Tech giants now pushing ANTI-knowledge to keep humanity dumbed down and trapped in mental prisons

Mike Adams – Natural News May 31, 2019

Far from helping people access knowledge and facts, search engines like Google now push anti-knowledge — the opposite of knowledge — in order to keep people dumbed down.

The evil tech giants are now systematically de-platforming all channels and sources of real human knowledge, awakening and truth. For the topics that really matter, the only information that’s allowed to be found on Google, Wikipedia, iPhone apps, YouTube or Twitter is anti-knowledge, or “false facts” that defy reality and indoctrinate the masses to believe in delusions rather than see what’s really happening in the world around them.

In other words, on every topic that matters — science, medicine, vaccines, climate, history, politics, biology, culture and more — Big Tech systematically suppresses useful knowledge that might empower humans and replaces it with anti-knowledge that keeps people dumbed-down and trapped in mental prisons.

We are now living in the Age of Anti-Knowledge that’s pretending to be the Age of Information. But the information is controlled, shaped, twisted and engineered to dumb you down and keep you easily controlled with false narratives and fake facts. Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Pinterest and Snapchat are all enemies of human awakening, which makes them enemies of humanity.

Because truth is treason in an age of deceit.

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2 responses to “Tech giants now pushing ANTI-knowledge to keep humanity dumbed down and trapped in mental prisons”

  1. I don’t know which is worst: Artificial Intelligence?
    Or Artificial Stupidity?

    “The conscious intention to create distortion, addiction, weakness and uniformity of profitable behavior is at work behind the scenes everywhere. The basis of our entire civilization is the direct control and manipulation of the whole human being in order to wring yet more profit from deliberately confused, enfeebled, and entranced human souls. So far relatively few of the total numbers existing within this horrific system seem even to be aware of the fundamental assault on human value and dignity inherent in such a bottomless pit of a bottom line. Nevertheless, it is this primary intention that has resulted in the manufacture and distribution of the contemporary spiritual plague of Hemorrhagic Stupiditas. ”

    For the rest of this great article, go to:
    Contemporary Spiritual Plagues…Part Two:
    Hemorrhagic Stupiditas
    By Diane Harvey


    Another excerpt from a more recent masterpiece: Poisoned minds, poisoned world

    “This penchant for two millennia of letting so-called priests determine what people are allowed to believe has retarded the progress of human intelligence in a lasting way, as it also has become an excuse to wage war on people who use unfamiliar words and methods to worship the same God everyone worships. Most religious people can’t get that through their thick skulls.

    The great shadow is that we can’t trust our leaders and we can’t trust ourselves.

    Eventually, you will know . . .

    We were persuaded to act in accordance with our better natures by cynics who only wanted to swindle us . . . out of our money, our property, even our minds . . . and finally our lives. The lives of our children, alas, were part of this so-called bargain, education from childhood to assure our children are properly controlled by the state . . . to make sure they received the proper indoctrination to the ways of the state . . .

    It’s the belief system, stupid! It allows you to lie and act like it’s the truth. For my money, there is no better way to guarantee the extinction of a species. Maybe we’ve been practicing on all those other species to deduce the best method we will use for our own.

    It’s the belief system, stupid! It’s a trick the Jews played on the Romans a long time ago. Just as is happening in Europe and America today, the Jews who were the early Christians flooded the empire with immigrants from everywhere, were immediately forgiven for their sins by worshiping Jesus, and overwhelmed the Romans by their numbers. And once they took control, sheer savagery, with the Dark Ages following.

    That’s what we’re headed for, and no logical analysis of our current governmental situation could describe it in any other way than a slave system willing to risk the entire future of everything just to maintain its sick control of people on this planet who deserve a whole lot better.”

    – John Kaminsky

    Poisoned minds, poisoned world
    The great shadow on our lives
    Published: Saturday, 01 June 2019

  2. I have never had a facebook profile, don’t use google as a search engine, certainly don’t rely on wikipedia for anything, and couldn’t give an effortless shit about twitter, pinterest, snapchat, instagram or any of that other drivel. But I know millions of brain-dead idiots are literally hooked on that shit and I alternate between feeling sorry for them and wanting to punch them in the face, for they, pitifully, willingly participate in their own enslavement.