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By Mike James in Germany – 30 January 2011

I shall make no excuses as to who I am and what I stand for. I am, like many others, an agglomeration of libertarian thinking, primitive pre-imperial and unadulterated Christianity, a believer in the free-market system of individualism, and yet a collectivist and a nationalist where I see that serves the best interests of my people.

I’m a patriotic English National Revolutionary. In the eighteen and a half years I have spent living in Zionist-occupied Germany, with only one visit home in 1997, I have seen, albeit at a distance, just what exactly has happened to my people. They have been betrayed over successive generations by a financial caste, based in the City of London, that regards them as nothing more than cattle. My people have been fooled into thinking that the British Crown, an international financial concern, is somehow connected to that wonderfully anachronistic and wholly false construct, the United Kingdom.

In the eyes of my fellow citizens, the United Kingdom is synonymous with another misnomer, “Great Britain”. They even confuse that with the geographically delineated landscape known as “The British Isles”, which includes Ireland. As the great Scottish writer, Tom Nairn, declared, the English have become the most over-identified and self-labelling nation of peoples on the face of the world, and intentionally so; all the more to confuse and divide us.

How deluded my people have become, not by dint of their own backwardness, but by an evil, Satanic ruling oligarchy that holds them ever so tightly around the testicles, placing manacles on their own capacity to think for themselves. Yet I shall tell you this and I speak the truth:

The little-known Nielson Dissertation, which proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the international-financier controlled British Crown is illegal and had no authority to usurp the Third Republic, is almost entirely inaccessible in any English library. The British Crown system of government, comprising Westminster, Whitehall and the Mafiosa state-within-a-state, the City of London, is not only illegal and lacking in legitimacy, but comprises a unified terrorist organisation designed to kill the spirit of all Freeborn Englishmen and Englishwomen.

No policeman in the United Kingdom (an entity which does not legally exist) has the legitimate power to arrest you or even issue a speeding ticket. You’re perfectly entitled to kill him because he is a criminal, though I would argue that such a course of action is morally wrong and I censure all those who would even so much entertain such a wicked idea. The policeman is as deluded as you have become. He too is loved, and is loved by others. He too feels the bitterness and the pain of having to maintain order in a disorderly Zionist, Tavistock-created world of chaos and mayhem.

Every man and woman employed by the illegal British Crown and its administrative adjunct, the fantasy, fictional United Kingdom, is an enemy of the English people. Most would choke on their morning coffees to hear such words. They are just as ignorant of the evil Satanic system that made serfs, and then consumer-slaves, out of the one race of men and women who have, should they rediscover the natural-born courage of their innate, God-given convictions, the effortless ability to utterly destroy the viciously evil Soviet European Union that will have your grandchildren working for less than a dollar a day and bow to the Mecca of Brussels at five in the morning.

But I say no. And what I say counts. For I was born in the Danesfield, Jarrow, in North East England. This constituency, once a separate nation of Anglo-Saxon Germans and Christian Danes, is currently represented in the illegal “House of Commons” by a Belgian Jew called David Miliband, a Bolshevik, a Bilderburger and an agent of the Tavistock Institute. You cannot imagine my disgust and outrage that a man, whose forefathers were banned from the British Isles in 1290 by Royal Decree, would have the audacity to speak for my people, whose blood stock shares not one single common genetic factor with his. Why have my people not hoisted this subversive, English-hating traitor on the end of a rope to swing gracefully from the highest lamppost in South Shields? Whatever happened to common-sense and reasoned argument?

His brother is now the new Fabian-Socialist Mafia Boss of Jew Labour. Do I smell a conspiracy, or are my nostrils over sensitive to the smell of foreign parasites?

I am shamed that my people have allowed themselves to become manipulated by hateful, antagonistic, anti-English foreign Bolsheviks and their perverse ramshackle of corporate-fascist “change agents”. I wish to hear no more of them. Why do they continue to live? Why is Tony Blair still alive? Why have no policemen, as I formally enjoined them by means of an officially written submission sent to Bow Street Magistrates Court, discharged their legal obligations under the Geneva Conventions and put a bullet through the head of the world’s most cunning mass murderer and war profiteer: a man who would have found Ted Bundy “an amiable chap” and a natural soul-mate?

The “British” Royal Family, ostensibly of Germanic descent, whose half-witted ancestors were ridiculed and despised by all right-thinking Prussians, are closely related to and are controlled by the Ashkenazi Jewish Rothschild Dynasty. You never knew this. But now you do. Smell the treachery and gag on everything that has made TV-controlled robots of what was once the most fearsomely independent people this world has ever known.

