Brainwashing in Action: Pence Hails Virtue of ‘Certain War’

Finian Cunningham – Strategic Culture June 1, 2019

In an address to West Point military graduates, US Vice President Mike Pence told them they will one day fight for America. “It’s a virtual certainty,” said Pence who was swelling with pride as he spoke, rather than lamenting.

Well, at least, he is being candid. The United States is a warmongering nation, there is no doubt about it. As several historical studies attest, out of the 243 years since its formation as a modern state, the US has been at war during every decade, sometimes in multiple simultaneous wars.

Or put another way, over nearly 95 per cent of its historical existence the US has been involved in waging wars, sometimes covertly or by proxy. Since the Second World War alone, the US has been involved in up to 60 wars or covert conflicts, inflicting a civilian death toll estimated at 20 million. Arguably, there is not another nation, past or present, with such a record of belligerence.

So, yes, Pence is correct when he told graduates from the US’ elite military academy: “It is a virtual certainty that you will be on a battlefield for America.”

Ironically, the vice president, like President Trump and the hawkish national security adviser John Bolton, has never served in the military. Yet Pence held forth like a four-star (armchair) general about the need for young American troops to do battle in a “dangerous world”.

“I know when that day comes you will move to the sound of guns,” exhorted Pence, whose only experience of gunfire no doubt comes from watching replays of old Hollywood war movies.

The whole world is a potential battlefield in Pence’s reckoning. (Not just Pence, but nearly all American politicians.) He specifically mentioned US troops going into future conflict with China or North Korea. He also said they may be deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq where US forces have been embroiled for nearly two decades.

Ominously, Pence warned the new cohort of West Point Second Lieutenants that they may one day be despatched to a war in “this hemisphere”. Given the Trump administration’s backing for a coup in Venezuela and its threats of military intervention, was Pence alluding to a possible war in the works with that South American country, which, by the way, happens to possess the biggest-known oil reserves on the planet?

The exulting in future wars by Pence comes at a time of escalating military threats from the US towards Iran. The Trump administration has sent an aircraft carrier strike group to the Persian Gulf as well as new missile batteries, nuclear-capable B-52 bombers and more squadrons of F-16 fighter jets. Trump also last week commanded 1,500 more troops to the region to join an already 70,000 stationed there, all in a bid to ostensibly “counter Iranian aggression”.

The global context of American military deployment, as Pence sanguinely acknowledges, belies the claims made by Washington of it allegedly facing “Iranian aggression”. What’s going on in the Persian Gulf is just one sequence in a whole global series of relentless US militarism. It is estimated that the US has 800 military bases around the planet with its forces deployed in at least 70 countries. The idea that this imperialist configuration is because the US is “the leader of the free world” is a risible propaganda rationale.

American military power is used to project and protect US capitalist interests. US troops are just hired guns and cannon fodder for corporate profit-making, as former Marine general Smedley Butler scathingly confessed during the 1930s in his classic book ‘War is a Racket’.

When Pence said: “It is a virtual certainty that you will be on a battlefield for America.” What he really meant to say was… “for American capitalism”.

US soldiers are sent to wars not to defend American national security or to “promote democracy”, as the myth goes. They are sent to foreign lands to kill, die or be maimed for the sole, sordid purpose of making money for elite bankers, corporate executives or rich shareholders who send their non-serving scions to fancy private colleges like Pence and Trump went to.

The American ruling class perpetuates itself by sending working-class schmucks into wars-for-capitalist-profit, over and over again.

The unremitting warmongering that underpins American capitalism is testified by Pence’s address to the West Point graduates. Stripped from the pious rhetoric, Pence was telling like it is: the American way is war, war, and more war. The American way is Total War on the planet to get whatever US corporations need in order to make the oligarchic class even richer.

Even when the US is purportedly engaged in “diplomacy” it is always ready to exercise the “all options” of militarism in order to get its infernal way.

