Our Worst Enemy Controls Our “Money”

henrymakow.com — May 30, 2019

Humanity is controlled by psychopaths. Click to enlarge

There are billions of non-cash transactions every day. Do you think “money” actually flows back and forth? No, money is a “giant” ledger kept by the Rothschilds’ world central bank cartel and its franchisees.
Tragically, the Rothschilds are Satanists (Cabalist Jews) who wish to leverage this credit monopoly into a monopoly over every aspect of life. They literally want to turn reality upside down so evil is good, sick is healthy, and ugly is beautiful. This explains the vicious attack on race, religion, nationhood and family (gender) ravaging the West
Author Michael Berg was a Cabalist. Here, he explains, Cabalism (i.e. Freemasonry) hates Christian civilization because it is non-Jewish.  Thanks to banking, we are truly satanically possessed.
Berg: “If you are a non-Jew and are reading this, you may have two choices if they manage to get their way. 1. Convert to Judaism i.e. join the club and save yourself from enslavement 2. Be enslaved, used and abused…..”
This is why so many goyim, including our traitorous “leaders,” have become “Jewes.” Mankind literally is being inducted into this satanic cult.
But don’t be too eager to sign up. The goal of a satanic cult is to compromise, exploit and destroy its members.

by Michael Berg — (henrymakow.com)

I am a 33-year-old male, born in Israel to ethnic German parents who converted to Judaism. I now live in Russia with my wife and three little girls.
First of all, I would like to say that Judaism is not a race in the traditional sense but more like a cult. According to Judaism, one can “become” a Jew by conversion and by doing so one can “download” a “Jewish” soul from the divine and become part of the Chosen.
Anyone who isn’t brain dead can see that modern Jews are mixed race people.I left the Jewish faith more than a year ago. After learning about my German – Aryan roots I came to identify first with the White race and then with humanity.
I do not follow cults and religions.
In the following article, I will give some example of Jewish hatred of those who are not part of the “club”….. i.e. non-Jewish humanity.
If you are a non-Jew and are reading this, you may have two choices if they manage to get their way. 1. Convert to Judaism i.e. join the club and save yourself from enslavement 2. Be enslaved, used and abused…..
Yesaiah Tishbi, an authority on the Kabbalah who wrote in Hebrew, said, “It is plain that those prospects and the scheme [of salvation] are intended only for Jews.” Tishbi cited Rabbi Hayim Vital, the chief interpreter of Rabbi Luria, who wrote in his book, “Gales of Holiness”: “The Emanating Power, blessed be his name, wanted there to be some people on this low earth that would embody the four divine emanations. These people are the Jews, chosen to join together the four divine worlds here below.”

The ‘Rabbi’


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7 responses to “Our Worst Enemy Controls Our “Money””

  1. we need to stand up and be counted, the beliefs of jews are monstrous racist and hateful
    we have laws against shit like this.
    Studies have been done whicxh show that the jwish circumcision rites
    are evil, and the baby views it as an unasethatised attack on the most sensitive part of his anatomy, this pain is held in the oldest part of the brain, and is what builds psychopaths
    hence the jew.
    The campaign no more wars for the jews, has much documentation on this,
    and explains why jews like sex with children, because once circumcised the penis head goes dry hard and leathery, and so much beautiful sensation is lost, so an ordinary woman is not tight enough, so childrens bottoms are acceptible in jewish law

  2. People ask but why is America israels bitch ?
    this will explain why

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  4. The french are lading the way
    if they can topple the zios, so can we.
    Just think of a london rules by londoners, for our own people
    not jews running it for themselves.
    We need to all stand together on this.

  5. Fairdinkum Jews are full of it and could be the ultimate slave race themselves. Elohim is a plural noun meaning God’s not God. Jews really aren’t that bright when it comes down to it. The elohim said let us make mankind in our image,in our likeness so who in hell is “our”.
    The Tanakh(genesis) gets its early roots from the Mesopotamian tablets,sometimes names and places have been changed,theologically-driven editorial changes have been made in the translations from cuneiform.
    So genesis can be considered Chinese whispers at best in fact the whole old testament is Chinese whispers. Jews connect themselves to no growth and thieve everything known in sight that’s all they do and ever do.Humankind`s perpetual juveniles that need dads razor strop and that’s being kind.The fact they got it wrong and manipulated things for the purpose of self never detracts from the teachings of Jesus and this has to be understood.

  6. Religion is Opium for the People.
    Karl Marx.

  7. ALL civilisation emanates from Ireland. The word “Jew” is derived from Irish. Hebrew is almost identical and was created by the Irish Magi Priesthood who were part of the Irish World Church of Iesa Chriost. The whole jewish/hebrew/chosen race story is bullshit. Everyone should read the works of Conor MacDari and they’ll quickly realise that those controlling the world are just delusional psychopaths/Satanists /paedophiles. The IRISH if any are the chosen and it was the English /Romans that took everything from us.