In Florida, It is Now HIGHLY ILLEGAL to Say ‘Jews Control Hollywood’

The Red Elephants – June 2, 2019

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida recently signed a bill which added ‘anti-Semitism’ to the list of outlawed forms of discrimination in Florida, equating it with other forms of racial discrimination, reported the Tallahassee Democrat.

The major problem many have with this bill is that the definition of Anti-semitism under this law includes everything from saying the “Jews control the media,” “Jews are more loyal to Israel than to America,” to many other questionable statements that are protected under the first amendment of the United States constitution. It is also now illegal to question the number of Jews who died in the Holocaust.  No other genocide has this protection in the world.

Even though Christians are the most persecuted group of people throughout the world, for some reason DeSantis thought that signing a law that goes directly against the first amendment of the United States would be a good idea.  DeSantis even signed the bill while visiting Israel, and then again in Florida upon returning from his trip.

Following the signing of the bill, many Christians have posed several important questions about this new law, namely that there are no laws against openly blaspheming Christianity or Jesus.  There are also no laws against accusing all Catholics of being pedophiles and no broad words with blanket definitions like ‘Anti-semitism’ that protects Christians from the criticism they receive on a constant basis.

It is also not yet a hate crime to fly a pride flag outside Chick-fil-A, but what can you expect when Christians don’t have the powerful lobby to push for laws like this like Jews do with AIPAC.  Many Christians are wondering if AIPAC money is behind this new law signed by DeSantis.

There are currently 26 states in America that have their own versions of antisemitism bills, and all of them go directly against the first amendment.  Most of these laws prevent private businesses from boycotting the state of Israel, even though America was built on boycotts, but hey who actually cares about facts.

Outside of all of this, actors in Hollywood including Jewish actors have openly admitted that Jews are vastly overrepresented in Hollywood. From Adam Sandler to Nick Kroll and Marlon Brando, they all openly admit that Jews do in fact control Hollywood and Media.

DeSantis’ broad definition of antisemitism even includes saying that some Jews are more loyal to the state of Israel than the country that they reside in.

The facts?  Well that is the exact definition of Zionism according to Theodore Herzl the founder of Zionism.  Herzl says that it is useless for a Jew to be loyal to the country that they reside in because Jews are ‘one people’ and their loyalty should only remain with Israel.

This was explained to the state department some time ago, seems like DeSantis did not get the message….

and even if we just scratch the surface of the names at the top of the companies that own the major media conglomerates, we find that DeSantis has also outlawed the truth, like it or not.

Here are just a few of the names of Jews at the top in media:

Time Magazine

OWNER: Marc Benioff

Benioff was raised in a Jewish family (Wikipedia)

Editor in Chief: Edward Felsenthal

Felsenthal was born in a Jewish family in Memphis, Tennessee (Wikipedia)

Deputy Editor: Eben Shapiro

Assistant Managing Editor: Ben Goldberger

International Affairs Columnist: Walter Isaacson

His father was a “kindly Jewish  (Wikipedia)

Editor at Large: Jeffrey Kluger

“I was born Jewish and raised Jewish” (

NY Daily News

MORTIMER ZUCKERMAN, owner of NY Daily News, US News & World Report and chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organizations, one of the largest pro-Israel lobbying groups.


LESLIE MOONVES, president of CBS television, great-nephew of David Ben-Gurion, and co-chair with Norman Ornstein of the Advisory Committee on Public Interest Obligation of Digital TV Producers, appointed by Clinton.

AOL – Time Warner

JONATHAN MILLER, chair and CEO of AOL division of AOL-Time-Warner

NBC News

NEIL SHAPIRO, president of NBC News

NBC News

JEFF GASPIN, Executive Vice-President, Programming, NBC

ABC News

DAVID WESTIN, president of ABC News

TED KOPPEL, host of ABC’s Nightline


SUMNER REDSTONE, CEO of Viacom, “world’s biggest media giant” (Economist, 11/23/2) owns Viacom cable, CBS and MTVs all over the world, Blockbuster video rentals and Black Entertainment TV.

Walt Disney

MICHAEL EISNER, major owner of Walt Disney, Capitol Cities, ABC.


MEL KARMAZIN, president of CBS

DON HEWITT, Exec. Director, 60 Minutes, CBS

JEFF FAGER, Exec. Director, 60 Minutes II. CBS

DAVID POLTRACK, Executive Vice-President, Research and Planning, CBS

Fox Entertainment

SANDY GRUSHOW, Chair, Fox Entertainment

GAIL BERMAN, president of Fox Entertainment

ABC Entertainment

LLOYD BRAUN, Chair, ABC Entertainment

Warner Bros

BARRY MEYER, chair, Warner Bros.

