Once One has Melted their Own Selfishness with Love, There is No More Devil

Visible Origami – June 4, 2019

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It is my hope in this posting to give some comfort to the reader. The world is lurching and stumbling through the pottery shop of manifest life (the ineffable being the timeless and eternal potter) like the drunken, drug addled, sexually dysfunctional, socially crazed, rampaging hoodlum minded, politically correct bullies that are mirroring these trends of the moment.
There is a massaging, invisible vibration that is humming through social media, the wireless atmosphere, via cellphones, computers, conning towers; not to mention planetary interplay that is the soundtrack of the moment, articulating into the subconscious and provoking us all in various ways, according to our level of awareness and the degrees of our objective and subjective postures through each day, dependent on whether, or not, we are more or less pin-balls, bouncing off the bumpers of predictable experiences, put together, in the main, by multinational corporations who generate the massaging invisible vibrations ‘bent on shaping’ the collective consciousness to commercial and dark philosophical ends. Both of which are Satanic. That is the religion of Materialism, as is Atheism. These are inevitable byproducts of Materialism no matter whether it is Babylon, or Sodom and Gomorrah or New York or Los Angeles.
Levels of insanity are the vehicles of the personality. Some contain it better than others but… you can’t function in peer group harmony unless you are mad
Computer language is numbers, zeros and ones (hard to imagine this when you see all of the complexities that come about). The language of Nature is also one of numbers. A good analogy would be to imagine the snow covered mountain tops and then to visualize the snow melting and running down the sides of the mountain into the valleys and then all the colorful forms that are produced. I tried to explain this further and had to edit it out. I think you get what I am saying.
The world is programmed, ostensibly by selfish, driven materialists, powerful individuals who care nothing for those they plunder and abuse; who use them as canon fodder in wars for profit… I’m not going to elaborate on that because you should already know what’s going on and if you don’t, there is the historical record, which has also been folded, spindled and mutilated, by these same characters but the truth is there to be found, if you are determined to find it and as a last resort, (this should not be the last resort) the truth can be found within yourself.
I did say that it was my hope to give you comfort. What you will read is what you have already heard here, in one form or another, on myriad occasions but… it happens to be true and not because I say so. It is true because it has already been said, in one form or another, on myriad occasions by the greatest souls who have ever walked on the face of this Earth and by all manner of other luminaries, in one form or another, on myriad occasions, since long before recorded history began. This is why it is called ‘ageless wisdom’.
This world is a world of appearances. These appearances make themselves known within the parameters of the narrow bandwidth of our physical senses. We are and have always been, actors within the stage settings of the times in which we appear. Other actors have come and gone, along with the stage settings for long before recorded history began. Under the desert sands, buried in the Earth, beneath the sands of the oceans, are relics of actors and stages long gone. The sands and Earth themselves are the residue of civilizations long gone and reduced now to tiny grains of sand and particles of Earth.
Our solar system is composed of a central sun and a series of planets, as well as our moon and other moons, which I mention because they also have an influence on our behavior and the various and ever changing appearances of the stage settings and all of it is present for the acting out of dramas, which take place here and which are generated by the unique combinations of the planets and their aspects and interactions with one another over the course of time. It is rightly said; “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Routinely we have periods of war and periods of peace. We have social order and disorder, times of creation and destruction, as well as the gamut of emotions that pass between us in our time.
There is an incomprehensible consciousness and intelligence that interpenetrates the whole of existence. Everything manifest is made out of it. Everything that lives, lives because it is the life in every thing that lives. It is the power of thought, feeling and action that occurs and nothing acts or happens that does not borrow the power to do so from this one incomprehensible thing. Over and over, this thing, expresses outward from a mysterious place and shatters itself into everything that ever is or will be. Following that, it moves among us through everything everywhere, gathering itself up again. At a certain point, it resolves everything back into itself and sleeps for a period of time. Then it does it all over again. It does all of this and everything that it does out of the motivation of Love, for the purpose of experiencing and discovering itself in everything and everyone else.
