Flashback! The Boston Unbombing – How and Why it was a Staged Event

Illuminated – Vimeo August 1, 2017

The Boston Unbombing – How and Why it was a Staged Event from Illuminated on Vimeo.

3 responses to “Flashback! The Boston Unbombing – How and Why it was a Staged Event”

  1. OK i had several years training in secret departments of the military and intel
    What i am about to tell you is important.
    Any ” extremist” needs 2 things,
    First he needs the people on his side
    second he needs the oxegen of publicity.
    There is no way he would bomb or attack the general public, as he needs their support for what he sees as the moral high ground of his views.
    Any attacks where people are the target is a false flag attack, the reason being to get the people behind government policies.
    74% of terror attacks are left wing in origin, since 1917 rothschild and the jews have suported communism.
    In the now banned Book ” Socialism for westerners” De Mentiev tells us that communism was developed to put the power and the money of the people into the hands of the few,
    these he calls the elite jews ( bankers ) and said by the end of the 20th century the world will be comunist and ruled from israel.
    Just know your government is part and parcel of this sell out

  2. here from todays news is a real terrorist story
    the israelis are the terrorists

  3. Just to mention that the brothers, or the older one actually, worked with their uncle in his destablization of Russia group based in Dagestan…. another merc unit, and the brothers were setup as the Oswalds.
    It’s always the same script, which makes it easier to spot, like our ongoing merc unit in the ME the ISIS, another ‘ex’ CIA jihadi leader training group. It’s endless here in ‘Purgatory’… until Mother Nature swings in to ‘clean house’ in her cyclical pattern.