WARREN LIEBERFORD, Pres., Warner Bros. Home Video Div. of AOL- TimeWarner

JORDAN LEVIN, president of Warner Bros. Entertainment


SHERRY LANSING. President of Paramount Communications and Chairman of Paramount Pictures’ Motion Picture Group.




BRAD SIEGEL., President, Turner Entertainment.

Fox Tv

PETER CHERNIN, second in-command at Rupert Murdoch’s News. Corp., owner of Fox TV

New Republic

MARTY PERETZ, owner and publisher of the New Republic, which openly identifies itself as pro-Israel. Al Gore credits Marty with being his “mentor.”

NY Times

ARTHUR O. SULZBERGER, JR., publisher of the NY Times, the Boston Globe and other publications.

WILLIAM SAFIRE, syndicated columnist for the NYT.

TOM FRIEDMAN, syndicated columnist for the NYT.

KENNETH POLLACK, for CIA analysts, director of Saban Center for Middle East Policy, writes op-eds in NY Times, New Yorker

NBC Entertainment

JEFFREY ZUCKER, President of NBC Entertainment

Washington Post

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, syndicated columnist for the Washington Post. Honored by Honest, website monitoring “anti-Israel media.”

RICHARD COHEN, syndicated columnist for the Washington Post

DONALD GRAHAM, Chair and CEO of Newsweek and Washington Post, son of

CATHERINE GRAHAM MEYER, former owner of the Washington Post


TERRY SEMEL, CEO, Yahoo, former chair, Warner Bros.


STEPHEN SPIELBERG, co-owner of Dreamworks

JEFFREY KATZENBERG, co-owner of Dreamworks

DAVID GEFFEN, co-owner of Dreamworks

Boston Globe

JEFF JACOBY, syndicated columnist for the Boston Globe

USA Today

NORMAN ORNSTEIN, American Enterprise Inst., regular columnist for USA Today, news analyst for CBS, and co-chair with Leslie Moonves of the Advisory Committee on Public Interest Obligation of Digital TV Producers, appointed by Clinton.


STEPHEN EMERSON, every media outlet’s first choice as an expert on domestic terrorism.

DAVID SCHNEIDERMAN, owner of the Village Voice and the New Times network of “alternative weeklies.”

DENNIS LEIBOWITZ, head of Act II Partners, a media hedge fund

BARRY DILLER, chair of USA Interactive, former owner of Universal Entertainment

KENNETH ROTH, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch

RICHARD LEIBNER, runs the N.S. Bienstock talent agency, which represents 600 news personalities such as Dan Rather, Dianne Sawyer and Bill O’Reilly.

MARK GOLIN, VP and Creative Director, AOL

JACK MYERS, NBC, chief.NYT 5.14.2

MAX MUTCHNICK, co-executive producer of NBC’s “Good Morning Miami”

DAVID KOHAN, co-executive producer of NBC’s “Good Morning Miami”

HOWARD STRINGER, chief of Sony Corp. of America

AMY PASCAL, chair of Columbia Pictures

JOEL KLEIN, chair and CEO of Bertelsmann’s American operations

ROBERT SILLERMAN, founder of Clear Channel Communications

BRIAN GRADEN, president of MTV entertainment

IVAN SEIDENBERG, CEO of Verizon Communications

WOLF BLITZER, host of CNN’s Late Edition

LARRY KING, host of Larry King Live



MIKE WALLACE, Host of CBS, 60 Minutes


MICHAEL LEDEEN, editor of National Review

BRUCE NUSSBAUM, editorial page editor, Business Week

HOWARD FINEMAN, Chief Political Columnist, Newsweek

WILLIAM KRISTOL, Editor, Weekly Standard, Exec. Director
Project for a New American Century (PNAC)

RON ROSENTHAL, Managing Editor, San Francisco Chronicle

PHIL BRONSTEIN, Executive Editor, San Francisco Chronicle,

RON OWENS, Talk Show Host, KGO (ABC-Capitol Cities, San Francisco)

JOHN ROTHMAN, Talk Show Host, KGO (ABC-Capitol Cities, San Francisco)

MICHAEL MEDVED, Talk Show Host, on 124 AM stations

BEN WATTENBERG, Moderator, PBS Think Tank.