They’re taking the piss. They’re laughing at you. And you buy it.

Cameron, Clegg, Jew Labour, the Lib-Dems and the intelligence service stooges who created the BNP and the loathsome, Zionist-financed EDL. They own you. You know it but still kiss their evil, stinking hairy butts.

Reject them. Play no more by their rules. Never, ever vote. Go to prison rather than fill out a census, or do as I do: provide false and misleading information, all the better to make a joke of their statisticians. Whenever they give you an election, destroy your ballot paper. Fill it with obscenities. Democracy is the greatest scam ever invented by Satan to enslave the minds of those from whose ranks were spawned the world’s greatest engineers, poets, mathematicians, builders, architects, philosophers, doctors, teachers and soldiers. Better still, destroy those whose names are writ large on this invitation that facetiously solicits you to select one of them as your prospective slave master.

Not one government minister, not one judge, not one policeman in the illegal United Kingdom has the power or authority to make you obey rules created to protect the Dutch-British-Jewish money matrix for which all English people must pay, namely, the parasites who control every aspect of your lives by playing with virtual money in the City of London, which is, constitutionally, a separate state. Without the City of London, the monarchy and its hierarchical system of institutionalised repression and deceit would collapse. Without the “pretender” monarchy, not to be confused with its administrative arm, the duplicitous British Crown, then the men and women who are stealing food from out of the mouths of babes and are condemning the elderly and infirm to an early grave would scramble for the first flight out of Heathrow.

This is something that must never be allowed to happen. With a flick of a switch, every surveillance camera in the land is dead. It’s called “electricity”. The All-Seeing Eye is as blind as a bat. By pre-emptively hacking and forcing early closure of all international financial transactions, not one penny of the money they have stolen from you will find itself in the flush of a panicked cash-flight. By confiscating their passports and forcing closure of all international airports, we have the bastards exactly where they belong: in prison awaiting trial.

Notice that the IRA, which worked for years in tandem with the treasonous MI5, as evidenced in the Stalker Report, only secured a seat at the bargaining table after they bombed the heart out of the City of London. The British government did not give one fuck for the lives of innocents lost to IRA-MI5 terrorism. But when they smashed Bishopsgate and struck hard at the centre of British international finance, it was all tea and biscuits, boys. “Oh, and do you prefer your Guinness chilled or warm, old chap?”

You see, all these worthless, blood-sucking vampires, the scum who you see every day on your plug-in-drug, are just front men, though they remain very legitimate targets for all patriots who wish to reclaim England for the English people. Bomb Westminster, no problem. The media gets the headlines it wants and you learn, once more, to hate the poorest among us. However, bomb the City of London and it’s: “Indeed, my good gentlemen, let us crack open a bottle of Vintage ’29 and come to some kind of convivial arrangement, don’t you know?”

Learn from this. Smash the bastards where it hurts them most. If Al Qaeda were real and not a propagandistic invention of the CIA and Mossad, they’d have thermobarically blown to smithereens every financial centre in the world. But no. They ostensibly kill old grannies on double-decker buses. Oddly enough, just right outside the Tavistock Institute. Makes you wonder.

As you know only too well, MI5 wrote the script and produced the show. As is clearly and irrefutably stated in the ground-breaking “7/7 Ripple Effect”, the producer of which (John Hill) now faces imprisonment for the rest of his life for telling the truth, Tony Blair personally ordered the intelligence services to use Muslim patsies as “actors” in what they presumed was a military training video. I know this from first-hand information provided to me by a former MI6 officer just one day following this most despicable of inside jobs. The British Consulate in Frankfurt, who once threatened to prosecute me, know this only too well. (They love my silence.)

Tax slaves, entrepreneurs, students, the unemployed and underpaid workers can burn Westminster until the cows come home to graze on burning pastures. You achieve nothing. But strike right at the heart of the banking system, and it’s a different story. You are a highly imaginative, cunningly vindictive and unimaginably brave nation of men and women. Sniff not the ether, for this they have monitored right down to every word you are now reading. Discern the timing of each attack by facing square the winds and the rain and the plenitude of light on an English summer day to read the signs and understand their import. You are men and women of salt and soil, not automatons. Look to the skies and walk gently in the breeze of an autumnal English day, and you will know what it is you must do.