Pence referred to US troops one day going to the Korean Peninsula because, he asserted, North Korea is “a threat to peace”. A country where the American military killed three million people during the 1950-53 Korean War. He warned there could be another war against North Korea or China. Partly because China, he said, was “challenging American power”. That’s acceptable cause for war?

It is quite astounding that the American vice president is envisioning a war with two countries that his administration is supposedly engaging with in ongoing diplomatic negotiations. The Trump administration is trying to convince North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons, while also pursuing major economic concessions from China in trade relations.

Evidently, however, the White House views the ultimate decider to be military force in its relations with these two countries.

Pence’s reprehensible disclosure of militarist designs towards North Korea and China is bound to undermine diplomacy, if not torpedo it altogether. How are Pyongyang or Beijing expected to engage with a US administration that ultimately views war as an option in order to get its way if negotiations fall short of US demands?

Why would Iran, for example, take up Trump’s latest offer this week of talks, when evidently the American way is to always hold a gun under the table?

What are the chances of Russia negotiating sustainable future arms control treaties with the US, when history has shown Washington to have ripped up previous treaties? The two Cold War nuclear control pillars, the ABM and INF treaties, were trashed in 2002 and last year unilaterally by the US so as to give itself a license to point nuclear missiles in Moscow’s face – all to gratify its obsession with global “full-spectrum dominance”?

Let’s finish with this thought experiment. Would normal law-abiding, moral people have tolerated a speech by Josef Goebbels to Wehrmacht graduates, telling them it was “certain” that one day they would go to war for the good of Nazi Germany? To be sure, Goebbels would have made the conduct of aggression and war crimes sound like a virtuous, noble cause for some higher principle. But surely people would have seen through the charade and propaganda, and disdained the Nazi ideologue as a cynical criminal.

How is it then possible for US Vice President Mike Pence to get away with making warmongering all over the planet sound like a virtue? Why are those supposed American virtues somehow perceived as genuine and believable? And, all the while, the Western corporate news media are obediently silent, bereft of any critical questioning. What does that say about the extent of brainwashing in today’s world?




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  1. Americans dont fight for america but for the jews
    israel rules the USA and UK

  2. Poisoned minds,

    poisoned world

    The great shadow on our lives
    By John Kaminski
    “Inside every Christian is a Jew,” stated Pope Francis. That is the simplest and the deepest truth about Christianity. Most Christians are not aware of this Jew inside them, yet he commands a large part of their worldview. — Mark Glenn, quoted by Fredrick Töben, Adelaide Institute newsletter 1056, June 2019) (What happened to Mark’s The Ugly Truth website?)

    It should be obvious to you by now that all the information you receive has been somehow touched by Jews, an effect that has rendered the general account of history consumed by most students in the Western world a fairly inaccurate rendition of what actually happened during those recent centuries, decades and years. The twisting of history by Jews continues to be seen every single night on the mainstream TV news, as well as in the slavish remarks of U.S. legislators who prioritize their campaign contributions much higher than they do the freedom of their country.

    The world can never be free as long as they remain in charge. They have slowly guided us toward slavery for two thousand years, first with the totalitarian Roman church and now with Rothschild control of everyone’s bank accounts. And so the major purposes of human destiny cannot be fulfilled as long as the human species remains slaves in chains which most people do not possess the intelligence to even perceive.

    Nothing is going to be fixed if the current state of affairs is allowed to persist. We can’t make the right decision without the right information, and the government and its controlled media seem unwilling to provide this. The last seven presidents of the United States have been no more than malleable functionaries, convincing conduits of the information the people who really run things wanted the population to know and believe. These were instructions to basically turn the general population into compliant robots wholly dependent on a medical establishment eager to keep them hooked on their needlessly expensive treatments.

    Propelled by the importation of low IQ Third World refugees and the evisceration of our educational curricula, the intelligence level in America has plummeted. After several centuries of this giant snake consuming its own tail — and all the living things on Earth along with it — this beast is just about dead.

    Social conscience

    Judaism is not a religion, it’s a crime scheme. It’s a disease whose ugly contagion has spread throughout the world. A more detailed study of history will reveal that the people today known as Jews created all the religions to guarantee a permanent situation of strife because that provided them with the most opportunities to make large amounts of money. This philosophy continues to prevail today.

