Bill Kristol: “White Working Class Should Be Replaced by Immigrants”

Zionist Report – June 4, 2019

6 responses to “Bill Kristol: “White Working Class Should Be Replaced by Immigrants””

  1. I have never heard such evil racist bollox
    When w w 2 was over and the British armies were being demobbed
    men were desperate to find jobs and in many cases homes
    Churchill had said quote
    ” The war will be over by christmas and you will come back to a land of milk and honey with jobs and homes for all”
    But the same government the men fought the war for, was advertsing the mens homes and jobs in the West indies, saying quote ” that Englishmen were too lazy to do the work”
    The ex servicemen sick of this racism formed a group called the Natonal Front,
    and people were queing for hours to sign up, but the government brought in the dirty tricks dept and support fell away

  2. Oh the hypocrisy when he spouts out the bit about those lazy Americans “growing up as spoiled kids”. That from one of the ultimate spoiled kids, Kristol himself, who hasn’t done an honest day’s work his while life and is a treacherous sack of shit. What Kristol is good at is being ever jovial and somewhat amiable while he slips in his treachery and poison. This video doesn’t show Kristol at anything close to his demonic worst, but it is a good illustration of his method in how he’s easy-going, pleasant, and even a little self-deprecating, albeit falsely, while the venom oozes out. But he’s a major league asshole at his core and should be horse-whipped and rolled in pig shit in Times Square then tossed in the East River with his hands bound behind his back.

  3. The Christ-killers obviously hate Whitey.

    What they do not realize is that one cannot “kill” a Christian since the Christian has already died. All the Christ-killers can do is kill the natural body, which must die anyway since flesh and blood cannot enter Heaven,

    So stupid Jews, stupid Jews who say they are Jews but are not. The synagogue of Satazn.

    The true Jew has a circumcised heart.

    Sad, isn’t it. Such poverty of soul, all dedicated to Lucifer/Satan.

  4. Shitstream Media should be replaced by humans!

  5. Bilderberg say the poor do not deserve to eat, one third the world is not needed and the ” useless eaters” must be killed off. what they mean is white people
    I would say most jews are useless eaters