Do not fall into their trap. Make no arrangements with the illegal police force to negotiate a march or a demonstration. Forego all organisation. Keep whatever cells you establish informal and supremely impenetrable. Strike terror into their hearts. Make it fast, brutal and vicious. Ensure that no innocent lives are lost. (Bishopsgate saw no casualties.) Withdraw quickly. Disperse. Vanish.

Leave no calling card. Let them sweat. Let them guess. Let your means of attack be the message sufficient unto itself. Harm no individual, and The People will understand. It may take weeks, yet perhaps just days. The victory of the English People against all enemies, both domestic (government) and foreign (the thieving money marketeers) is assured.

Go lone wolf and take out every illegally (s)elected member of the constitutionally illicit parliament. Make it arbitrary. Injure no innocent civilian for they, the real terrorists in government, will call you worse. Learn to reccy (strategic reconnaissance). Learn to take out surveillance cameras by hacking their systems at least two hours beforehand. Hack the grid. It’s easy to close down even protected power points. I did it in 2003 on a crappy computer and brought at least one RAF re-servicing plant to a complete standstill just two days before the illegal invasion of Iraq. I fucked their supplies with less than a dusty old box thrashing its CPU well beyond overclocking.

Get real. Get off Facebook. Stay away from profiling internet forums and discussion groups. Otherwise, speak in code. Say nothing of a confidential nature in any e-mail you transmit. Use your computer as a weapon, because we’re now at war. It’s the Controllers versus The People. And The People will win. We always have. But you’re going to have to get right up off of your big fat arse, quit watching Teevee, loose some weight, get fit, think sharp and do what Brits are naturally good at: fighting!

And I’m talking serious courage, True Grit: your knowing that, by placing your life on the line, your grandchildren will be able to say with pride: “I am English. England is mine, and I love everything that God gave me as a gift on the day I was born. This is my country, and here I am Free.”

Use your ears and trust nobody. Until we flick that switch or hack into their grid, communicate nothing by any means of electronic, digital communications. Be as gentle a doves among yourselves, but as wise as Serpents when those around you have ears not for the hearing. Take heed that you do not fall into the scam known as “leadership” and learn from the demise of the American Tea Party, a movement of anti-Federal patriots hijacked by financiers, the Republican Party and International Zionism.

Arminius liberated the Germans from the Roman Empire by building one of the most sophisticated resistance movements in Europe. He required no cell-phone, no email, no internet. Word spread by mouth and scratches on trees. But let there be no delay, for they too are pretending to be within your ranks. Outwit them at every venture. Make some plans known in advance. Create false dummies. Use “dead letter” drop boxes, some of them fake. Take note of traitors and dispose of them in accordance with your conscience.

Then, when all is still, everything is quiet, take them completely by surprise. Stun them until their whiteness of countenance transmutes into the hideously reddened faces of those who can no longer stem their unremitting vomit. These people hate you. They and their class of psychopathic predators have stolen untold thousands of Pounds Sterling from you ever since the day you were born. Have no pity on them. Show them no remorse. Deal with them as you would deal with a common thief pilfering the last supplies of bread in a children’s orphanage.

Whether you’re a true Englishman, a Scotsman, Irish, Welsh, or Cornish, the Free State of the Republic of England is your home. Let this be the house that requires of you no mortgage, for if you are of Celtic, Gaelic, Anglo-Saxon, Pictish or Danish descent, this home is your castle. It belongs to you and nobody else.

Every British personage of high rank, every member of the constitutionally illegal “parliament” that stands in arrogant mockery of the Third Commonwealth Republic (which never died), that den of viperous thieves and failed lawyers, every CEO of every bank in the land, every member of the disloyal anti-English “Royal” family: scum, thieves, murderers, parasites, traitors, haters of the English people.

Read the Anarchists’ Cookbook. Use it without hurting any innocent human being. Your job is to destroy the illegal UK governmental and surveillance infrastructure. You are forbidden from killing those who are innocent and ignorant. Do not target the military Chief of Staff or any soldier. They will come over to our side once the smoke has cleared.

Do not target policemen. The are mostly working class-boys simply doing their job. Most of them are suffering too. They are our natural allies. We need their guns: pointing not at us, but at the enemy.

I shall not go to my grave until I have my independent, Free-State Republican England, and I shall have it at any price. By God, I shall have it before I heave my last breath. In this nation, every natural-born Briton will live a life resplendent with dreams, hopes and ambition. There shall exist between us no division more. We shall live more equitably, for our banking system shall no longer be based upon usurious fractional reserve banking. We shall walk in the Light of Love, each one of us doing what we can to help our fellows, without any expectation of reward.

