The View from Abroad: America as Others See it

Fred Reed – The Unz Review June 13, 2019

American homeless picking their way through garbage. Click to enlarge

Americans are brought up to believe that the United States is a shining city on a hill, a light to mankind, that the world envies us for our values and freedoms, and hates us because we have them. This is ground into us from birth. Those of us now long in the tooth remember the Fifties when Superman jumped out of a window while the announcer spoke of a strange visitor from another planet fighting for “truth, justice, and the American way,” then thought to be related.
As one who has traveled much and lived in several countries, I can tell you: It ain’t so. The world does not regard America with admiration.
Today the internet profoundly affects the world’s view of America. The Web makes graphic and easily found things that in earlier times would have been out of sight from abroad.
For example, people in Kathmandu and Moscow can see horrifying and entirely truthful photos of the homeless living in piles of garbage in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and dozens of other American cities. They can read of trade conventions avoiding San Francisco because of needles and excrement on the sidewalks. Such scenes are rare even in most upper-Third World countries. To the orderly Japanese, accustomed to spotless cities and responsible government, such things are, in the strict sense of the word, incomprehensible.
Home of the brave, land of the free, the envy of the world. Just ask us. The estimated homeless population of LA is 58,000 and climbing. Swarms of flea-carrying rats, which certainly exist, are said to cause outbreaks of typhus, a medieval disease. Anyone with a smartphone can see this.
The frequent mass shootings in the United States astonish most of the world. Opening fire on a country music concert, randomly shooting to death people in a gay nightclub, seems to most of the world a breakdown of civilization. It is.
Many of these matanzas involve children gunning down their classmates. Even in a country like Mexico, accustomed to recurring slaughters of narcos by other narcos, the school shootings are a shock.
Americans are now used to things that in any other country would be unthinkable: bulletproof backpacks for high-school students, police walking the halls, metal detectors, proposals to arm teachers, “active-shooter” drills. To the rest of the world (or to Americans who were in high school in the Sixties) this is insane.
But normal in the Indispensable Country.
The now-predictable annual harvest of 700 successful homicides in Chicago, the 300 in Baltimore, plus thousands of wounded, seem to outsiders like something out of Blade Runner. Much of the civilized world looks with wonder on an American overflowing with guns and using them on each other. Only in America. Interestingly the most heavily armed countries in the world, Israel and Switzerland, have virtually no gun crime.
This is the country Americans believe the world wants to imitate. No. From outside, it seems more a country in political and cultural freefall.
To everyone else, the militarism of the United States, its absurd military expenditures, its huge number of nuclear weapons, its desire to upgrade them, to develop small tactical nuclear weapons, its preparation for nuclear war with specialized flying bunkers–seems nutty. No other country does this. None wants to. In Mexico people roll their eyes. What the hell is wrong with the gringos?

Image result for e-4b aircraft

““Affectionately known as the “doomsday plane,” the modified Boeing 747 is used to transport the Secretary of Defense and is born and bred for battle. It stands nearly six stories tall, is equipped with four colossal engines, and is capable of enduring the immediate aftermath of a nuclear detonation.” The language is that of a little boy of twelve watching Star Wars. It is the attitude of much of America.
Easily found online: the racial disaster in the US, the dozens of cities with domestic Sowetos in their hearts, the huge, hopeless, entirely black regions where whites dare not walk. In these, entirely black schools turn out millions of barely literates who for the remaining fifty years of their lives will be unemployable. This is all online with photos and statistics.

Man, just out of jail, arrested in rape of woman, 78….” Another face of race in America. These stories, common as potatoes–a similar gentleman just threw a white child of five from three floors up–are suppressed to the extent possible by the American media, but often show up in British dailies. Such things almost never happened in Europe before the arrival of African and Muslim immigrants. The whole world can see.
Freedoms? More sophisticated readers abroad know of our intensifying censorship, the words that can get you fired, the controlled press, the surveillance. Americans know what you can’t say and who you can’t say it about. We know the police are militarized and out of control. We see the cell-cam videos of beatings. So does the world.
America’s foreign policy makes it hated in most of the world. It seems murderous, thuggish, brutal, a menace to everyone. For example, the U.S. killed over a million people in Iraq. This does not bother Americans. Since 2000 it has destroyed Iraq, Syria, Libya, enters its eighteenth year of butchering Afghans, bombs Somalia, sends troops to Africa. It militarily threatens North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, seeks to destroy the economies of Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China. It sanctions Europe. No other country does this.
This is not the griping of Fred. It is what the whole world sees, daily, in detail.
Number of wars started since 2000 by Iran: 0r. Russia: 0. China: 0. North Korea: 0. America…? Number of countries openly running torture sites while talking of human rights? 1. The country with the largest prison population? The answer is left to the reader as an exercise.
Even today, many Americans speak of American Values, of the country’s devotion to democracy and human rights and freedom. Maybe Americans believe it. No one else does. The United States has a horrendous history of installing or supporting hideous dictators, supporting repressive regimes, overthrowing elected governments. Human rights? In Saudi Arabia? Israel? The world is not blind.
Americans, self-absorbed, perhaps the most historically ignorant of First-World peoples, shrugs such things off. “Oh, get over it.” Whatever it was. The nations involved do not shrug them off. You can bet the Chinese know about Legation days, America’s role in forcing the opium trade on China, extraterritoriality.
From abroad, America is a feral, amoral, remorseless empire, rotting from within, willing to do anything to maintain its dominance. From inside the U.S., it seems otherwise. Do you, an American reader, want to kill Afghans? Buy another trillion dollars of nuclear weapons? War with Iran? Russia? But Americans have no influence over what Washington does, and the world judges by what it sees.


