UK PM Theresa May announces resignation, will quit on June 7

Russia Today – May 24, 2019

Embattled British Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed her resignation in a solemn address given outside her former residence at No. 10 Downing st Friday in a long-awaited move.

The process for electing a new leader should begin next week May said, after confirming that she had informed the Queen of her decision to step down while expressing regret that she had failed to secure a Brexit deal.

“I will resign as leader of the Conservative and Unionist party on Friday, 7 June so that a successor can be chosen,” May said in front of the steps of 10 Downing Street.

May will continue to serve as the British leader until the process of electing a new leader is completed.

May said it was a “matter of deep personal regret” that she could not deliver Brexit and stressed that her successor must strive for consensus in parliament, and that this would only be possible if all sides are willing to compromise.

A defiant May called for her successor to “make the United Kingdom a country that truly works for everyone,” adding that she was “proud of the work we have completed over the last three years.”

“Our politics may be under strain, but there is so much that is good about this country,” May added, pleading for unity during the difficult times ahead

The second female Prime Minister but certainly not the last,” May concluded her remarks, with her voice wavering.

“I do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country I love,” May ended, sounding almost tearful as she sharply turned away from the podium.

Reports circulated throughout the week that the Prime Minister would resign Friday, after repeated failures to secure a Brexit deal that would pass through the British Parliament while simultaneously appeasing exasperated EU negotiators in Brussels.


12 responses to “UK PM Theresa May announces resignation, will quit on June 7”

  1. Puppet replacement show. Whence the whole parliament and the City of London is down, then we’ll talk.

  2. she was chosen by rothschild the same as every other leader back to the bastard churchill
    the most hated PM in our history with the possible exception of Toerag Tony.
    We must choose our own leaders and make the israel lobby illegal

  3. We should also end the Honours list, no lords , no sirs , no titles, and no dual passport holders allowed to hold any political position in our parliamentary system administration or any government department ,, is security services , police or military and most definitely not in our intelligence services. Let’s have a clean sweep ,BBC TO start with then the judicial departments, clean the swamp.

  4. Defeated Brutish Prime Sinister Theresa May confirmed her resignation in a solemn address given outside her former residence at No. 10 Drowning st Mayday in a long awaited move.

    The process for selecting a new misleader should begin next week May said, after confirming that she had informed Queen Elizardbeth of her decision to stoop down.

    “I will resign as misleader of the Conservative and Unionist party on Payday, June 7th so that a puppet can be chosen,” May said in front of the steps of 10 Drowning Street.

    Nay will continue to lie as the British misleader until the process of selecting a new misleader is completed.

    Reports circulated throughout the week that the Crime Sinister would resign on Mayday, after repeated failures to get the people to believe her lies.

  5. Tommy Robinson or one of his 5 aliases is always in the news, because he works for the jews
    The real Mc coy is this man Jez Turner
    see the vid

  6. Now,……F**k Off and DIE!!!

  7. time to get rid of the party system. it is past its sell by date/defunct. make all mp’s independent and to be paid by their constituents. make it illegal for civil servants to act outside their remit.

  8. IMO Theresa May WAS NOT A FAILURE. She did her job perfectly, she was a master of deception and sabotaged BREXIT exactly as her owners hired her to do.


    She said 37 times that Britain would leave the EU on 29 March 2019. She was intentionally lying (IMO) every single time. She fooled the Brexiteers, she is a traitor of the first order just like Donald Trump, Alex Jones, Angela Merkel, and mommy boy Macron. All of these slimeballs (plus hundreds of others) are paid actors hired to do the dirty work of the money power that runs the world.

    Politics is theater. When you see Nanci Pelosi attack Trump and then Trump responds with some inflammatory tweet see it for what it is – a stage show. It’s contrived. No real problem ever gets solved, the system is working perfectly by design, the owners are managing us exactly the way they want, there is no solution by any political party because they are all in on it, working together, playing a big game on the tell-a-lie-vision.

    Just in the last Amerikan election we learned that freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) (and 4 others) were hired by a casting call. She is literally a hired actor. Her job is push someone’s agenda, like radical social change based on the Climate Change hoax. There is no climate change being caused by humans, the idea is patently ridiculous because the sun puts more energy on earth in one hour than humans use all year. (Sun 175,000 terrawatts per hour vs, human 160 TW/year).

    Likewise Trump was hired to stall on the illegal immigration issue. He has no intention of completing a single campaign pledge (like the wall) because his OWNERS don’t want a wall. Only fools keep believing him. They don’t understand that Trump is a hired actor, he is stalling on the wall, he’s in a pretend fight with Chucky Schumer and Pelosi who work with Trump as actors in a reality TV show called Washington Gridlock.

  9. I agree 100% with the first two comments, but there’s another issue most people don’t seem to understand.

    We haven’t had a government since our country was handed over to a foreign power.

