“You Swine Happy Now?” MSM, Complicit In Disgruntled Minority Massacres, Desperately Suppressing VA Shooter’s Race

James Fulford – The Unz Review June 2, 2019

On Friday a black man named DeWayne Craddock, an engineer employed by the city of Virginia Beach, shot 16 people in the local government building, killing 12, 9 of whom were white. He had reportedly earlier submitted his resignation. This is yet another example of the phenomenon that VDARE.com calls “Disgruntled Minority Massacre.” It’s not caused by racism, but by anti-racism—with more than a little help from the complicit Main Stream Media, which probably explains its increasingly frenzied drive to suppress facts like Craddock’s race.

City officials are claiming they didn’t fire Craddock and have no idea why he did this. A New York Times report says different, that he’d started acting violent, and was on the verge of losing his job:

It remains to be seen what the suspect was after. City officials declined to discuss a possible motive for the attack, but they did say there was no immediate indication that the gunman had targeted anyone. The police chief, James A. Cervera, quelled rumors on Saturday that the suspect had recently been fired, and declined to say whether there had been friction between him and other employees.

But a person close to Virginia Beach’s city government, who was not authorized to speak publicly, said that the suspect had no history of behavioral problems until recently, when he had begun acting strangely and getting into physical “scuffles” with other city workers.

The person said that tensions had escalated in the past week, adding that the man had gotten into a violent altercation on city grounds and was told that disciplinary action would be taken.

Suspect in Virginia Beach Shooting Was a Longtime City Employee, by Serge F. Kovaleski, June 1, 2019

This story, like all other New York Times stories, does not mention Craddock’s race.

A second story, describes Craddock as “an engineer” and “a 40-year-old former soldier,” goes on to say “Much about Mr. Craddock, an engineer who had worked on projects like sewer pipelines and pump station replacements, remained unclear.” [Virginia Beach Gunman Said He Was Quitting, Then Went on a Shooting Rampage, By Glenn Thrush and Alan Blinder, June 2, 2019 html]

You’re telling me! The Paper Of Record doesn’t even know what color he was, and apparently can’t find a photograph.

The NYT’s motto: “All The News That’s Fit To Print.”

This news blackout on Craddock’s race is unusually severe even by recent standards. Maybe there’s been some Journolist-style secret decree. A similarly photographless story in the Washington Post describes him this way:

He was a seasoned engineer, a military veteran with a shaved head and body builder’s physique. He had an all-business — but not off-putting — demeanor, one co-worker recounted. And a reserved but not peculiar presence, several neighbors said.

DeWayne Craddock, a longtime Virginia Beach employee, identified as shooter who killed 12 in city building, June 2, 2019

Again, no word of Craddock’s race, although WaPo went to a black church and interviewed friends of his parents. They weren’t described as black either.

The Washington Post’s new post-Trump motto: “Democracy Dies In Darkness”.

But the U.K. Daily Mail, which specializes in crime news the American papers won’t print, managed to find no less than three photographs of him.

[PICTURED: ‘Loner’ Virginia Beach gunman, 40, and longtime city engineer who ‘brushed his teeth and chatted to a colleague’ before ‘indiscriminately’ shooting dead 12 and dying in a police gun battle, by Lauren Fruen and Rod Ardehali,Dailymail.com, June 1, 2019]

Still, if you get your information from the U.S. Main Stream Media, you’re out of luck.

A VDARE.com reader watched ABC News with David Muir and reports that it showed no photo of Craddock at all, just a silhouette. A white silhouette.

ABC News motto: America’s #1 News Source.

And ABC may be right about that—many Americans still get all their news from legacy MSM sources.

Which means that many, many, people who’ve heard about this case almost certainly believe that a white man did it.

Like this lady–she probably hated white males already, but here she’s the victim of MSM suppression. She assumes that if the longtime city employee wasn’t white, they would have said so:

This policy of “not reporting race” leads to a false consciousness on the subject of crime, as I’ve written repeatedly before. The DeWayne Craddock case is a confluence of the “not reporting race” custom and the phenomenon of Disgruntled Minority Massacres.”

“Not reporting race” of a criminal unless it’s “relevant” is embodied in the AP Stylebook used by most MSM sources. It goes back to the New York Times’s reporting on the “Blood Brothers” gang in Harlem in 1964. As I wrote in 2007, this led to five days of rioting in Harlem, because the black community felt they’d been maligned by being called violent.

The plain fact is that, since the Civil Rights movement started, blacks in America have been encouraged to believe that racism is responsible for any bad thing that happens to them, or any disciplinary or law enforcement action taken against them. They are taught to hate whites—not just by their parents and clergymen, but by American schools. (Here’s a recent example from Powerline’s eminently respectable John Hinderaker). They feel, and express, hatred of white society without fear of criticism.

White men who lose jobs frequently kill themselves. Black men who lose jobs frequently kill their co-workers or employers. When black gunman Omar Thornton was fired from a Connecticut brewer for stealing beer, he killed eight of his white coworkers. Before he killed himself, he phoned his mother to say that his victims were racist: “I killed the five racists that was there bothering me”, he said [Omar Thornton: “I Killed the Five Racists”, by Kevin Hayes, August 4, 2010].

Subsequent investigation “exonerated” his victims, but the point is that MSM continued to treat this irrelevant accusation very seriously [Is racism at heart of Connecticut shooting? Answer still unclear, by Patrik Jonsson, Christian Science Monitor, August 4, 2010].

To repeat: what the Christian Science Monitor’s Patrik Jonsson and several other MSM outlets were asking was if the dead white people had been guilty of racism—not the man who murdered them.