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  1. What’s a Father of two young children to do? I moved to the mountains, we homeschool our children, bought some farmable acreage, etc. However, this is probably futile, it may buy us some time if a breakdown occurs. I want the 1950’s for my children. A comforting fantasy but a fantasy nonetheless.

  2. Now For The “Other” Fred Reed

    As I have said many times now to people and the admins on this website why are WASPs being so well catered for on this website. Fred Reed is the perfect example of the duplicitous hypocritical and ignoramus mindset of the Anglo world. Now read some hard facts about Fred Reed, shame on you TruthSeeker to not doing your due diligence on the people you chose to put here, why do I say this about Fred Reed? Let me now show you the evil that is lurking in the American Empire!

    Let me give you an analogy first. Its one you will quickly start to understand and how EVIL Americans are, and how they use the English language to push an ideology that you think you like but in reality it really is the opposite to what any caring human being would want. What you are going to read is a REAL WORLD example of ORWELLIAN MIND WASHING (yes I mean mind-washing as opposed to brain washing, before you can brain-wash you have to set the person up for brainwashing by first mindwashing). Ok so here is the analogy first. Think of a rod, or a long stick if you like, and you see a mark in the middle of the rod/stick. You are one observer and you note that the mark is a certain distance from one end. But another observer, say me, Dorian, says NO! it is the same distance from the other end. To you, you would think it matters nothing, but if my end, is the end of truth and honesty, and your end is the end of duplicity and evil, it is a big deal (yes I know what you are thinking, why should my end be truth and honesty, very good oh dear reader, very good, now you will start understanding why the history books are filled with lies and corrupt stories! But read on, reader, read on, for now my good person, you will experience something very evil, REAL EVIL, the Americans are very good at this! Read….). Ok I know, I know, this all seems a bit vague….NOW COMES THE PUNCH IN THE GUT…THE EVIL OF FRED REED!

    Fred Reed is a very clever writer, and writes as you may think in a more gentlemanly, that is, less heavy handed style of messages that you might say is like others write, in contro to myself, where I am more cutting, brutal, and hurtful. (yes I am aware of my style of writing and now you will start learning why I write the way I do.) You see what Fred Reed is doing is an old trick how professional writers who do speeches and by military psyops specialists when they want to push a narrative that “appears” to be with your sympathetic views but in reality it is radicalizing you to the “dark side”, to the “evil side”. Now read what follows very carefully, I will put everything in Fred Reeds own words with link to his webpage at the end so you can see for yourself, of the kind of SON OF A BITCH THIS F****** B****** IS! Then I will example why I write the way I do!

    There is no trickery here. I swear it. What you read is the truth, no exaggeration, no distortion, you can verify everything for yourselves.
    Exhibit A: Fred On Everything. In that link you’d read the following:

    [Dorian]: The setup or the start of the mind-washing, showing he is one of you and he understands your philosophy, note the Russians during The Revolution used to write like this, correction, Lenin didn’t write like this, but the Jews like Trotsky and so on did. Interesting huh! you can find that out for yourselves.]

    [Fred Reed]:
    “A few thoughts on our disastrous trillion-dollar military:

    It is unnecessary. It does not defend the United States. The last time it did so was in 1945. The United States has no military enemies. No nation has anything even close to the forces necessary to invade America, and probably none the desire. A fifth of the budget would suffince[sic:sufficient] for any real needs.

    “Our boys” are not noble warriors protecting democracy, rescuing maidens, and righting wrongs. They are, like all soldiers, obedient and amoral killers. Pilots bombing Iraq or Syria know they are killing civilians. They do not care. If ordered to bomb Switzerland, they would do it. This is the nature of all armies. Glamorizing this most reprehensible trades is just a means of usefully stimulating the pack instinct which we often call patriotism.

