The Zionist Assassination of James Forrestal – June 4, 2019

James Forrestal, 1892-1949, US Secretary of Defense. Click to enlarge

This examination of the violent death of the leading government critic of American support for the creation of the state of Israel is vital to an understanding of U.S. and world history since the mid-20th century. By virtue of the Masonic Jewish Federal Reserve, the US is virtually a colony of satanist (Cabalist) Jewish bankers. 
This is the true nature of the “deep state.” 
Zionist agents, who include the CIA, will not hesitate to murder patriots who get in their way. The murder of Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy are examples.
Forrestal’s murder also resembles the murder of London Times publisher Lord Northcliffe  (scroll down to Douglas Reed) and the mysterious death of British PM Neville Chamberlain six months after leaving office. 

Introduction to the book

By David Martin — (excerpt by 

The year and a half of Forrestal’s tenure as Secretary of Defense (Sept 1947- May 1949) in the newly created position [of Secretary of Defense] was a period of considerable turbulence. Forrestal continued to resist what he considered to be dangerously rapid demobilization of the armed forces, and the consolidation of those forces hardly ran smoothly. A particular thorn in his side was the newly named Secretary of the Air Force, Stuart Symington, of Missouri. Symington aggressively sought the aggrandizement of the new branch in an abrasive and arrogant manner that seriously undermined Forrestal’s authority. His Missouri connections in Truman’s White House, however, made it virtually impossible for Forrestal to replace him.
The largest source of disquiet for Forrestal in his new position, however, was the controversy over Palestine. Great Britain had been in control of the territory, formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, under a mandate of the League of Nations, established in 1923. By 1947, Zionist terrorism against the British authorities caused them finally to throw up their hands and to dump the matter into the hands of the United Nations.
Forrestal, with his responsibility for supplying our armed forces during World War II, was keenly aware of the nation’s growing dependence on oil from the Middle East, and that Zionist aspirations were putting the nation on a collision course with the nations that supplied the oil. He feared, furthermore, that the relatively tiny nation of Israel, which the Zionists intended to create, could not be sustained without the assistance of U.S. military force, endangering our access to oil and pushing the Muslim countries in the region into the lap of our primary geopolitical adversary, the Soviet Union.

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  1. Truman was of course a crypto Jew…..a thorough investigation of his background proves this for sure.He was said to be the shortest President ever.
    It’s all rather like Trudeau…superficially he appears to be a Catholic….but an investigation into his father’s background confirms Trudeau is indeed a crypto Jew.

    Currently Trudeau like another leader of a commonwealth country,Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand is absolutely SWAMPING Canada with third world immigrants.
    Jacinda Ardern the possessor of very prominent front teeth is systematically lying to NZers by leading them to believe she intends to greatly reduce immigration…since her promise of a reduction in numbers….the number of third world immigrants has gone UP!.Both Ardern and her husband are crypto Jews.Ardern was given a Freemasons scholarship in 2003 and she was an intern in Tony Blair’s office in London.
    Arderns poses a direct threat to stability in NZ and free speech.She has recently greatly increased the funding of the NZ SIS.
    She has an almost permanent smile…which is entirely fake….the Jewish in NZ acts like a cheerleader on virtually everything she does….Really…on key issues the public gets no say…so democracy only exists in name.

  2. The Mossad killer teams known as Kidon are in every country in the world and many sudden deaths are their handiwork.
    A renegade British agent some years back monitored jews coming in to london airport on fake pass ports, he saw there were patterns and worked out pretty well who they were here to kill. That israel shoud be allowed to come and kill British citizens in our country is a despicable betrayal, The most popular politician over many decades, Enoch Powell
    was visited in Wolverhampton and warned to change his time table, allow his staff to be vetted and his home checked, as Mossad had earmarked him
    This warning saved the life of the greatest Prime Minsiter we never had.

  3. I knew a man who had spent many years at the sharp end of the intel world
    He told me something i have never forgotten
    He said there are just 2 things any “extremist ” needs
    One Is to bring people to his cause
    Two is the oxegen of publicity
    The last thing he would do is bomb or shoot the very people he needs to hear his cause.
    Any time you learn of an incident where the public are harmed, its a false flag
    The extremist would hit the very people who oppose him, e g government operatives buildings vehicles etc
    Most bombings are fake
    The angry brigade were the only UK group who hit government targets
    Mossad have these down to a fine art

  4. It would be a real shame if the Israeli nuclear facility at Dimona were to explode and incinerate every ZioJew in Israel, yet not harm the oppressed Palestinians and what few decent peaceful Jews there are there. Wait, that wouldn’t be a shame at all, it would actually be an amazingly wonderful thing.

  5. Harry Truman may have been the worst piece of shit of a President since Woodrow Wilson utterly destroyed the United States, and THAT is saying something since the Office has also been polluted by major league shit-stains such as Bush Jr. the clueless terrorist, Obunghole, Bush Sr the pedophile and terrorist, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Trump the Buffoon, etc.

    The satanic ZioJews murdered Forrestal, plain and simple.