Borderless (2019) | EMERGENCY BACKUP

Lauren Southern – YouTube May 25, 2019

3 responses to “Borderless (2019) | EMERGENCY BACKUP”

  1. Israel wants the land for the greater israel project, so they fund through the USA taxpayers
    the terror groups of ISIS al nusra front al quaeda and all the rest, the huge expense will be paid back many fold by the oil and mineral wealth they can then steal
    Traitors and paid politicians in the west take them in and give them priority
    under positive discrimination rules, they get first choice of homes and jobs and monetary benefits.
    All this is because of israel and the jews

  2. Ireland must stand behind The Lord to rid themselves of “The Curse” that is affecting them now. Your lives will only suffer until you turn back to The Royal Laws of Liberty given to Moses by God. The Stone tablets which were written by the hand of God and given to Moses whilst he was on Mt Sinai are tucked away inside the Ark of The Covenant which is buried under the Hill of Tara in Royal County Meath. This is what can set you free, do All you can before its too late for you and your family and friends. Please see these links…

  3. The mass immigration that is going on is simply an instigated globalist policy of the New World Order who’s aim is to dissolve national boundaries. Plain and simple. Thank you George Soros !!! ( who is just another gear in the New World Order. )