    The militarily is America’s worst enemy. It does enormous damage to the United States while providing almost no benefit. Start with the war on Vietnam that cost hugely in money and lives, ours and their, with no benefit. Iraq: high cost, no benefit. Afghanistan: High cost, no benefit. Syria: High cost, no benefit. ”

    Sounds wonderful doesn’t it! Criticizing his own US Military (note: read Fred’s Bio, he IS ex-military here is his short bio at the nd of the page. Saying all the right words, like ” ‘Our’ boys are not noble warriors’ “, it appeals to your senses. Keep reading the entire article, paragraph after paragraph is written what sounds like by a man who hates what is happening in the world and how America is part of it. But this is PERFECT psyop language. This is how you brain wash people to liking you first, you speak the language that you know they’d like to hear. This is “mind washing”, don’t bother looking it up on the ‘net this is very dark stuff you will not find any public literature on this. How do I know? I have my own sources. Anyway, now read at the end of the article, with my added notes:

    [Fred Reed]: “The military destroys America and there is nothing–nothing at all–that you can do about it.
    [Dorian]:”bringing helplessness, it is just a way to win your affections and know you have someone that consoles with you.” From now on to the next entry I have, is all the same, a build up of argument to show you that Fred is like YOU and understands you.

    [Dorian]: Now Fred, goes into the last act of psyop “mind washing”. Succoring your emotions to link with his, note the use at the end “not ours.””
    [Fred]: Further, the Complex[sic: Military Industrial Complex] drives foreign polcy [sic:policy], and in directions of no benefit to America or Americans. For example, the contrived fury against Russia. Why this? Russia presents no danger to America or anyone else. The Complex makes foreign policy for its own ends, not ours[Dorian: he has now hooked you].”

    Dorian]: Up to now, it was all “mind washing”, you are now ready for the “brain washing” that is the entry of the new “answer”, “the solution”. I intersperse my input to highlight points.

    [Fred]: “A rising Asia is challenging the America military Empire. [Dorian: now we get to real modus operandi, note the now use of “rising” and “challenging” and “Empire”.] The tide runs against the Complex[Dorian:I thought Fed was “against” his military, at least that is how he started this article, now “he” and “he” includes you with him as the “tide” is running against “us”]. North Korea faced Washington down and became a nuclear power[Dorian: see how now he twists North Korea being a nuclear power as a “failure” of America! meaning “Americans”]. The Crimea went back irrevocably to Russia. East Ukraine does the same. Iran got its treaty and becomes part of the world order. In the South China Sea, China ignores the US, which once was supreme in all the seas.[Dorian: note how he thinks that the “South China Sea” is a sea that something that “America lost”; yeah right as it the coast of China is “supremely” American, how would Americans feel if the Chinese fleet was off the coast of San Francisco] The war afainst[sic:against] Afghanistan heads for its third decade and the war on Syria seems to have failed. Other things go badly for the Empire. The dollar is under siege as reserve currency. China grows economically, advances rapidly in technolgy[sic:technology] and, doubtless terrifying to Washington, tries to integrate Asia and Europse[sic:Europe] into a vast economic bloc. The Comples[sic:Military Industrial Complex] beats the war drums as its fingers loosen on the world’s collective throat.”
    [Dorian: see how now the language has changed from a “bad” US to a “weak” or incompetent “Empire”. Now losing wars, when at the beginning he made it sound like “he” was against wars!]

    [Dorian: Now we get to the truth…now comes the “new brain” after the “mind washing”.]

    [Fred Reed]:”Washington desperately needs to stop the rollback of American power, [Dorian: “stop the rollback!” of American power? The dominate most sea faring nation on Earth!] stop the erosion of the dollar, block the economic integration of Eurasia and Latin America, keep Russia from trading amicably with Euripe[sic:Europe]. It will do anything to maintain its gtip[sic:grip][Dorian: Where is Russia holding its grip in the world? Fred Reed is a mental case!]. All of its remote wars in far-off savage lands, of no importance to America or Americans, are to this purpose. A militarized America threatens Russia, threatens China, threatens Iran, threatens North Korea, threatens Venezuela, expands NATO, on and on.”

    ——————[Enough!][TruthSeeker: Please no more Fred Reed]—–

    Here are several of Fred Reed’s other articles that you might not see on Unz Review. Yes I know where you got that story above from, I read Unz too, but it is a very “bent” site for facts, as you have seen with Fred Reed. Anyway first the links, on other stories of Fred Reed, and if you read them dear readers, be very careful how he writes, the truth is always at the end, it is a pure psyop strategy. Am I saying Fred Reed is ex-psyops? No, he is too incompetent. But I think he is one of those dangerous Americans who have done a little in life and thinks he has done a lot! Anyway here is some other disturbing stories by him, and then a few words of my own, actually here is a website of his own, with all the articles:
    Fred On Everything: read with “one eye” open with the real message delivered at the end of his articles

    And some of my own words…..I promised you earlier I would.
    I learnt a long time ago, how to write professionally and I have, as a scientist I have written scientifically. But I have learnt that if you write in a style that “those editors” and “publishers” like, as you have all witnessed in the broad literature, you are really throwing away your individuality and you just become part of the system, a system largely against my own beliefs.