ANDREW LACK, president of NBC

DANIEL MENAKER, Executive Director, Harper Collins

DAVID REMNICK, Editor, The New Yorker

NICHOLAS LEHMANN, writer, the New York

HENRICK HERTZBERG, Talk of the Town editor, The New Yorker

SAMUEL NEWHOUSE JR, and DONALD NEWHOUSE own Newhouse Publications, includes 26 newspapers in 22 cities; the Conde Nast magazine group, includes The New Yorker; Parade, the Sunday newspaper supplement; American City Business Journals, business newspapers published in more than 30 major cities in America; and interests in cable television programming and cable systems serving 1 million homes.

DONALD NEWHOUSE, chairman of the board of directors, Associated Press.

PETER R KANN, CEO, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s

RALPH J. & BRIAN ROBERTS, Owners, Comcast-ATT Cable TV.



Source: The Red Elephants

12 responses to “In Florida, It is Now HIGHLY ILLEGAL to Say ‘Jews Control Hollywood’”

  1. It is said that a homosexual will only appoint another pervert to office and the same with freemasons and jews.
    The term insider dealing was invented for jews.
    But to make jews a special case in law means that non jews are discriminated against
    which is itslf against the law
    I think the public are sick to death of thse jews who want to take over the world

  2. The Jewish lobby bribe and blackmail politicians to visit israel and be photographed against the wailing wall
    But did you know this wall was built by the romans using christian slave labour ?
    There are these jews who say having christians touched it leaves it contaminated.
    The British soldiers who went to fight in iraq, were cast out and ignored by their families on their return, god help any British soldiers who join any more nutandyahoo/Trump wars

  3. The David Irving newsletter has this wonderful piece
    The discredited Ann Frank book to be read aloud at italian soccer matches,
    football is the NWO distraction weapon of choice and this may also be read out in england
    soccer fans are said to be furious

  4. So telling the truth is now illegal in Florida, remember this when you testify in Florida courts.

  5. An attempt at resolution here can be very easy : Force Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida to pass such a law for the Christians. Now here is the rub: The extreme Zionists and the New World Order will not like this . ………WELL TOUGH LUCK AND STICK IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yet it was said that it is freedom of speech (all over many news channels) when drawing of the prophet Mohammed emerged knowing exactly what the outcome would be.

  7. You’re twisting the wording of the bill to fit your judenhass agenda. The bill simply says (7) A public K-20 educational institution must treatdiscrimination by students or employees or resulting from institutional policies motivated by anti-Semitic intent in an identical manner to discrimination motivated by race.

  8. Hmmm

    Florida’s so called “law” is in direct violation of the 1st Amendment and thus repugnant to the Constitution and therefore nonbinding on the citizenry….In other words, it is by definition, utterly and completely invalid on its face. It really is that simple. And it does not have to expressly and explicitly prohibit certain speech, it merely has to effectively affect its use which in any way abridges. Which of course it does….

    And for the record: jews really do control Hollywood, the Main Stream Media, a large chunk of the internet in general, the big 5 search engines and social media outlets in particular, the Federal Reserve, Congress, and the White House. Lest we forget, jews also control the Supreme Court, which should have immediately issued a stay and after a brief review, ruled the “law” to be unconstitutional. A no people, the Supreme Court does not have to wait while it works its way through the lower courts…..

  9. DDearborn’s comment regarding Florida’s latest outrageous “law” being repugnant to the Constitution and, thus, invalid and nonbinding is absolutely correct. and I love Skip Barker’s comment about the truth now being illegal.

    Governor DeSantis can choke on a big giant dick and the people of Florida should throw him out of office and have him publicly flogged. Of course, Florida is chock full of stinking whining Jews and is weirdo central, so what should we expect from that warm-weather hell-hole? The term “anti-semitism” is itself becoming repugnant to the average person as we are all sick to death of hearing it. Even the average American idiot recognizes the term, and it’s agenda, has been drastically over-used and beaten to death. As usual, the Jews have over-played their hand and a day of reckoning approaches because people are sick of their ridiculous shit. People don’t hate Jews because of their religion, Jews are hated for their actions and behaviors, actions and behaviors that should have seen them snuffed out centuries ago.

  10. Noahide law is implemented mainly through the education system this is no secret.
    “We will organize children and teach them in a perfect way the things their father’s and mother`s are doing in an imperfect way”
    The very first mission statement of the endowed general education board in 1906.
    The Reece committee understood what these shitheads were up to with a one world government under jew control. Common core is a great example of this.
    The friends of Zion museum in Israel is devoted to subverting so called millennial minds and believe they’re successful however with the latest round of censorship I believe not.