Sasquatch Torments Couple Willow Creek Style. Marathon_06

Dixie Cryptid – Feb 6, 2019


Many more eyewitness accounts can be found here.

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  1. The British museum has a lot of stuff not on show.
    The story that we developed from apes has been shot down many times
    same as black negros are a from a different root stock than we are,
    we did not descend from them or vice versa, experts say there were at least 4 very different
    races which becamse what we are today.
    Remember Darwin was pushed by Rothschild, in fact most of the rothschilds have qualifications in zoology, or the development of animal species, they do all kinds of tests
    on animals, but the real point is not animals but people

  2. When Mount Everest was conquered in 1952
    and Edmund Hilary had his photo all across the worlds news, with his oxegen
    and breathing equipment, the sherpas who carried all the equipment had no oxegen tanks
    as they were used to walking on Everest, they told many stories about the ” abominable snowman ” a bigfoot type creature with long white hair, they said as long as they were left alone they were harmless. It is interesting that Edmund Hilary forbad any mention of them
    to the press even tho they had seen many huge footprint trails

  3. These bigfoot creatures are obviously intelligent and peaceful,
    could we replace our useless zio-politicians with these bigfoots ?

  4. @fuckthejews

    I doubt they will allow these cockroaches in their habitat.

  5. The man’s story says the opposite of the video’s title: Sasquatch Torments Couple Willow Creek Style. Marathon_06. He said that is was a non-threatening creature that disappeared at great speed.

  6. Q. Bigfoot, an anti-Semite, the tooth fairy, and a smart blonde were walking down a yellow brick road when they saw a $20 bill on the road. Which one got the $20 bill ?

    A. The only one who could have gotten the $20 bill was the smart blonde because the others are just fictional creatures that exist only in fairy tales and the Jews Media.