    That’s why I write in places like this one, in the comments, I can write with passion and belief. If you put to much polish on something, it loses its honesty and begins to look fake, like most of the stuff written today. When I write here, I write with knowledge and as much truth as possible as I have (for no-body knows the all encompassing truth all the time…we are afterall not Gods). But more importantly, I write because I believe and I believe in my heart, that there is too much evil being committed on this Earth, and to many people have suffered (including my family) and too many are suffering all because a few percent of the world’s population think they are the “righteous” and determine my and every one else’s fate what I and many people have had to endure and suffer all because “we” do not fit in “your” definition of righteousness.

    And people like Fred Reed: are evil monsters. He is only seeks to empower the US even more! Remember the parable I gave before about the rod? I am at one end, Fred Reed and people like him (largely Americans and most of the Anglo world) are at the other end of the rod. We each say the mark is in the middle, we are both being honest and correct. And yet, you now have to decide, that is YOU READER OF THESE WORDS, which end do you wish to be part of, that of the Fred Reeds of the world, or my end! You can make up your own minds which end of the rod you are on, that’s your prerogative. But I have been fighting people the likes of Fred Reed all my life, in public, academia, in the work place, and in the higher echelons of society in the West. And I don’t like them or any body here who is reading these words and think that Fred Reed is a great guy! He isn’t. People like Fred Reed, are the reasons why we have to deal with the Stalin, Idi Amin, Papa Doc’s and YES also the JEWS AND HOW THEY LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING, just so that these people can further their own hatred for the rest of mankind just because these people all thought and think they were “special” or are “the chosen ones!”.

    I don’t claim to be a saint in my writings, but I write with always open questions that people don’t want to hear, and which are trying to shut out of the discussion all over the world, these days. Which I have been kicked off many, many sites. The answer to our problems in not closing “hate speech” down, for “hate speech” will always be discerned to be “hateful” on the whim by the powerful. However to use a religious story to make my point. Even though I am not religious, however I was born and raised a catholic, but I now know that religion is full of lies, and is just another story to just control people. But I do believe this story. If Jesus Christ was alive today and was using the Internet to spread his Gospel Of God, he would be kicked out of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and all the other vile hypocritical places that preach “inclusivity”. Don’t you think so too?

    I would still let Jesus talk, not matter how much I would disagree with him. And for the record, I do!! Even evil must be allowed to talk, for if evil was pushed into the darkness, then that is how it becomes ever more powerful. I am against all forms of censorship by any government or individual. If people don’t like something, then don’t listen, read or watch it!

  3. An Afterthought:

    If you think it is hypercritical of me to say that the Fred Reed’s should be shut out while I stated at the end of my piece above to not shut out any one, let me clarify. Fred Reed is allowed to speak and yes TruthSeeker can publish his works, but it would be nice if and when you publish one side or one perspective of the argument, find articles that give the other side.

    What I am against is mono-discussion. This site has many interesting articles, but they are all starting to “look” and “read” the same. There are many people, that write articles diametrically opposed and even more strongly aligned with some of the messages presented on this site. But here, they display a very narrow channel view of society.

    All I am saying is this, a seeker of truth should be someone who understands that the “truth” is relative. There is no “absolute” truth, like the religious believe. That may sound like an anathema to many, but just proves my point. I am a physicist and even the laws of physics can be relative! The stories that I can tell you that are causing so many problems in physics today would make what is happening here on this Earth look like a child’s spat!

    Fred Reed is vile! But if he must be heard, then his counter must be heard! That is why I wrote the comment above. But Truthseeker should be doing a better job than just rummaging around the Internet for interesting stories to raise discussion. You have to promote dialog! And that is why I write what I do. I am trying to raise the dialog among people, even though it has been weeks now that I have been trying, very few people are replying. I know.

    What’s wrong with you people!! I know you are reading this stuff!!! I KNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE!! If you want a better world, we need to interface, we need to argue, we need to even verbally fight! There is nothing wrong with expressing your opinions even if you think I am full of it! Say so! But I reserve to argue back! Or if you agree with me…say so!

    The comments on this website have been largely dead for years! I have been coming to truthseeker for many years. It is true I am only writing comments now only because I have been kicked off many other sites. But I want a better world! I want no more wars! I want Man to REALLY start working together to go to the Moon and other planets! I want us to reach other intelligent life forms in the Universe. We can only do that together. And that means we need to stop this IDIOTIC nonsense that the Americans are pushing and start working with the Russians and Chinese………And……


    What say you oh humble readers!

  4. While there are many ignorant, and blind patriots that stand behind all the Govt. of USA does, there are also millions of those that do not agree with what the Govt. does. Daily they try to show by voicing opinions on many matters, only to be censored by those that favor what is being done, and the govt. that they speak against. All is not lost, not yet, let us hope that one day another revolution will happen in this nation, and that all of the guilty will be removed and shot for treason. Only a blind fool would think that the USA is a great nation and a beacon of light for anyone or anything. If I am wrong about the revolution, then let us hope that almighty God steps in soon and removes the cancer from the earth.