    We’re ruled from Brussels, making the parasitic puppets in parliament, and the queen herself, redundant.

    A government that can’t govern. Lawmakers who can’t make laws because the EU(SSR) has taken over that function. What purpose do they serve, other than to take their unearned salaries and make farmyard noises in the commons?

    We need to take our country back and create a government of, by and FOR the people of this land, with NO foreign allegiances and a ban on lobbying.

  10. Whether they are actors or puppets. Whether it is May or Bojo it makes no difference.
    The total collapse of the entire western civilsation is well under way.

    Be prepared for the banks to collapse and take your money with them.
    Be prepared to have gas / petrol at a price you will refuse to pay.
    Be prepared for empty shops, grow your own now! Too late!
    Be prepared to run into the hills and wait for 3 months before returning to a vandalised home. A hungry man is a dangerous man so if you don’t run into the hills you will be dead like all of them in 3 months.
    Be prepared for a massive natural disaster in addition to the above or many such disasters as they will happen..
    Be prepared for the next of several nuclear reactors to go into the sea. Do not move to the west coast of america where many reactors are sited.

    If you manage to survive after a year be prepared to live the live of a scavenger / peasant / wild plant eater.
    Start preparing now! Too late

  11. Now May Is Gone! Now What?

    So what now? I’m sure you are all happy, at least those people whom have commented above me. But what do you have now? So Boris Johnson is now going to become PM? Let’s say he does. Does that circus idiot even know how to do anything? Look how he ran London, The Disaster That Was Left Behind In London, Boris’s Legacy, here’s a sample of his genius at work:

    “There can scarcely be a better example of Johnson’s duplicitousness than his 2008 pledge not to close a single ticket office on the London Underground. He later announced he was closing them all. You need not look far for other failures. Johnson promised to eradicate homelessness, but during his tenure it has doubled. He promised transport fares would go down, then put up the price of bus tickets by almost two-thirds. Johnson’s London is a city divided, a playground for the rich, where the poor are increasingly exiled. ”

    That is Boris Johnson; liar, idiot, braggart extraordinaire. And what of Nigel Farage? Here are his own words, he stated: link text“I was asked last week if UKIP would have been necessary if Mrs Thatcher had not been overthrown before the Maastricht Treaty”,
    and his reply to that question, “Had she still been in power in 1992 there would have been a referendum on that treaty, and the need for UKIP would probably never have arisen.” That’s right, Farage is a Thatcherite! Can you imagine Farage as PM! This whole bloody mess you have in Britain is all because of Thatcher’s idiotic policies of destroying primary and secondary industries, and turning the UK into a Tertiary Treasure Seeking Island Of Financial Pirates! And you know how that went.

    This is going to be VERY interesting. From out of the frying pan, and into the fire! So what happens, when Johnston or whomever becomes leader, doesn’t deliver? What then? You could always bring back the gallows I suppose? Or how about getting your Queen to run the country again!

    Everyone is so quick and in a hurry to get rid of May. Well, she’s now gone. I’m happy about that too. But hasn’t anybody bothered to even ask, WHAT EXACTLY IS GOING TO HAVE TO BE DONE? Everybody wants things to be “better”? But what does that mean? More jobs? Where are they going to come from? More Industry? Which markets are going to buy your goods? Europe, India, even America which has its own serious problems?

    I only hear lots of anger by the British people, and lots of condemnation by the people like Farage, and Johnson. But I NEVER hear of a plan!

    All we have now is A PUPPET (May) leaving and about to be replaced by an opportunistic seeking FOOL or WORTHLESS SCOUNDREL (Johnson or Farage, seriously!).

    As I have said before, now things are going to get very interesting. THE REAL CIRCUS IS NOW ABOUT TO START!

    If you think things are bad now, just wait and see what comes next! We have a saying in Italian just for these occasions, “Il grasso fa grasso.” Literally it translates to, “The fat makes fat”, but what it means is that the rich and powerful only look after and protect themselves. Yes May is gone. But the House Of Lords is still there! Do you really still think it was May that was blocking your exit out of the EU with her fake attempt at BREXIT?

    When are you Brits are going to learn who really controls the British economy?

    Now you’re really going to get a lesson in skullduggery!

  12. I am quite new to whats called conspiracies, i was a normal straight ordinary chap until a freind directed me to truthseeker when they exposed Jimmy Saville for what he was
    i read it 6 times for it to sink in, since then i check the alternative news every day.
    What we must rememeber is that no MP has the autonomy to make any decisions
    these are all made in party HQ by 3 or 4 people who are controlled by the money men
    that is Rothschild, he controls it all, synsgogues read out who all jews must vote for, where they spend their money and where not to.
    Until we deal with the jewish lobby problem all the shit will continue