Jahar Tsarnaev Is To Be Judicially Murdered

henrymakow.com – June 3, 2019 

Jahar Tsarnaev – Does Boston Marathon bomber look like a terrorist or a patsy? Click to enlarge

Mary Maxwell- “I am certain of Jahar’s innocence. I believe the event was a false flag in which Jahar and his late brother Tamerlan were classic patsies.
Much could be ironed out if we could talk to the prisoner but he is under SAM’s – special administrative measures requested by the trial judge George A O’Toole, Jr and carried out by Attorney General Loretta Lynch and now, presumably William Barr.
Thus, if he does not want the team that is currently acting in his appeal to be his representatives he has no way of conveying that information to the world. He is totally incommunicado in Supermax Prison in Colorado.”

Jahar Tsarnaev Is To Be Judicially Murdered in Indiana

by Mary W. Maxwell LLB — (henrymakow.com) 

Jahar [Dzhokhar] Tsarnaev was tried by a jury in the US District Court in Massachusetts in 2015, two years after the Marathon in which he did not commit the crimes he has been convicted of. He is currently appealing the verdict but the so-called Defense Lawyers are not defending him. After all, the US government wants Jahar to take the rap.
Please see my 2019 book, The Soul of Boston and the Marathon Bombing (Free Download) as to Jahar’s innocence and the FBI’s guilt.
The so-called Defense Team does not show any signs of calling the prosecutor’s attention to the fact that there is exculpatory evidence in file. The judge keeps giving extensions of time to the parties to deal with trivial or irrelevant matters.

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3 responses to “Jahar Tsarnaev Is To Be Judicially Murdered”

  1. Indeed I read several reports and articles about “the Boston bombing” and am almost certain these boys did not do it.

  2. Went to Us of A because Russia’s Putin was a totalitarian without freedom country ??
    He got freedom ! & pardon me my French F**k him !

  3. The Tsarnaevs absolutely did NOT perpetrate the bombing at the Boston Marathon. No way, no how. The clearest and most simple evidence of this is the backpack that exploded clearly was not the backpack carried by either brother. There is ample clear photographic evidence of that. Another thing that struck me quickly as bullshit, go ahead and put a pressure cooker, loaded with explosives and nails and ball bearings, into a backpack and see how much it weighs and how easy it is to carry. Oh, and make sure you have a robust battery in there as well to power the pressure cooker. You are talking about some serious weight and bulk stuffed in there. Funny how the videos and photos of Dzhokhar carrying the backpack bomb, umm a totally different color and style backpack no less, show him casually carrying it slung over one shoulder with great ease and no strain on him or the straps. Now, Tamerlan worked out and was in good shape, but he wasn’t carrying anything, while Dzhokhar was skinny and maybe 140 pounds soaking wet. There is no way on God’s green earth Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was so casually carrying a heavy pressure cooker bomb in his rinky-dink, drastically off-color and off-style, backpack.

    I identified the actual perpetrators after about 3 minutes of examining the videos and photos immediately following when this false flag happened. They were glaringly obvious. And none of them were the Tsarnaevs.