As the actors here, there is ONE true and enduring motivation that becomes confused by the multiplicity of sense objects and objects of desire. Desire is the agent of God’s will and that incomprehensible consciousness is GOD (for lack of a better word). That one true motivation is Self Realization and the discovery of this can take many, many, many lives but… no matter how many lives it takes, that is the single, actual desire in everyone; life intrudes and waves every possibility otherwise before your eyes and whoosh… one life follows another, which also includes bills due, having to do with behaviors exercised, while chasing after the wrong thing that you didn’t even want in the first place but you didn’t know that. It is all prolonged and continuous suffering because nothing otherwise is what the heart really wants. It ALL falls short.
Manifest life is crazy, even at the best of times in Kali Yuga. As the materialism increases and continues toward its unfortunate end, it gets crazier and crazier and crazier. If you are not crazy and have associated yourself with the prime mover, ALL WILL BE WELL, regardless of rough patches here and there. The ineffable, once one has turned the direction of their lives over to the divine, takes the individual by the most expeditious course to liberation. We cannot accomplish this on our own and any effort on our parts is a hindrance; an interference in the process.
Utter reliance on the divine seems to be the hardest thing one can achieve and there is only one reason for the difficulty, which… when addressed, turns it into child’s play. One is not fully committed. Herein is the difficulty. Once one is fully committed, the battle with one’s own self is over. Hallelujah to that!
It seems so hard to be assured of one’s safety in such chaotic and unstable times. This is because of divided faith. You might well have faith in the ineffable but some portion, unfortunately is in the world as well. This faith is the source of Fear and the fear manifests in a division against yourself. In other words, you are the enemy. Everything else is insubstantial shadows. One presented with the appearance of The Devil, had they the eyes for it, could see the corona of the angel that is obscured and hidden behind the demonic appearance. The Devil is God as he appears to the wicked.
Once one has melted their own selfishness with love, there is no more devil. What we feel, impresses itself on our being and shapes us accordingly. In aging we become a road map of what we passed through and the way in which we passed through it.
Either we channel the light or we block it. We channel it when we give ourselves away and we block it when self interest comes between us and everyone else. It is a sad testimony to existence for the latter. We are the living evidence of the life we lived. When we depart, we go to where we already are but more dramatically experienced and expressed …because feelings are the language of what lies beyond. We have only to think something and it appears. This holds true in both the upper and the lower portions of the same realm. There is much truth to the understanding that we judge and punish ourselves.
When one who has lived a life of service to others passes there is no reason to weep whatsoever. Celebration is more what is called for. One more appropriately may weep for those who lived in service to themselves. There are beauties and joys beyond this vale of tears that are astounding and they wait for every true and noble soul. Do not concern yourself with rewards here. Do not consider praise or false words of tribute here to have any value at all. Such are the funerals of the rich and powerful; meaningless fabrications of false friendship and affection. Your real and longer lasting friends are to be found elsewhere; ♫we’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when but we’ll meet again some sunny day.♫
♫it seems we stood and talked like this before. We looked at each other in the same way then but I can’t remember where or when.
Some things that happened for the first time
Seem to be happening again
And so it seems that we have met before
And laughed before, and loved before
But who knows where or when”♫
End Transmission…….
A few days ago I was in a government building in a near by town. I was waiting to see someone and there was a magazine that had articles about schizophrenia. For each chapter, there was a small dialogue box with some positive statement in it. Before one of the chapters, in the box it said, “You are not alone” That cracked me up. I laughed for quite a while and again and again, each time it came to mind. I’m guessing the humor of it did not occur to the author.

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Here is the first pamphlet of 4 that will be coming with succeeding postings that are written by Joseph Brenner, the author of The Impersonal Life and The Way to the Kingdom. These are little known writings by him.


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