Yellow Vests: Macron’s Assault on the French People

Brian Gerrish and Georgia Pouliquen – UK Column May 23, 2019

French subtitles can be selected for this video

UK Column Insight Yellow Vests: Macron’s Assault on the French People launches a vital documentary interview of French Video Blogger and Lawyer Georgia Pouliquen who has stood up to provide powerful analysis of the brutal treatment of Yellow Vest protestors by President Macron’s French government. Using heavily armed paramilitary police, peaceful Yellow Vest protestors from across France, from all sections of society, from all age groups and all religious backgrounds, have been subjected to aggressive and lethal police action. The result has been death, thousands of injuries, lost eyes and hands, thousands of arrests and hundreds imprisoned – many held in locations unknown to their family and friends. Little of this French state brutality has been reported, and where reports have been made in French, British and wider European press, the thrust has been to brand Yellow Vests violent and extreme, and in some cases, and for whatever purpose, anti-semitic.

A former Gendarme herself and trained at law, Georgia recently travelled to England for the first time to give the UKColumn this powerful interview in order to help spread the truth about Macron’s assault on the French people. She has experienced first hand the brutality of treatment in police custody, has lost her job for speaking out against Macron, and is now being pursued by the might of the French state for continuing to speaking the truth. Often asked why she does what she does, her answer is …”because somebody has to do it.” We encourage you to listen and watch this powerful testimony to understand what is really happening inside France and to understand that unless we take actions to protect ourselves in UK, this same policing system can be used on the British public should they dare challenge their own government.

Georgia is to be congratulated for teaching herself English to help spread the Yellow Vest story.

Viewer discretion is advised as some images are of injuries sustained by Yellow Vests.

Georgia needs your support. Please consider contributing to her GoFundMe campaign.


5 responses to “Yellow Vests: Macron’s Assault on the French People”

  1. Georgia Pouliquen was brutalised by the French Police in Limoges, she made her way to the UK and shared her unique insight at the Alternative View (AV10) Conference. Very little appears in the UK Lamestream Media, as the British Establishment do not want the British Public to see the REAL nature of Totalitarian EU ‘Democracy’!

    AV10 – The 21st Century FRENCH ‘Yellow Vest’ REVOLUTION
    Ian R Crane
    Published on May 19, 2019

  2. I truly believe the Establishment is hell bent on making conditions miserable and depressing, pushing the citizens to breaking point. Western civilisation is under going a expensive experiment through mass immigration and culture shock. Humanity is at the cross roads. The establishment has been exposed as ruthlessly corrupt and Spiritual BANKRUPT.
    This is by design. 1984 should have been moved from the Fiction section to True stories.
    Life was not meant to be this way or was it?

  3. here in the UK The blossomong yellow vest movement has been sqashed
    the Powers That Be clamp down hard and stop it each time it gets going
    our hearts and minds are with you French people.
    BTW We read that Rothschild who put Macron into power is upset by all the violence, i do not believe one word of this, not one word, Rothschild Macron the pervert, and their puppets in the UK, must be thrown from offce asap

  4. The media say the protests are over rising fuel prices, this is another establishment lie
    its mainly over immigration, French people doing without to pay for more unwanted incomers, its the same in the UK but marches and protests are quickly broken up
    the people DO NOT WANT all these newcomers on their financial backs