track)

    Hemorrhagic Stupiditas strikes again!

    I want to see Russia invade BrainWashington D.C. and show us what real meddling looks like!

    Hey Vladimir! Come on down! Send some of those special forces of yours to WARshington if you’re serious about fighting the war on terror.


    P.S.: You Will Know The By Their Targets

  2. Osama Bin Laden only had 4 hijacked passenger planes, a box of box-cutters and a Quran, yet they managed to bring down not one, but two skyscrapers a quarter-mile high, as well as hit the central headquarters of the US war machine: Pentagoonia!

    Imagine what the Russians could do with real military equipment and imagination.
    Imagine if Vladimir financed Plutonymus Maximus!

    War drums beat louder @TheDuran

  3. “Plutonymus Maximus” claims to have developped “The Genius Bomb” which allegedly is equipped with psychopath detectors and bullshit detectors allowing the bomb to zoom in on bullshitting psychopaths within targeted organizations while leaving the innocent people nearly untouched unless they happen to be within 10 feet of these targeted individuals.

    These Genius Bombs have the ability to split into many smaller bombs eliminating collateral damage.

  4. !!! Latest breaking news from Plutonymus Maximus !!!

    Software specialists at Plutonymus Maximus have perfected their algorithms in such a way that each target selected by the ZIOG (Zionist Ogre) gets re-assigned to a more appropriate and deserving target…{{{ smiles }}}

    The fact that most of the hardware has already been put in place by the empire itself, has allowed Plutonymus Maximus to keep the costs at a bare minimum…
    {{{ BIG smiles }}}

    Voltman Plutonymus Rex

    Come on Back to the War – By Brother Nathanael

  5. Graham is a joke….but he knows who his paymasters are…..Jews Incorporated.

    Graham is a nasty little sycophantic wimp the very worst example.
    Graham is one of the drawbacks of a democratic system….it enables horrible little toadies to work their way to the top.
    Can you imagine warmongering Graham on the frontline engaged in one of the wars he advocates….not a chance.
    Graham actually invites being jailed…a contemptible little shit…he sort of invites being dropped with a blow to the midriff.