War on Christianity Escalates

Canada now ARRESTING Christian pastors and prosecuting them for teaching the Bible.

Ethan Huff – Natural News June 8, 2019

If you think the Leftist assault on freedom of speech and the First Amendment here in the United States is bad, consider the much worse situation transpiring in Canada, where a Christian pastor was recently arrested and charged with “disturbing the peace” simply for preaching the Word of God on a street corner.

According to reports, a group of violent protesters had approached and started to harass Pastor David Lynn when police arrived on the scene and proceeded to handcuff him, rather than the protesters, before taking him away in a squad car.

The violent mob that remained, which openly identified as LGBT, was seen and heard screaming, hollering, and cheering as Lynn was detained and removed from the premises by local law enforcement. Video footage of the incident that was captured by one of the police officers is available below, as well as on YouTube.

“It’s unfortunate that I am subject to this kind of discrimination and bullying and marginalization simply for saying God loves you, there is hope for you, I accept you and tolerate you,” Lynn said in a statement following his arrest.

“I shouldn’t be in this position. I didn’t do anything illegal,” he added.

If you’re a Christian, the Cult of LGBTQP now demands that you stay in the closet about your faith or else go to jail

Since nothing that Lynn was preaching about had anything specifically to do with LGBTQP, the only logical conclusion is that the angry LGBTQP mob that approached him acted purely out of anti-Christian hatred.

These Christphobes “had an event waiting for me,” Lynn told the media following the incident, adding that this LGBTQP mob clearly “had some form of hatred against me,” and wanted him to “stay in the closet” concerning his Christian identity.

Even though Lynn did absolutely nothing wrong, he’s reportedly now banned from being anywhere near the areas of Bloor Street, Yonge Street, Carlton Street, and Jarvis Street in the Church-Wellesley Village area of Toronto, Canada, as well as anywhere near the LGBTQP Pride march.

“I didn’t know this was the start of the pride month,” Lynn is quoted as saying. “I didn’t say anything specific to the LGBTQ community. It’s all on live stream.”

So, in essence, it’s now a crime to be an out-of-the-closet Christian in Canada, where the Cult of LGBTQP now has free reign to persecute Christians they don’t like as “criminals.” Pretty much anything that upsets the LGBTQP mafia, in other words, is now a prosecutable “crime” in Canada.

Cult of LGBTQP pushing for more legislation to muzzle free speech rights of Christians and others they hate

Once again, it’s abundantly clear that the LGBTQP crybullies who are constantly screaming about “tolerance” and “love” are actually the ones who are full of intolerance and hatred towards Christians – exposing their endless virtue signaling as absolute bulls***.

The most hateful, intolerant, and deranged members of society, in other words, are the prideful perverts who march in LGBTQP parades pretending to be the victims of hate when they’re actually the perpetrators.

Case-in-point is the LGBTQP push for the passage of the “Prohibiting Hate-Promoting Demonstrations at Queen’s Park Act, 2019” in Canada, which would make it illegal for Christians to engage in free speech anywhere in or near this heavily-trafficked park.

“Christians are now the most persecuted faith on the planet, mostly because of how they are treated by radical Muslims in the third-world,” writes Shane Trejo for Big League Politics.

“But the third-world is coming to the West, and Christians are going to suffer mightily as a result,” he adds – as will members of the Cult of LGBTQP, which are routinely persecuted and killed in Muslim-dominated countries.

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13 responses to “War on Christianity Escalates”

  1. The protocols say they will destroy christianity
    and lord Rothschild back in the 30s said he would give it 50 years
    Archbishop Donald Cogsn said the church will rue the day it allowed homosexuals into the preisthood
    The last secret of fatima was that sex perversion ( homosexuality ) would finally smash the church

  2. Its the jews that exported all these people to the UK
    and traitorous politicians here who took them all in
    Save your anger for the jews.

  3. Winston Churchill at a society party in the middle 30s was reputed to have said
    quote, ” if the British people knew what was in store for these little islands they would cringe in terror”
    Churchills boss Lord Rothschild surrounded himself with poofs several with criminal
    records against boys, His wife Clemmie, complained to his doctor Lord Moran about churchills addiction to small boys, she said he hates himself for it.
    This was hinted at by Churchills biographer the jew Martin Gilbert as the reason churchill was always drunk, it is said that Jock Colvills idea for a one piece quick release suit
    like a big baby grow, was to stop churchill shitting his pants
    The childrens bear ” winnie the pooh” stories out in the early 20s was said to be a parody of churchill,
    The TV ads for Churchill insurance, feature a stupid Bulldog with a voice like churchill
    this is also a parody as the dog is a puppet as was churchill .
    The normalisation of sex perversions was long in the planning, speak up now before new laws make it compulsory

  4. All kinds of sex perversions are now commonplace
    see this

  5. 1-416-808-2222. Call the Toronto Police, RELENTLESSLY. HARASS, HARASS, HARASS, HARASS THEM.

  6. Jews are not just perverts but they fiddl elctions like they did to get tony blair into number 10

  7. The Churchlll quote is slightly wrong what he said was
    If the British people knew what was in store for these little islands,
    they would cringe in horror – not terror
    Yes Churchill was a paid up zio-dummy he would prostitute his mother for political advantage, and did so many times.
    But this is not unusual, many of our zio politicians do it today

  8. When the choice is between perversion or christianity
    i know what 95% of people would choose

  9. Luke 21:17 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake.

    John 16:2 They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that
    whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.

    Now is the time, hold onto your faith.

    The faithful witness

  10. PLEASE READ MY LIPS !!!!!!!! IT IS NOT THE JEWS BUT THE EXTREME ZIONISTS THAT HAVE STOLEN A RELIGION. ONE CAN CALL IT ROTHSCHILD ZIONISM. The common Jew has always been blamed for the actions of the Zionists which have always caused trouble. The problem with the Jews ( and it is changing ) is that they for the most part either follow or remain silent in what their “leaders ” do and this is due to blinding religious fervor. In other words they follow their leaders simply because they are Jewish. Have not they learned from following Bernie Madoff !!!

  11. A Note on a Great & Understanding JEW who is Norman G. Finkelstein: Read 2 of his great books which are : ( 1 ) THE HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY – REFLECTIONS ON THE EXPLOITATION OF JEWISH SUFFERING. & IMAGE and REALITY OF THE ISRAEL–PALESTINE CONFLICT.

  12. Its not just homosexuality, i read aboutan animal brothel in israel where people can enjoy animals to the full.
    I find this nauseating
    a black GI regiment in the UK in w w 2 was stationed near me in Hampshire and
    you could see them having sex with the cows in the field
    16 black GIs were hanged for rape in our area in w w 2

  13. It would seem that the LGBTQRXYAIDS community and the Toronto PIGS are nothing more than a bunch of virulent anti-Semites. This pastor was merely preaching the words of the most famous Rabbi of all time. Like the good little Nazis that they are, they make the victim the perpetrator.