You will be at liberty. Your children will grow into healthy, inquisitive, naturally loving and wholly sovereign and free individuals. They will cry with joy when they learn that everything they were thus taught was nothing but state propaganda, Zionist lies and consumerist brainwashing. We shall take unto our breasts those Jews and Muslims who swear by England, not Mecca or Jerusalem. The rest we shall compassionately assist in their happy voyage back home.

I am not prepared to see My England, My People, become as nought in a world that they, by their own ingenuity, nurtured from barbarism to high culture. I love my people with every fibre of my being. They are hopeless romantics, fearless warriors, superlatively ingenious poets, delightful musicians, unbelievably compassionate; and they comprise the most physically beautiful folk God, in the goodness of his own heart, created as his own special, chosen people, born of a Divine Creativity that has always endowed my race.

Let every Englishman and Englishwoman living today, know this. You were chosen long before the Beginning of Time. Each Englishman is a King; every Englishwoman a Queen. There is no greater royalty than this.

This Green and Pleasant Land was bequeathed to you, not as of right, but as of God-given entitlement. They stole it from you. It’s now yours for the taking again. Nothing and nobody can stand in your way.

You are English. And you are warriors. And you will fight to the death for all that is yours as of birthright.

All you have to do is love one another and put beyond the pale those who have conspired to destroy you as a people, as a culture.

There is no greater race than that of the Celtic-Anglo-Saxon English race. You have it in you to dispose of the traitors who have bled you dry, deceived you, exploited your goodwill, and laughed at your gullibility.

You must now save yourselves from international capitalism, Bolshevik socialism, banksterism, corporate fascism, usury, celebrity worship, trivia, pop culture, fractional reserve banking, inflation, growing poverty, government lies and propaganda, and the destruction of the finest nation this world has ever known, and ever will.

Do it. You cannot fail. This option simply does not exist.

Target your enemies without impunity. Create fear in the hearts of our foes and a sense of liberation in all Freeborn Englishmen and Englishwomen. Fight as you were created to fight; for God did not intend you to be a race of couch potatoes and obese, pharmaceutically addicted vegetables. You are a nation of warriors, not cowards!

When you came into this world, whether as an English boy or a girl, you were born a warrior. You know only too damned well where the enemy is to be found. The Roman Empire never died. It is now head-quartered in Brussels. Are you really going to tell me you’re not man enough to destroy these bastards? Did your mummy dress you in girlie frocks and give you some kind of multicultural, politically-correct panty fetish? You were made in England. You were made Free. You are a slave to none.

If you’re an Englishman who is not prepared to stand up and fight tyranny, even with a gun or a baseball bat in hand, you’re not my fellow countryman. You are a traitor to your own kind. A quisling and a weakling who deserves nothing more than the scorn and loathing of your own people.

I do not wish to return, for I am too ill and advanced in years. There are some truly fine men and women in England, who, given half a chance, will help lead you to freedom. Ignore those who call themselves “British” or use the internal imperial and colonial term “United Kingdom” as their frame of reference. They serve only the parasitic Crown and are dupes of a system that has made my people less than sheep, grazing stupidly in the belief that “The Man” has only their best interests at heart.

But should you not find it within yourselves to levy at least one muster of resistance, or find one non-hierarchical leader, whether a man or a woman of fighting conviction, you force my hand; and, should I ever set foot on English soil again, I swear, by Almighty God, no vengeance will be coloured more darkly crimson than the hue of the rage painted large upon a canvas of anger I see within me; for children who cannot lead themselves are children whose lessons in life are the hardest to learn.

We must retake England for the English. For all the sweat, blood and tears your forefathers shed in building a society fit for heroes is a society not open to all-comers begging non-domicile tax status and other speculative, billionaire welfare scroungers who use and abuse the goodwill of indigenous Britons. This is our country. It belongs exclusively to the English and Celtic people and the guests they choose with whom to reside. Only the English are the masters of their own house, and no others have the right to squat on the land we fought for and defended against all external enemies and the silent invasion of those who despise our culture, but whose entry was made possible by a Fifth Column of Zionist traitors, few of whom are ethnic Britons.

Future generations will look to England and the English people who, at a time when all humanity surrendered in despairing resignation and defeat, held aloft the bright and shining beacon of hope in a world darkened by international corporate fascism. For while America sank under a sea of debt and the plagues visited upon her by wars instigated by her Jewish masters, and Europe died by officious decree as each nation succumbed to the evil Napoleonic code that underscores every law and directive fashioned by the the elitist French in Brussels, we shall survive and grow stronger.