To look at it another way: recently, the House Democrats held rigged hearings into “White Nationalism” clearly designed to build the case for repression. Did it occur to anyone in the MSM to ask whether its reports of this irresponsible demagoguery subsequently provoked a clearly disturbed black man to throw a white child off a balcony in a Minnesota mall?

Answer: guess.

In this kind of atmosphere, black killers are being “radicalized” not by obscure webpages, or overseas Muslim radicals—but by the MSM and the Democratic Party.

And when a Disgruntled Minority Massacre happens, there’s an outpouring of rage—not at the killers, but at anyone who mentions it. See Jonathan Chait’s tweet when a black man shot three white people (two fatally) on camera for reasons the gunman said himself were based on racial hate.

Chait wrote

“I’m too angry to be tweeting about these racist demagogues at Breitbart but I can’t contain myself right now…These are sick, hateful, twisted people who exploit our worst impulses, and they have real influence.”

“Real influence”? If you want to see someone who exploited people’s worse impulses, and had “real influence,” I give you the former President of the United States.

Remember that Barack Obama, of all privileged people, paranoically said that when he had a regular job as a research assistant in an office in New York he felt like a spy behind enemy lines.“

Speaking of the 2014 Ferguson riots, Obama said they were provoked by “real issues.” It turned out they were provoked by irresponsible reporting. But Obama has never apologized.

And this “real influence” is dangerous to whites everywhere—see Jared Taylor’s You Swine Happy Now? Black Kills White to Right Historical Wrongs below for the story of Nkosi Thandiwe’s murder of Brittney Watts.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH8ylXIjKec&feature=youtu.be&bpctr=1559633234 (YouTube has limited the wider distribution of this video with the note: “The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.”)

Nevertheless, among Americans who do know that DeWayne Craddock is black, I’m now seeing unprecedented levels of anger—not at Craddock, or at blacks, but at the MSM.

It may lead to Brett Kavanaugh levels of awakening—unless it can be stuffed down the Memory Hole.

Try and get the word out yourself, on social media. (VDARE.com can’t rely on Google anymore). Here are half a dozen items for you to promote:

Remember, this News Is Fit To Print!

And Democracy Dies In Darkness!



3 responses to ““You Swine Happy Now?” MSM, Complicit In Disgruntled Minority Massacres, Desperately Suppressing VA Shooter’s Race”

  1. Actually nearly all of these ‘mass shootings’ reported by media and government stooges have been staged events by the security forces and media with the purpose of taking away our guns, that is, any real competition for the vested foreign authority represented on the dollar bill . Throughout the neolithic as redistributive big men began to behave badly, there has been simmering cognitive dissonance faced with official liquidation but too much cultural circumscription to solve the paradox of modern society. Our overlords are now so emboldened with their millenial plot they can risk complete absurdity and get away with it over and over again. Every time in these stagings, there has been a cover event or drill, there has been ‘grief’ expressed with smirks, lack of evidence of casualties, and a coordinated roll out of the bullet point message that we need ‘urgent gun control’. Aren’t we ready yet to call them out for what they are, utter lies?

    Sheeple are being openly and semi legally taught since the retraction of Smith-Mundt to accept an irrational world view and belief system that does not serve them and is not the truth. As Voltaire said, those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. Absurdity is the formula of human sacrifice, the musical chairs of robbing your brothers and sisters of their dignity, possessions, and freedom. Absurdity might serve you today with a payoff, a job in a government or a role as a crisis actor, but tomorrow it could be you dragged up the symbolic Aztec pyramid to have your beating heart torn out, and your cushy pension, history.

    The media corporations control what can now be said as free speech, which barely still exists. Any competing storyline about these hoax events has been eliminated by censorship on Youtube and other platforms. Simultaneously, mainstream big lies are promoted, and the ‘opposition’ repeats the same meme of a ‘mass shooting’ actually happening although it didn’t, the most perfect example of obedience. We are living in a new Stasi world where the sheeple are so well rewarded with trivialities and novelties, dumbed down and supplied with ‘cargo’, that the lockdown on their minds is not even an issue. They are told they choose their leadership in voting but the system is rigged so that they choose nothing but more of the same. The man on the street can no longer process reality and lives in a virtual world sold to him as progress. Humanity’s weakened dissent is so worried about losing face talking about the depth of the conspiracy against them to dare call out their misleadership on any point other than some minor failing like how the media never mentioned a minority actor in a script foisted on them.

    Beyond these levels of dispute as to what happened, virtually no proposals are heard to replace the redistributive hierarchy with for example, JFK’s silver certificates, a sovereign currency. People rightly or wrongly calculate that real dissent would mean risking assassination. Yet, mass deception events by a foreign overlord are destroying a free future and ensuring sheeple will live enslaved by lies the rest of their lives. Of all the symbols that rule people, money holds the greatest power over them, as Rothschild said at the time America was supposedly being constituted with a bill of rights.

    The article fails to mention how citizen skepticism of this non shooting was taken down on the internet immediately, and how you cannot keyword search this hoax. Its failings show how totally locked down the system of information has become. It fails to mention how the consensus of a shooting happening or not was entirely constructed by mainstream media reports, faithfully repeated in alternative media even though by now we should all know what lies have been told us on a serial basis.


  3. Constance thankyou this echoes my own views.
    All british banknotes and coin age have the quens head on it.
    The royals are secret jews same as the Saudi royals
    Rothschild put the jewish queens head is on our money,
    There have been several petitions to have it removed.
    Winston churchills face on our banknotes had 3 million signatures to get it removed
    thtis is more than the removal of his statues, petitions do not work.