  5. Thank you Dorien for the effort you put into those posts – after starting off hostile (I have always thought of ‘Fred’ as on the harmless end of the shit (((propaganda))) normal for ‘Unz Review’) you changed my mind, he IS dangerous.

  6. @Skip Barker
    Bravo Skip! Bravo! But remember a very important lesson. After World War 2, the German people were vilified all around the world, especially by the British. For decades, even their comedy tv shows vilified and humiliated them, like “Faulty Towers” (which I thought was very funny, to be honest), “Allo Allo Allo” and in the US, shows like “Hogan Heroes”. All with the stories about the concentration camps, which now as decades passed are turning out to be just a bunch of lies…well you get the picture. And so ALL GERMANS to this day still have to live down those false stories, or just basic vicious propaganda by the WEST. All of GERMANY not just Nazis where judged to be evil and to be punished.

    So, now Skip Baker, you hope that one day that your country will turn towards justice. Well what if it doesn’t Skip? What happens there is war, and this time you loose! And you are all painted, like the Germans for creating and doing evil upon the world and need to be punished. However, Skip, you were one of those few that didn’t support your country’s Imperialistic designs! Yet like all the Germans, you will be painted with the same broad brush as them. Do you see where I am going with this?

    Ok Skip, you are a good man. I will take your word for it. But if war comes between the Anglos and the rest of the world, I will be supporting the “other” side with all my technical expertise to defeat you, for it is the other side that are the GOOD GUYS, yes that includes Russia and China (i know, i know, you will be thinking right now about Tienanmen Square. Well for every Tienanmen Square there is a Vietnam!). And when it comes to punishing you Anglos, I will turn a blind ear to people like you Skip, and will treat all of you Anglos with the same broad brush you treated the Germans with. Why?

    Because, to paraphrase Hannah Arendt, a Nuremberg War Court correspondent she said, “Social responsibility is not like a kindergarten, where you can let others take responsibility for bad behavior.” Skip you will have to take responsibility for your country’s evil too, even if you turn your back on it. Even if you don’t support it, but yet you live in your country and benefit from its evil, then you will be made to be punished just like the Germans were (which we now know was largely based on lies, just so the West could steal from the Germans’ their technology, eg. how do you think you got NASA!).

    Think very carefully Skip, there is a lot more at play here than you realize. Remember that next time when you go to vote.

  7. @John Cook
    You are welcome sir! I just hope you are not a descendant of Capt. James Cook, and even if you were, I think I can over look it. Since after all he was eaten by the Hawaiians (aka during that time “The Sandwich Islands”). Bad joke, I know. Apologizes.

    As you can see you have to be very careful how sneaky people can be.

  8. @Dorian, while you make some very valid assertions, you also reach some conclusions
    that are pure emotion, your opinion, hyper-critterizing.
    Monster? You say, “What you read is the truth” and “There is no “absolute” truth”.
    Truth is, there are some serious imperfections in this world and the USA, but it’s what
    we got to work with, and it all certainly needs work. Not all imperfections WASP either!
    You say, “What’s wrong with you people!!” No mention of what’s right with you
    people doesn’t go anywhere near the moon, or say, Mars, or where no WASP
    has gone before.
    The view from me might be childish, and WASPish, but He started it!!!

  9. @memyselfnie

    If you want academic writing go to journals, they are filled with nice elegant writing, which I am also guilty off adding to. But just because there may be perfect grammar it doesn’t make it truthful.

    As I have said elsewhere, you can find it yourself since you are such a fussy nitpick, you will see I have explained in another column why I write with my heart, for I want people to see what is honest and true. Warts and all. I could stay here for hours and fuss over what I write, to make it perfect, but I don’t do that. Why? Because it will then be manufactured like all the journals and stories in the media how they are filled with false science, false histories, false theories and other writings. I want people to see me as I am, someone like them, flawed … yes, hurting … yes, sad … yes, wishing for all the fighting to stop … definitely yes, but above all, I am no different than them, just like the other 8 billion people on this world. I am just another human being that is paying the price for EVIL governments that bring misery upon the world and how people that live in those EVIL countries can be so callous and selfish with their morality.

    I don’t want to be seen as some sort of stuff shirt that they roll out on TV shows, all to just push a false image and narrative so they can endear themselves to the “wealthy” pockets. I want to be identified as a “human being” like every one else, and I have dreams and hopes like every one else, and I am, like everyone entitled to them as flawed or as silly as they may sound to you.

    I just want ANGLOS to know how much PAIN you have caused around the world and that PAIN still lingers on even though you may think it was something that happened years ago!


    It is from this pain that I had to bare witness in my family how the so called “truth” is relative, how “we” saw things and then how the “Allies” saw things, after the war, but what they saw was better than what we knew it was as. It is this reason why I went into physics to learn about the absolute truth of the universe, as silly as that sounds.

