Brazil Endures Commie Temper Tantrum — June 15, 2019

Greenwald receiving orders from his boss Lula. Click to enlarge

 In Brazil, as in the US, the Left is resorting to gaslighting to obstruct the duly elected government of Jair Bolsonaro. Glen Greenwald who has the backing of eBay founder, billionaire Pierre Omidyar, a globalist, is leading the charge.
Marcos: “Thanks for letting common folk Brazilians to have a voice. If any American or Canadian reads about Brazil in the media they would think the radical right wing government is torturing us and killing gays and indians.
You know I have some  reservations about Bolsonaro (the Israel thing), but Moro is a man of integrity. Old school. Brazil doesn’t deserve him, if I were he, under so much defamation,  I would say “screw it” and leave, but he soldiers on. 
Much of the attacks has a religious basis. The main prosecutor and many in the Car Wash team are evangelical. Moro is also religious. No wonder gay porn producer Greenwald doesn’t like them.” 

by Marcos

Glenn Greenwald, the lawyer-journalist who became famous with the Edward Snowden case, is publishing in his Intercept website alleged conversations of Brazilian judges with prosecutors, obtained illegally by hackers from Telegram app. All the people who had their accounts hacked had been participants in judicial and police operations that convicted leftist politicians on bribery and corruption charges. Nothing of incriminating in the texts, only usual interactions common in the activity.
However, the Left is going nuts about them and trying to use this fabricated factoid to shut down the anti-corruption Car Wash judicial operation and also destabilize the government. Can we call a leak a bunch of edited texts with no proof of origin, some obviously fabricated, obtained by the use of hackers  pretending to be friends and assuming the identity of prosecutors, in order to entice people to say compromising things?
No, this is a criminal scheme, not a leak. One prosecutor who was hacked showed a conversation he had with a hacker, when he became suspicious that his colleague was not his friend. “This is not your style. Check your phone, you might have been hacked.” The hacker simply answered “Yep, I’m a hacker and we have everything we need.”

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