    There are people who care deeply in all walks of life. Unfortunately, they comprise a very small percentage of the general population.

    This small percentage generates nearly 100 percent of the legitimate criticism of the corrupt authorities who restrict our freedoms and regulate our existences. Presumably this small percentage has been scheduled for elimination by the authorities after being officially designated as enemies of the state and a danger to the public.

    In every political party, in every country on Earth, in almost all religions and no matter where you go, there are people who really care. Maybe none of us have the courage of a Rachel Corrie to stand in front of the bulldozer, but we all have the courage to say no to what we know is wrong and will hurt us.

    Most unfortunately for the future of humanity, this is the situation today with the criminals who run the world by killing innocent people to convince us all to shut up and take the bribe.

    So many take the bribe and turn away. They think they’re being smart by raising kids to take the bribe when it’s available and turn away from the horrible reality behind the bribe, like obliterating peasants to keep the price of oil low. Or infecting large parts of the population with cholera in order to support a despot who murders journalists but provides us with low cost oil.

    Yet it is the people who don’t care who decide the issues that affect our lives, because media appeal to the dumbest and all the smartest questions are deliberately ignored.

    The objective of current society is fundamentally wrong. That’s because that course is determined by the moneymen for the moneymen rather than by those seeking to nurture healthy families and individuals. Healthy people should not be a byproduct of business. The opposite is true now, but it should be the other way around.

    Bad actors everywhere

    The cynical political functionaries Pelosi and Schumer are merely bad actors in a play designed to make you forget that in America there is only one political party, the Party of the Banks, which ultimately controls everyone and everything. And of course that party has always been wholly owned by Jews.

    Really, focusing on Q and these political cloak-and-dagger themes is simply more Whitewater Watergate nonsense, political passion plays to make you think we have a functioning democracy. This juicy brouhaha fawned upon by the evening news only covers up the obvious fact that Jews now control all points of the political spectrum, and anybody outside that spectrum is simply ignored by mainstream media.

    This is what the great banishments by Amazon, Facebook and Twitter last year when everything concerned with Holocaust truth was simply disappeared while the lobotomized “nation” of Germany kept putting people in jail for telling the truth about what happened during WW II.

    The real news you’ll never hear on TV is that every candidate since God knows when has been in the pocket of Israel, except for JFK, who insisted on auditing Israel’s nukes, and Carter, who brazenly dared to insist that Palestinians were actual human beings.

    There are no groups not controlled by Jews, one way or the other. Just like the Catholic church went over to the dark side, first by letting the Rothschilds control its finances in the 19th century, and later by the reforms of Vatican II, which essentially stripped Catholicism of its anti-Jewish bias. Now we’ve had several Popes averring that Jews are our “older brothers.”

    Spiritual bankruptcy

    When you seek to impose your religion on someone who doesn’t want it, you are committing a spiritual crime that reveals the bankruptcy of your own creed. This is how Christianity became so dominant, by defaming and destroying other creeds and stealing their material. And today this is how Muslims are having a corrosive effect on Christian America.

    When Christians try to preach in Islamic countries, they get murdered. When Muslims preach in America, they get elected to Congress and praised to the sky by Jewish media. This is simply another strategy of the Jewish destabilization template.

    Same with race. Jews trumpet “strength in diversity” in nations they are sabotaging and destroying, but when it comes to Israel, Jews are constantly finding new ways to keep the black Jews of Ethiopia locked away in their poverty stricken African homeland.

    Freud was right about one thing — unless they are limited by cultural constraints such as restrictive religion, sexual compulsions rule the world, and because of the social restrictions placed upon it, all these varieties of perverse sexual satisfaction arise according to the specific psychic injury of the child and the following treatment received for it. Unfortunately, restrictions on humans’ sexual behavior often create unexpected pathologies, of which the epidemic of priestly molestations of children offers repulsive evidence.