    And you know what I have learned! It is this…


    It matters not what or where you learn things. The history books, the science books are all filled with lies. Some examples:

    – nearly everything you learn in American history in the first 12 years of schooling is a lie, from Liberty Bell, why the South fought the War, even the death of Abraham Lincoln by Booth, its all a lie;
    – they teach about the Victorian Age, and India, but they don’t teach that nearly everything you have in England today was built form the riches they stole from India and South Africa,

    – You really think that physics is solved, that the entire Standard Model of Physics works! Haha! Quantum Mechanics and Relativity after 100 years still are in conflict with each other, and nobody knows how to solve it, they paradoxically agree but are logically inconsistent,
    – You really believe in the nonsense stories they tell you about the Cosmos, Black Holes, the Big Bang, its still all bullshit, and before you ask, that photo a few weeks ago about the 1st black hole, is still a computer “enhanced” image it ain’t REAL.

    – not a single theory of economics in history has ever worked or lasted the test to time! NOT A SINGLE ONE!

    You can go look up these issues yourselves. But the point that I am making is this. You may question my style of writing, you may question my message, all fair and good. But all because things are written elegantly with proper syntax and semantics and beautiful prose doesn’t make it genuine or truthful.

    But on this is undeniable, the REAL pain and suffering that many people have felt around the world, and continue to feel around the world all because the ANGLO world is too selfish and greedy! That is undeniable!

    If we want a better world, we ALL need to come together and work TOGETHER. You really think that people in Russia or China are any different than people in Boise or Manchester? I have been to Asia many times, and the Asians are always in a quandary what is it with you Anglos wanting to always pick a fight!

    Too much time is spent on publishing false stories in journals, and newspapers. That is why these media are dying. People know that that that newspapers and journals a filled with lies. And if there is some truth in the journals, how are you going to discern between fact or fiction. The whole damn academic system is a mockery!

    This is why I write here. And and look at the result, it got you to engage in my writings. I have written dozens of papers in Journals and never have I ever got one person to engage in my writings. NEVER. And I don’t blame anyone for that, except for the Journal referees who have allowed the quality of scientific publications to deteriorate to laughable levels now (for example, the Global Warming Idiocy). But here, people are writing back. Great! But I have been through this before on other sights. Until the “thought police” come along and ban me. We shall see how long I will last this.

    memyselfnie the old ways of what your eluding to are dead! Like the journals and newspapers, if you don’t like what you read you move on. So it is with the internet. For me, I just want people to start waking up to how much their governments, that they are responsible for, are hurting other people that are just like themselves, flawed, hopeful, have dreams, and just wish for a better world. That’s all.

    If you can’t understand that memyselfnie I feel sorry for you.

  10. @ Dorian, I am sorry you perceive me as nitpicking, and assure you that was not
    intended. (Done apoligising) Don’t assume anything, know. That may be the old way
    you mention, but certainty (know) is far and much better. I won’t/don’t elude or allude either. And I neither want or expect academic writing!

  11. @memyselfnie

    Good to hear from you. And I like reading your last sentence, “…I neither want or expect academic writing!” Very good!

    Just remember memyselfnie, don’t try too hard to be like “many others”, the People are tired of seeing expensive suits on “apes”. People need to know that when they come hear to read ANYBODY’s writing that they can identify with them. Warts and all. If the time ever comes and I need to publish in the professional literature again, I will dot my i’s and cross my t’s, and write prosaic semantics. But for now, I want people to read what I have to say. Argue with me. Then lets see who between us is speaking with genuineness sincerity for ALL people and not just for “a selfish few”.

    To the real evil ones of the human race:
    Yes I know you are out there…your reading this write now, aren’t you, you vile creatures of darkness. Whipping up hatred upon people that you want them to do your evil work to bring those people who refuse to heel to your knees, to steal to further enrich your already vast fortunes, to paint innocent societies with your nefarious narratives, and all for what? Just so you don’t have to work, like rest of humanity who have to slave everyday for their family needs.

    They distort everything towards their advantage….who am I talking about….who do you think…the same people that societies have been battling to get a stranglehold over since the very early rise of Civilization. You will find them and their evil ways written about in the cuneiform records, they are talked about in the Old and New Testament, all through historical writings “they” are the usually the ones that “write the history of the world”. Yeah, have you ever got the perspective of the poor, or the slave, or the oppressed? No. They have been the reason for all wars of humanity since records began. Call them the “money lenders”, call them the “promulgators of usury”, call what ever you like, it comes down to the same thing, Man is inherently corrupt and if given too much power or wealth they will do evil in the name of good upon every one.

    Every society on Earth memyselfnie has a propensity to do evil. But it is only when societies toss away their social responsibilities, then the evil in Man rises to the the top, socially, economically, and politically. This is why memyselfnie you should never succumb too much to the “right way” of doing anything, especially in writing. All because for their to be a “right way”, there has to be the “right people” to define it. And the “right people” are much more easily controlled by the “forces of darkness” that hide their faces behind their wealth and fortunes. No I am not a communist, I LOATH communism, so don’t associate we with Marx. Marx was a damn fool. No I am not a fascist, Mussolini was an egoist moron. Fascism is for the pigs of humanity, who want to hog out on other people’s meals.


