US Billionaire Tries to Nullify Soviet Role in WWII Victory

Eric Zuesse – Strategic Review June 8, 2019

On May 23rd, Russia’s RT headlined Soviet Union oddly missing from US-made coin ‘saluting’ WWII Allies and displayed a private firm’s, the Bradford Exchange’s, “commemorative” “WWII 75th Anniversary 24K Gold-Plated gold-plated” coin, which is being marketed as an ‘investment’, and which on one of its sides shows US Presidents Truman and Eisenhower, and on the opposite side shows the flags of US, Britain, and France.

Russia had lost, to Germany’s Nazis, 13,950,000, or exactly 12.7% of its population. Another part of the Soviet Union, Belarus, lost 2.29 million, or exactly 25.3% of its population to Hitler. Another part of the USSR, Ukraine, lost 6.85 million, or 16.3%. The entire Soviet Union lost 26.6 million, exactly 13.7% of its population to Hitler. The US lost only 419,400, or 0.32% of its population. Furthermore, immediately after FDR died and Harry S. Truman became President, the US CIA (then as its predecessor organization the OSS) provided protection and employment in Germany for top members of Hitler’s equivalent to the CIA, the Gehlen Organization. (America’s CIA continues flagrantly to violate the law and hide from Congress and the American people crucial details of its relationship with the Gehlen Organization.) By contrast, the Soviet Union was unremitting in killing Nazis whom it captured.

Without the immense sacrifices by the USSR, Hitler would almost certainly have won WWII and Americans be living under Nazi rule, but the owner of that ‘investments’-firm airbrushes Russia totally out of the Allies’ victory.

The Bradford Exchange was founded by billionaire J. Roderick MacArthur, a rabid neoconservative liberal, whose fortune was left to heirs and to the liberal John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, which sponsors its ‘genius’ awards; and also left to the Harper’s Magazine Foundation to buy that Magazine and place his son J.R. MacArthur in charge of it. They’re also major funders of NPR and PBS, America’s ‘public’ radio and TV.

As for US Presidents Truman and Eisenhower, they started the Cold War on 26 July 1945 at the Potsdam Conference between Truman, Churchill, and Stalin, each of which relied upon advisors. Eisenhower turned out to have been the key one for Truman.

The ruins of Hiroshima after the nuclear blast

Steve Neal’s 2002 Harry and Ike says (p. 40), “Truman was elated that Stalin was preparing to join the Allies in the war against Japan. [Stalin had made that intention clear to Truman on July 17th.] [But, on July 26th] Eisenhower advised [Truman against that, because, said Ike] ‘no power on earth could keep the Red Army out of that war unless victory came before they could get in.’” So, Truman rejected the overwhelming opposition he had received from the scientists, who favored doing only a public test-demonstration of the A-bomb for Japan’s leaders to view, and he simply nuked both Hiroshima and Nagasaki — in order to keep the Soviets out of Japan, not in order to win the war against Japan. (Then, of course, the very tactful Ike became Truman’s successor, and led, for what at the end of his Presidency he famously named the “military industrial complex,” which he warned against only after he had already served as the President and already given the generals whatever they had asked for.)

The Potsdam Conference ended on 2 August 1945, and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki occurred on 6 and 9 August — both within a week of that Conference.

So: those bomb-drops by Truman were part of the Cold War against the Soviet Union, spurred by Eisenhower’s advice, and not really part of the hot WWII to beat Japan, as the myth has it.

And, now, perhaps (according to the Bradford Exchange and other memorializers of a WWII victory that’s cleansed of the Russian ‘stain’ on it), is the time to airbrush Stalin out of the picture altogether, even though he was actually the key person in the defeat of the Nazis, and thus in all of the Allies’ — USSR, UK, and USA. — WWII victory.

Perhaps the reason why France (instead of USSR) was included on that coin, is that that country, which was defeated by the Nazis (instead of having contributed significantly to the Allies’ win), is viewed more sympathetically by propaganda-drenched Americans, than is the country which actually did more than any other — including than the United States itself — in order actually to defeat Hitler.



7 responses to “US Billionaire Tries to Nullify Soviet Role in WWII Victory”

  1. people are still believing propaganda
    Read Hitlers own records and listen to his speeches
    He did not want to conquer the world, but wanted to unite all Germans
    separated after w w 1 In 1917 the jews took Russia and were constantly agitating to take germany and its wealth, Britains intell services all knew the threat was from russia not germany.neville Chamberlian has a 4 year investigation into the aims and goals of the Third reich, they were shown round all the weapons factories bunkers etc
    would hitler have alowed this if he planned a war with us ?
    Eisenhower was close to failing almost all his military exams but was finessed into place by rothschild.
    We were not saved from Hitler at all, as Hitler had given the bankers wealth to his people and ofered to help us do the same, this is why he had so much support in the UK

  2. Well that’s because the only truly important event from that era was the holocaust of Jews that nobody prevented.

  3. I remember readingthis:
    When asked about Eisenhower who served under him in the Philippines, Gen. McArthur said: “Best damn clerk I ever had…”
    Never forgotten it.