    The great shadow on our lives was correctly described by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche when he observed that an overabundance of focus on heaven actually diminished and denigrated the real time achievements of all human history. This penchant for two millennia of letting so-called priests determine what people are allowed to believe has retarded the progress of human intelligence in a lasting way, as it also has become an excuse to wage war on people who use unfamiliar words and methods to worship the same God everyone worships. Most religious people can’t get that through their thick skulls.

    The great shadow is that we can’t trust our leaders and we can’t trust ourselves.

    Eventually, you will know . . .

    We were persuaded to act in accordance with our better natures by cynics who only wanted to swindle us . . . out of our money, our property, even our minds . . . and finally our lives. The lives of our children, alas, were part of this so-called bargain, education from childhood to assure our children are properly controlled by the state . . . to make sure they received the proper indoctrination to the ways of the state . . .

    It’s the belief system, stupid! It allows you to lie and act like it’s the truth. For my money, there is no better way to guarantee the extinction of a species. Maybe we’ve been practicing on all those other species to deduce the best method we will use for our own.

    It’s the belief system, stupid! It’s a trick the Jews played on the Romans a long time ago. Just as is happening in Europe and America today, the Jews who were the early Christians flooded the empire with immigrants from everywhere, were immediately forgiven for their sins by worshipping Jesus, and overwhelmed the Romans by their numbers. And once they took control, sheer savagery, with the Dark Ages following.

    That’s what we’re headed for, and no logical analysis of our current governmental situation could describe it in any other way than a slave system willing to risk the entire future of everything just to maintain its sick control of people on this planet who deserve a whole lot better.

    John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


  3. all of this jew nonsence could have been stopped
    the greatest prime minister we never had
    hear him here

    39 white people murdered by blacks yet every day we are reminded of the black drug dealer Stephen Laqrence killed by whites
    The police on orders from the home office, bugged for sound and camera every single plug socket in the boys homes and the homes of freinds and family, 32 homes watched every day for several years, police themselves say they had orders to ” fix it” that these boys went down for it, the cost for this operation was over £22 milion.
    How much was spent catching the back killers of 39 whites ?
    Its sickening institutional racism like this by its own government that angers British people so much

  5. In the past, Moronica has resolved its economic problems by going to war.
    This is what made Moronica GREAT!

    War! What is it good for!?

    “Lots and lots of money! Jobs! Opportunities! Careers in lying, cheating, stealing, torture and mass murder!” – Mike Pompedo

    We are looking at an economic BOOM!! – Donald Grump

    Jobs for undertaking folks, jobs for our troops and our military folks, jobs for our security industrial compost, jobs for CNN and the war covering networks, etc…etc…

    War is great for Moronica’s economy! – John Boltoff

    Moronica will not settle for just any war!
    We plan on A GREAT War!! The GREATEST WAR ever!!!
    This is how we will make Moronica GREAT AGAIN!!!

    What makes Moronica great?! War!!
    Say it again!
    What makes Moronica great?! War!!

    The Three Stooges – Pompedo, Boltoff & Grump
    Grump makes a speech to Moronicans

    Black Sabbath-War Pigs

    George Carlin: Moronicans Like War

  6. If there is any unjust war then all those calling for it or supporting it should be the first targets of the resistance. The only justification the Anglo-Zionist empire has in its quest for world dominance is the force of its military. The US wants oil in a foreign land and if it does not unilaterally decree it to be theirs, then it so cripples the ruling government of the hapless nation with economic destabilization operations or outright sanctions causing privaton. Then it announces it must send in troops to save the people from their inept and oppressive government.

  7. There seems to be a never ending supply of useful idiots and cannon fodder..

  8. The most brainwashing going on just now is for the public to accept homosexual perversion
    chidren when they start school are immediately indoctrinated in perversion
    Heterophobia is rampant, and jews are admittting they are behind it
    have you noticed how many jews are now admitting the bolocaust was faked?

  9. JewSA! JewSA! JewSA! Go get ’em Slaves of Israel, er I mean America!