    I believe in REAL democracy not the plutocracy that the Americans have, or the elitism that the British have. That means when I write, I write showing my warts and all, and so judge me upon the broad message I stand on. So next time memyselfnie put my writings in perspective with the blood spilling hypocrisy of the West.

    Yes by all means memyselfnie challenge me! Challenge me always! But never forget who is the real evil on this Earth! And as you have challenged me meymselfnie CHALLENGE ALSO THE EVIL THAT IS FESTERING AMONG US CREATING WARS AND MISERY ALL AROUND THE WORLD!

  12. @Dorian, Yes, you asked for a discourse, and I’m trying to answer that call. Not trying
    to “win” a war of words or seem righteous. Yes, us anglo’s have done some things,
    both good and evil, but there IS a balance. Yes, there are some “ugly” Americans
    and there are a few gooder mixed in too . And the fruits of our actions show that.
    Just cause and effect, by degree, like the rest of the world, “monster” labeling and all.

  13. I have been forced to live in this country all my life, and I would sell my soul to get out of this country and get a decent education!

    I have been trying to leave this country since 1976, but it is impossible to get an education in this country that teaches ‘anything’ except “how great this country is”…

    In Kimble et al, EDUCATION AND THE NEW AMERICA, 1962, halfway through the book says, “The only thing taught in the educational system in America is ‘how great the local commnity is'” and “how to work in your local community” Poor people are prisoners in their local communities, and this imprisonment is enforced by local education leaders, local religious leaders, local politicians, and local business people. Unless you are the child of the local doctor, attorney or rich businessperson, you are expected to stay in the local community, attend the local vo-tech or poor man’s college, and marry a local person..and have babies!

    In SCHOOLING IN CAPITALIST AMERICA, Bowles and Gentis (1976 or 1977), they said that “poor man colleges and vo-tech centers teach people how to take orders while middle-class colleges teach people how to THINK.”

    (Other articles have said these things as well, but I try to quote from the earliest article I have read on any major point.)

    In one of the USN&WR’s Best Colleges editions, it listed the “demise” of the small, liberal colleges in America; it was these small liberal colleges that gave the baby boomers after WWII the ability to succeed in the world marketplace, but the American educational system came under fire shortly after these people left college:

    Between pages 160-170 in Patrick’s MYTH OF THE MIDDLE CLASS, 1972, he states that the new upper-middle class, which came into being from money received from their furnishing the (American) government war materials, started making ‘political, economic, and social changes’ to the American edcuational system, so that no one else could reach their plateau as easily as they did…he said that the educational system could either fight these changes or go along with them.

    Unfortunately, studies by the University of California and University of Wisconsin showed that the American educational system took the rich people’s money and “dumbed down” the American education system..on page 171 of his book, Patrick says that having a bachelor’s degree in 1972 didn’t guarantee “financial success and economic security”, or “financial security and economic success”. (I don’t remember which way the four words were grouped!)

    At this same time, the rich made three other changes in America’s educational system: it outlines the creation of thousands of fancy-sounding degrees which did nothing to prepare people to be creative, analytical, and contrbute to society in a positive way; part of this was creating hundreds of ‘specialty degrees’ with no real-life application in the business world, givng people an education as one author in the 1990s described as “business idiot-savants”

    Another result in this ‘specialization” was the creation of hundreds of new departments in, for example, specialized women’s studies, with a specialized department head, specialized professors and teachers in each dept, and even a additional college dean over the different women’s department. You can major in Latin American women’s studies, Afriican women’s studies, North American women’s studies, etc…all this ‘specialization” pulled money away from classes which would have taught the individual analytical skills that were essential in today’s business world. Pragur University has an excellent video on this movement.

    The other change was to push students to go to four years’ of “college” and to stay away from techincal (blue-collar) training which is essential for manufacturing jobs in any country or nation; in the 1990s, articles about the ‘need’ for technically trained individuals appeared in USN&WR, Time, Newsweek and almost every other major magazine and some newspapers. One particular article showed the stack of books necessary to obtain a two-year certification in one vocational field, compared to the number of books necessary to read for an ‘average’ 4-year college degree…the technical education stack of books was FOUR (4) TIMES as many as for the average college degree, but the technical field paid four and a half times (4.5) as much as the average pay for the average college degree. YOU can have a bachelor’s degree and flip hamburgers or have a heavy equipment operator cdetificate and go anywhere in teh world and make $15-20 per hour, to start!