We, and we alone, will provide every nation on the face of this planet with a Light that shines so brightly, even the One who created us will be dazzled by the splendour and the inextinguishable courage of this hardy breed of men and women: this contentious, awkward, belligerent, fighting, argumentative, yet softly gentle and forgiving folk who require neither the laws of men nor the dictates of modern decadence and base desires to guide them in their ways.

I see a New England. Her children are fresh-faced and beaming with the joy of life in a country where freedom reigns. They laugh easily, for their hearts are the hearts of lion cubs, teething, testing, playing their first curious games in a world set free of globalism, Zionism, materialism and the Satanic New World Order. They are dirty and unscrubbed, grazed of knee, yet delighting in their tumbles and their falls; for these hills upon which a Holy Man once trod are their playground, yet their teeth are milky white and their skin unblemished, pure as the driven snow.

These are your great grandchildren, as yet unborn. They will worship and adore you for the great sacrifice and the many painful decisions you made in securing for them a free and fully sovereign independent homeland for Celtic-Anglo-Saxons and their kinsfolk.

Under existing UK law, which is provably and demonstrably illegal, you have no recourse other than to eliminate those who have betrayed our people. Since they are known as liars and murderers, and no matter what the whoring mainstream media says (whose directors are also on the target list), one thing is sure. You will create a well-spring of popular fervour and an insatiable yearning for national revolution. Each man and woman according to their conscience, means and abilities. There is no Left-Right paradigm. Nothing can ever divide the English people when their hearts beat to the symphony of their own intuitive, natural instincts. We are all one common folk, bound by love, not ideology.

Target only the Parasitic Elites. They are hated by all just men and adored by their own inner demons because they are exempt from crimes that would see most of us handed triple life sentences. Their security detail is not flawless. Believe me when I tell you that nobody is hermetically sealed from the wrath of The People’s anger and yearning for justice.

Lay not one finger on any patriotic Muslim of good faith; for he is your brother. Protect, with your life if necessary, any hard-working Jew who falls foul of the mob; for the ordinary Jew has been abused more by his own kind, the Zionists, than by those among whom he lives and finds companionship, protection and love.

In 2011 we shall see two hundred funerals and a wedding. And then lament the fate of the snotty-nosed, arrogant, chinless cretin, Billy Windsor, and all his kind: the Rothschild Coburg’s who have physically taken hard-earned cash out of your pocket to pay for their pretentious, parasitic, top-of-the-pyramid lifestyles.

Of course they want violence, but only the kind of “controlled” violence they can contain and use against us as a pretext for an ever-more intrusive and brutal police state. Their strategy has always been one of creating conflict that leads to a general outcry: “Government! Please protect my freedoms by taking them away from me!”

But what they don’t want, and what they shall have in abundance, is revolutionary violence so sweeping, so spontaneously dramatic, so cleverly orchestrated and so utterly devastating in its impact on those who change their underwear just once a day. Of this they have, as yet, no fear, for they have taken us for fools. We’re about to witness an explosion in the sales of adult diapers. For those who love their fellow compatriots and have nothing to lose, have yet more to gain; and those who have everything to lose and despise the great majesty of an English folk they have exploited as slaves and consumer robots for centuries shall lose everything, including their lives.

For we shall take their breath away and their hearts will fail them. Thomas Paine stated that the Tree of Liberty is watered by the blood of martyrs who freely give their lives in the cause of the common people. But I tell you this: there will be blood on the gilded, silken carpet.

That blood will be shed by the traitors in our midst, and when we wring it dry under the Mighty Oak of Freedom, that tree will grow to reach the very ceiling of the heavens above us.

And we shall gaze at it in wonder. And we shall marvel at the laughter of our children in this, our England. And when they ask us questions and marvel with astonishment at the Mighty Oak, rooted deep in fertile English soil, and query from whence it came and why it knows neither height nor breadth and is fruitful in all that its branches and the foliage thereupon hide neither from the dawning of the day to the setting of the sun, we shall reply:

“Because you are free.”

Michael James, an English republican patriot, is a blacklisted former freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He advocates a Leaderless Resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and prays for a free and independent England, shorn of all alliances with the EU, UK, NATO, the UN, WTO, IMF, Israel and any other treacherous international cabal or entity.