If You have A Problem With The #STRAIGHTPRIDE Parade, You’re Not Seeing The BIGGER PICTURE!

Press For Truth – June 6, 2019

3 responses to “If You have A Problem With The #STRAIGHTPRIDE Parade, You’re Not Seeing The BIGGER PICTURE!”

  1. In the UK Tony Blair and New Labour funded from taxpayers money to pay for homosexual marches gay parades gay days and homosexual magazines featuring boys.
    It was 3 jews Harriet Harman Patricia Hewitt and Margaret Hodge who pressured to get funds to PIE and even the pervert jew Peter tatchell into being a Labour MP The jew
    sponsored Boris Johnston replaced Ken Livingston after a vicious hate campaign
    against ” red ken ”
    As londoners anger grew about all the sex perversion, a church committee member offered to sponsor a family day, for normal people, Boris Jonston said ” if she went ahead he would prosecute her under existing racialist rulings to the full force of the law “

  2. look no one wants to be a pervert, these people need help,
    my brother aged 11 fell in with some older homosexuals, he started wetting the bed having nightmares and behaving strangely.
    He was put on anti depressants, and never left the house he took his life on his 19th birthday.
    Those perverts killed my brother.

  3. The LGBQT community often refers to straight people as “breeders” — not in a respectful “wow you can actually conceive children and we can’t” kind of way — but rather as if we are cattle or other “animals” who do nothing more than breed. We’ve tolerated this kind of hate in the name of “tolerance”. When you have someone like Kesha singing a song about how great the world would be if white STRAIGHT rich men didn’t exist — it is clear that the movement has gone far beyond wanting equality and instead has become as oppressive and hateful as they claim normal people have been to them. And yes, I said “normal” because — in the human species — heterosexuality is the norm. Homosexuality, whether a birth defect (“born that way”) or an acquired trait (“alternate lifestyle”) is not the norm for our species. Any claim that homosexuality is normal is completely and utterly FALSE.