HEY IRELAND! NBC News: IQ Rates Are Dropping in Many Developed Countries

Stefan Molyneux – May 23, 2019

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  1. The Protocols do say that the goyim will be dumbed down, and education has done that, only jewish schools get proper education, even TV with its poisonous subliminals in violence homosexuality, and football nonsence.
    an Opsimath is someone who educate themselves when they leave school,
    and colleges dont give an education they give an indoctrination

  2. @4:36 “One of the reasons I do this big, giant, massively successful philosophy show is to teach people how to use their brains in the very vast, most rational, most consistent, most productive possible format, and so I recognize fully that environment is very, very important.”

    Hearing that self-serving declaration was bad enough, but by 10 minutes in, I was reminded why I quit listening to his fallacious reasoning. Stephan is still as full of himself as ever. And considering the topic against the backdrop of his acolytes, he’s trying desperately hard to advance that 20% IQ margin against the collective mental inertia. What are his criteria that he is successful at increasing people’s ability to use their “brains” (you mean intellect, don’t you Stephan?)? The fact that you have a growing listenership of average IQ folks? Why would the very bright folks want to bother with your voluble opinions?

    Really, it took two minutes to introduce the topic? How did Stephan get past English composition? Obviously, he never had any extemporaneous speaking training. This latest episode is an archetype of the topic.

  3. please learn how to spell the name stephen, sometimes called steven

  4. About the so called ‘ education ‘.

    Generally speaking the more ‘educated’ a person is, the more committed he is to promoting and maintaining the world system. Most of the ‘developed’ countries have a ‘free’ school ‘education’ system. The idea that a ‘good education’ makes a ‘better’ individual is widely held, a fallacy that is also prevalent amongst some believers.

    ‘Education’ is the process whereby the world system promotes and reinforces irrationality; separation. Natural man has a need to be ‘educated’, to be programmed, like a computer, he cannot function without a program. ‘Education’ is coercive, it imposes false information onto individuals.

    ” It is sad but true that most of the worst atrocities perpetrated on mankind, originated from the boardrooms of the highly ‘educated’. In his book entitled: ” Understanding the present ” , Bryan Appleyard quotes Hugh Thomas, who wrote the following: ” The country with the best education for the longest, the nation with the most serious preoccupation with learning, the people with the highest literacy in the world in the eighteenth century were the authors of Auschwitz.”

    Source: ” Believers Information Network “

  5. “An intelligence crisis could undermine our problem-solving capacities and dim the prospects of the global economy. People are getting dumber. That’s not a judgment; it’s a global fact. In a host of leading nations, IQ scores have started to decline.”

    Increasing productivity depends on the efforts of the smartest people. The effect is proportional to the square root of the population average IQ.

    The result of lowered average IQ will be mass failure of our technology infrastructure, and mass starvation.

    Why are IQs dropping?

    sprayed into the atmosphere (chemtrails),
    sprayed onto crops (pesticides, herbicides, drying agents like glyphosate, et al),
    engineered into crops with GMOs,
    Injected or oral vaccines that are engineered to cause brain damage (see Dr. Andrew Moulden: All Vaccines Cause Ischemia tinyurl.com/mrrjkq2 )
    Microwave pollution – smart meters, cell phones, all handhelds, cell towers, particularly 5G being implemented – particularly for children
    Soil depletion of human and animal micro-nutrients (e.g. magnesium, iodine),
    Social engineering
    to make us choose unhealthy foods:
    whiteness as a proxy for purity, e.g. white flour and white sugar with nutrients stripped, white salt, GMO foods that don’t turn brown with age,
    low fat where they instead give us carbs, chemicals, and unhealthy fats (we need sat-fat and omega-3s)
    low salt as a proxy for lower sodium (chloride), ignoring the nutritional value of thousands of other salts found in non-white sea salt
    by mass production of unhealthy phudes: heavily processed with unhealthy or toxic additives, poor major nutrient balance and minimal micro-nutrients
    advertising the worst choices to look best
    to make us distrust or dislike intelligence and success
    to make us distrust our parents and own values, senses and abilities
    immigration of 3rd world people (statistically lower IQ) into the 1st world
    rewarding those immigrants with welfare programs that reinforce a higher birth rate


    Spread the word – forward this message
    Turn OFF the TV
    Stop using Goo – an evil social engineer (now owned by Mossad); use duckduckgo or yandex or yippy
    Avoid all the Poisons
    filter all your drinking and cooking water (like RO or gravity filtered) and indoor air
    NO vaccines
    NO wireless
    restore power meter to analog
    buy and consume Organic when available (also skin treatments and cosmetics)
    Grow your own from organic seed
    Pay attention to your own health; study earthclinic.com , buy pH test strips like walmart.com/ip/pH-Test-Strips-120ct-BONUS-Alkaline-Food-chart-PDF-21-Alkaline-Diet-Recipes-eBook-For-pH-Balance-Quick-and-Accurate/144207438 , stay alkaline with believebig.org/EAB_AlkalineWay.pdf
    Buy appropriate Supplements (from good sources like Vitacost.com)
    On health lastly (because they learned Rockefeller medicine that was designed to make him richer) see what doctors say, and also because most medical research is wrong: journals plos.org/plosmedicine/article?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.0020124 written by a researcher whose specialties are mathematics and philosophy of science.

  6. Right on Kurt!

  7. Why are IQ’s dropping? Answer: Education/indoctrination, smartphones, people have stopped thinking for themselves and are bombarded 24/7 by propaganda.