    Another problem is the breakdowndown of the required type of classes in colleges; most schools, continnuing into college, practiced the “Council of Ten” paradigm of education (1890s), where each student across the country was to take the same type of courses…over the high school years, two tragedies and one comedy of Shakespeare were to be studied at some point, and the student be able to compare and contrast the two types of plays as well. Some specialization was to occur in the senior high school level, with those skills needed locally neede to be taught but enough of the basics skills that an aveage citizen needs to know to survive. I know college graduates who couldn’t change a flat tire if their life depended on it!

    However, the 1910s “Creative Principles” paradigm came along, with most schools adopting these in the late 40/early 50s, just before the new upper-middle class started meddling with the educational system as well.

    E.D. Hirsch, in his CULTURAL LITERACY, 1987, stated that most high schools under the “creative principles” paradigm taught nothing in common to the graduating classes; however, Ivy League colleges still practiced the “Council of Ten” paradigm (which leads to a “class consciousness’ rather than a ‘false consciousness’ as among the poor – Yours Truly); however even this is breaking down in America: in the fall, 1998 or 199, College U Magazine, a small, insignificant university located in the small town of Palo Alto, CA, was beginnig to remove mandatory class requirements from their cirriculum; if you want to take 124 credit hours in only crochete, as long as ‘x’ number of credits are at the 300-level or above, you can get a degree in crochete only.

    My friend who owns Stanford Septic Services in Palo Alto might know the name of this small, insignificant college since I cannot remember its name.

    Also affecting American education is the huge amount of money that the upper echelons of academia pay themselves; from the security director to the college/university president; from salaries to “perks. A local univesity bought the new safety director a new truck, which is only used by the new director to drive himself to and from work…no other use of this vehicle is expected or required.

    The same university has a president who appointed a new provost to the campus; in the first year of service, this provost went on a summer campus trip to Germany…with her husband; however, the husband was not a part of the scheduled college ensemble but had his meals, additional room and other perks paid for by the university (her work credit card) and not his wife’s or his personal credit cards.

    Fortunately, students on the trip wrote the univeristy newspaper and after an investigation and published article on this resulted in the provost reimbursing the university for her huband’s expenses she charged on her work credit card!

    The average/mean Japanese high school student graduating from the average/mean Japanese high school has a BETTER education than an average/mean college graduate from the average/mean American college; my ESL/ESOL students from Japan and China attending the local colleges say that they do not get any NEW material that wasn’t covered in their high school classes until they reach the college’s/university’s 300+-level classes.

    America teaches its students NOTHING except ‘HOW GREAT AMERICA IS!”

  14. Yet another brilliant piece by Fred Reed.

    “Interestingly the most heavily armed countries in the world, Israel and Switzerland, have virtually no gun crime.” Also interestingly, Israel and Switzerland have very few savage niggers in their populations, let alone running amok. I wonder if there’s a correlation? *cough cough* But the blame isn’t all on them. For Americans have been conditioned that unbridled violence is a-ok. It’s a virus that started at the top level of the ruling class, in their bloodlust and highly immoral wars of aggression, and has trickled down to the hoi polloi.

  15. After the Civil War, northern historians “re-wrote” American history…

    Lord Berkeley, who was the co-founder of New Jersey, and also a Lord and Proprietor over the newly formed Province of Carolina, and later also the (combined at the time) Virginias and Georgia…lent his administrative abilities which led to the early organization of the most of these southern colonies; but after the American Civil War, he is merely a “Lord over” and no mention over his setting up the administrations of most of these American states.

    The history of the Puritans (farther north) was also changed after the American Civil War. The Puritan’s history was changed from “a people who abhorred violence” to “a people who abhorred sex”; the Puritans were as eager of participants in their sexual lives as people are today,,.but you wouldn’t know that from reading early American history presented in American history books written after the 1860s…they also wore brightly-colored clothes Monday to Satruday, but wore a tradional B&W outfit to church on Sundays!

    More importantly, corporations before the American Civil War were short-lived entities that went out of business after their completed business was conclused; the Erie Canal, also known as “Clinton’s Ditch” (not the Arkansas family!) was built by wealthy landowners along the canal route who were paid for their sections of ditch that were completed; after the completion of the canal, the corporation overseeing it was dissolved and another one, to collect tolls and repay the state of New York for the moneis it loaned plus interest, was formed; after all the money plus interest was repaid…that corporation was dissolved after the bill was paid in full. Nowaday, corporations only fail if tehy are set up to fail after miling American taxpayers of MILLIONS of dallars!

    By the way, a new speed lmit was set by the canal; while freight moved at a whooping 55 miles in 24 hours, express passenger services obtained speeds of up to 100 miles, in 24 hours!

    Some people compalined of ‘whiplash’ after travelling the entire 4-day route from New York CIty ro Buffaloe, NY (Apprx. 4.2 miles per hour)!

    (The price of goods doubles every 100 or so miles it moves over land…for historical considerations)

  16. It appears to me that the caption to the photo is incorrect. These are volunteers cleaning up a mess. Note the heavy duty plastic bags and the gloves. I’m always struck by all the trash that the homeless generate.