    If not for those who planned the grand strategy and actually led the fighting forces under his nominal supremacy, the war would have been lost and Eisenhower a nonentity

  4. America hid the evidence that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were nuked 16 hours after the surrender and Cease fire of Japan, America told Everybody that it was only a few Hundred that died, when it was more than a Million, and they have been dying in their millions right up Until this day, and for more than 75 years America has been feeding us Bull Shit Propaganda and lies Endlessly, I Am 82 years old so I know the truth before it got hidden out of Sight.

  5. Macarthur was a gutless Wonder, when Japan invaded The Philippines he ran faster than any Hare that was being Chased by hounds, and he shouted on the Way Out, I will Return and he did Return, for the Gold that was Buried By Yamashita, and he promised that Yamashita would have a stay of Execution if he would tell him one of the Hiding Places, and when he did he had Yamashita hung the Next Day, and Macarthur went home with a lot of Gold. but we will never know the real amount, because there is much more still Buried All over Mindanao in the Philippines.

  6. talking of war criminals
    see this and remember israel still uses napalm ( white phosphorous ) on palestine
    which is a totally civilian population

  7. Some More Incredible Numbers: All Showing How Russia And Even China REALLY Won World War 2.

    I have already commented about Hitler and how HE WAS FOR PEACE, and that it was the Allies that pushed the war, you can read about that more here in another comment…Another Perspective On The Question Of Jews And The Russian Revolution: How The West Lies.

    But here are some more facts….

    Killed In Action (Major Battles On Western Front):
    Battle of France: 180,000
    Normandy: 132,000
    El Alamein: 70,000
    Battle of the Bulge: 38,000
    Total From Just These Battles: 420,000
    US Deaths IN ENTIRE WAR: 407,000 (approx. %1.0 of population)
    UK Deaths IN ENTIRE WAR: 384,000 (approx. 0.3% of population)

    Now Lets Put The US/British War Effort Into Perspective….
    Stalingrad: 1.8 million
    Siege of Leningrad: 1.5 million
    Moscow 1941-42: 700,000
    Smolensk 1941: 500,000
    Kiev 1941: 400,000 (~US loss for Entire Western Front!)
    Vorenesh 1942: 370,000 (~Brit. loss for Entire Western Front!)
    Belarus 1941: 370,000 (~Brit. loss for Entire Western Front!)
    2nd Rzhev-Sychevka: 270,000
    Caucasus 1942: 260,000
    Kursk: 230,000
    Lower Dnieper: 170,000
    Kongsberg: 170,000
    Rostov: 150,000
    Budapest: 130,000
    Total= 6,620,000!

    As you can see just the “city” of Vorenesh lost as many people as the entire British loss on the Western Front. Lets not even get into what the US lost. Its not worth even two words.

    China also lost as much as 4 million military combatants, and up to 8 million civilians!

    So who won the war? And when I say, “who won” I don’t mean who is the winner, I mean “who fought, sacrificed and paid the most to win the Second World War?” It was the Soviet Union (aka now Russia) and China. So to all you Americans out there, especially that Orange Buffoon President, the only reason you have what you have today, is because the Russians and the Chinese sacrificed literally 10s of millions of people just so you can have it? Whereas, now what do you people do instead? Threaten, bully and intimidate your way to stealing resources that aren’t yours!

    Message to the United States Of America:
    You have already seen what the Russians and Chinese are prepared to sacrifice in a war. The US has NEVER really been in a fight/war for its survival, they have always picked on easy targets, like backward societies with bows and arrows, or countries that have more camels than cars. The Russians and Chinese fight and died by the millions, how much are Americans prepared to sacrifice? Can you Americans live without your Corn Flakes and coffee? Can you tough it like many Russians and Chinese even today do? You really think having the nuclear bomb is going to keep you a super power? With each passing year, the US is becoming an economic and industrial backwater. Soon, you will become a society of beggars, bums and brigands. Actually, you are already doing well in brigandy with your thieving of resources around the world. As for beggars and bums, well the rot has started in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and it will only continue to spread.

    So I have to ask to those geniuses in Washington D.C. .What happens when you have people living in tents all around the country? What are you going to promise to all those hungry, dirty, sick people to enlist in your military? Food, showers and health care? Good luck with that!

    The reign of the United States Of America is now over. This century will see the rise of a new economic, actually ENORMOUS economic power. The Euro-Asia economy is just starting, as the decades pass, you will see the bonds between Europe and Asia only increase. Countries like the United States will just become a dystopian example of what happens when you let people like second rate movie stars, spoiled rich boys, war cowards, nymphomaniacs, narcissists, and megalomaniacs to become President. In short, you get what you reap!