Iraqi MP: Number of US Troops in Iraq Exceeds 50,000

News Commentary — May 24, 2019

U.S. troops on Turkey’s border with Syria. Click to enlarge

If the U.S. decided to expand its military footprint in the Middle East then U.S. citizens, and ordinary citizens in Europe and allied powers, would be the last to know. That’s because the Western mainstream media now only publicises what the authorities approve of.
In effect the Western media has a form voluntary censorship in place. Those news outlets that won’t abide with the dictates of what they can or cannot publicise soon find that official “leaks” on key news stories dry up. Depriving them of the insider comments, tip-offs and insights that go to make up the lifeblood of modern journalism.
Possibly as a result of this, readers will note that we’ve heard very little recently about U.S. troop activity in Iraq and Syria. Despite the fact thousands of U.S. military personnel are in both countries there’s very little “news” about them. It’s not something the Pentagon wants the public to think about and so, obligingly, the media doesn’t report on it.
However, we know from reports some months ago that the U.S. has “thousands of troops” in both countries and what’s more, there numbers may be growing.
According to Iran’s Fars News, a senior Iraqi lawmaker has criticised the US for not completely withdrawing its troops from Iraq.
Instead, member of Iraqi Parliament’s Security and Defense Committee Karim al-Mohammadawi told the Arabic-language al-Ma’aloumeh news website that the number of American forces in the Arab country has considerably increased. So that there may now be nearly 50,000 US troops and defence personnel in Iraq.
This figure cannot be verified but according to the Iraqi lawmaker, the U.S. is currently engaged in establishing several new military bases in the Western section of al-Anbar province.
Apart from building new bases, Fars reports that the U.S. is also expanding existing facilities, including its Ain al-Assad military base in al-Anbar province. The expansion is taking place concurrent with the arrival of more U.S. military equipment and personnel.
Earlier this year, Qassim Muslih, the commander of popular forces in al-Anbar province warned of U.S. plans to expand its military footprint in Iraq, and the Middle East at large.
While these reports have received little coverage outside of the Middle East, the corporate Western media reports that the Pentagon is considering plans to send “10,000 extra” U.S. military personnel to the region. Trump has just officially approved plans to send an additional 1,500 troops to the region and that number could easily grow.
Just don’t expect the corporate media to tell you if it does.
Ostensibly they will be sent to counter a supposedly growing military threat from Iran, so they could well be housed in the new and expanding U.S. military bases in Iraq.
Patrick Shanahan, the acting US defence secretary, confirmed the Pentagon was contemplating sending additional US troops to the Middle East.
“What we’re looking at is” Shanahan said, “things that we can do to enhance force protection in the Middle East? It may involve sending additional troops.”
If the decision to send additional troops to the region were approved, they would join the 10,000 US troops the Iraqi media claims are currently deployed in Al-Anbar province. Of course, there is no way we can confirm that there are 10,000 U.S. troops there but this is what the local media is reporting, and the U.S. media is curiously silent about.

2 responses to “Iraqi MP: Number of US Troops in Iraq Exceeds 50,000”

  1. so the quesion arises – why have the iraqis not givn the usa a specific date for a complete withrawal?
    if they do not obey then send in the terrorists supported by the usa to blow up every single military camp in iraq and with it the troops until the usa comes to its senses. the usa troops will have littel advantage not knowing where the next ieb will come from. it is called asymetrial war

  2. The US and Israel are intent on war, and people like Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul and Micheal Rivero in their anti-war criticisms are now appearing to be actually part of the problem, and perhaps even they are not to be trusted. This week they decried the abuse of power of the Executive powers of the President in being able to unilaterally start wars, saying that instead such must be the prerogative of Congress (i.e. the people). What a joke, the people controlling the Congress?? It is Israel and the Rothschilds who control the President and both the Congress and the Senate. In the US mid-term elections last year, the US deep state was completely commandeered the US Congress with “retired” intelligence and military taking both red and blue seats. That was only one indication of the US getting ready for war. The other is the news this week which Ventura, Paul, and Rivero and many others conveniently ignored:

    “Nearly 400 Congress members from both chambers — roughly 75 percent of all federal US lawmakers — have signed an open letter calling on President Trump to escalate the war in Syria, in the name of countering Iran, Russia, and Lebanese Hezbollah.”

    There are more than 50,000 US troops in Iraq. More are on their way. The Air Force and the Navy are also increasing their presence. The US military complex in Iraq sprawls over acres and is second in size to the Pentagon. All strings are now being pulled for a major war because the British Rothschild’s have paid trillions to make Israel expand and become the nexus of trade between Africa, Eastern Asia (the BRI), and Europe. Iran not only has vast energy resources which the US, the UK and Israel covet, but it is now right smack in the way of the completion of the BRI from China. Syria also has to go. More devastation will entail more displacement for more land clearances for the continued expansion of Israel. Soros groups will chime in again on Q herding perhaps his predicted millions of hapless Syrians into Europe, all of whom Europeans must accept lest they be considered racist or uncharitable. Just watch.