Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Putin will destroy us warns Guy Verhofstadt

Lara Keay – Daily Mail May 22, 2019

European Parliament Brexit chief Guy Verhofstadt. Click to enlarge

Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Russia will destroy the European Union, according to a chief Brexit negotiator in Brussels.

Guy Verhofstadt has told The Times the rise of populism and the far-right could bring down the Union by 2024 if they cannot be replaced by a ‘new vision of the EU’.

The former Belgian Prime Minister, 66, compared Boris Johnson to France’s Marine Le Pen, as he emerged as the favourite to replace Theresa May.

Mr Verhofstadt slammed his regular European Parliament enemy Nigel Farage, claiming he secretly doesn’t want Brexit to happen as it would make him irrelevant.

His scathing attack also included accusations that Russia has been manipulating the European elections – ‘like they did with the Brexit referendum’.

He told the newspaper: ‘What the Boris Johnsons, the Farages, the Le Pens and the others represent is huge. It cannot be business as usual.

‘If European politicians don’t show direction for the future, then we will fall massively back into nationalism, populism, Euroscepticism.

‘If there are not Europeans who can transcend with a vision of a new EU, then if it is not in 2019 it will be in 2024 that they take over the EU and destroy it.’

A businessman is in a bid to sue Mr Johnson over his claim during the referendum campaign that Britain sends the EU £350million a week.

Marcus Ball, 29, appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court last week to start the private case against Mr Johnson for allegedly abusing public trust during the EU referendum campaign.

He alleges that the former foreign secretary committed misconduct in public office by endorsing and making statements which he knew to be false at a time when he was mayor of London and an MP.

Meanwhile Mr Farage will be subject to an EU investigation over claims he broke the rules by failing to declare a £450,000 donation from pro-Brexit businessman Aaron Banks.

Mr Verhofstadt claims he wants Brexit to be delayed as long as possible, because Britain actually leaving the European Union would mean the end of his career.

He also expressed concerns about populist parties in EU countries that have been rumoured links to Vladimir Putin’s regime.

France’s Le Pen and Italy’s deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini have been accused of having financial links to the Kremlin.

Mr Verhofstadt and his fellow EU leaders, including Donald Tusk and Jean Claude Juncker, have been slammed by Eurosceptic MPs for calling on Britons to ‘thwart Brexit’ with their European Election vote tomorrow.

Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith said: ‘They are the most unpopular people in the UK – Guy Verhofstadt, Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker – all of them.

‘Every time they open their mouths it reminds people why they are opposed to the EU.’

Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said: ‘Mr Tusk has probably done nothing more than become a recruiting sergeant for the Brexit Party.’

Theresa May yesterday urged MPs to pass a ‘new’ version of her Brexit deal on the promise she would allow them a vote on a second referendum if they do.

Her Tory rival Boris and Labour have both slammed the plans and have said they will not vote for it.


8 responses to “Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Putin will destroy us warns Guy Verhofstadt”

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    to gradually make the number of blocks smaller, then give just one universal currency
    one set of laws based on the Talmud, and one army of course all ruled from Jerusalem.
    george Soros has spent millions to keep us in the Rothschild EU
    but the British people dont want to become a vassal state of israel, they already train our police, run our intelligence and own all our banks
    enough is enough we want out and we want it now

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  3. Has Verhofstadt been elected by anyone in the United Kingdom? No! Well the. He has no relevance to us.

  4. more to the point;
    – are verhofstadt, Juncker et all i.e. the commission or council ever been elected and accountable to anyone. NO
    – has the eu ‘s accounts been signed off for the past 15 years? NO
    (and the UK is expected to contribute £20bn pa to this black hole.)
    – do eu nations states cease to exist in 2022, give up sovereignty to the commission/council as well as forced to adopt the euro YES
    – is this treasonous to hand sovereignty to unelected and unaccountable foreign persons YES

  5. Just To Show You I’m Not Entirely Bias About Anglo Hypocrisy: Verhofstadt Needs To Be Put In His Place!

    I have said I am no fan of the EU, personally, I would love nothing better to see an ItalExit! Just as you Brits are trying to get a BREXIT. Why? Because of people like Verhofstadt, the hypocrite and money sponger that he is!

    This vile creature, wants the world to go back to empires and no doubt Emperors too! Read this, in Verhofstadt’s own words, “The world is developing into one not of nation states, but of empires. China is an empire. India is an empire. The US is an empire. We need to create a European Union that is capable of defending our interests.”

    You read that right. Empire building is what we need to be doing. Hey, how did that work out for you Brits?

    Well, don’t worry. Verhofstadt comes from a country and political party so incompetent that they run a country, Belgium, with out any government at all. That’s right folks, Belgium is without a government again! And will be for quite some time.

    This is the kind of expertise that the EU is allowing in, incompetent ideologues who have no idea what they are talking about as far as running a country is concerned, and have never been elected. And there lies the REAL PROBLEM, this unelected monster can say this about an elected President of Turkey and 2nd elections, “Guy Verhofstadt claims Turkey is moving closer to dictatorship after calling a second vote.” And yet he recommends a 2nd election in Britain!

    So who is Verhofstadt? He is someone who thinks that Europe should be an Empire!

    People like Verhofstadt think like HITLER DID, a 3rd Reich to last a 1,000 years! This is how mad men take over! Verhofstadt is a Madman!

    [ITA: Vuolete essere far una parte di uno stato un impero europeo sarà gestito da pazzi come, Verhofstadt? È pazzo, il suo modo di pensare porterà solo unaltra guerra! Ricorda Nerone e Caligola e tutto il resto? Vuoi vedere di nuovo l’Italia cosi!?

    ENG: Do you want to be part of an European Empire started by madmen like, Verhofstadt? He’s nuts, his kind will only bring another war! Remember Nero and Caligula and the rest? Do you want to see Italy like that again!?]

    Britain leave the EU! The European Union is run by greedy, unelected, selfish psychopaths, that will only bring impoverishment and war! I know that may sound counter to I have written before, but it is only because, you really don’t have anything to fall back on! Farage and Johnston, are just a pair of glory seeking clowns! You really want to give the keys of the realm to these two jokers?

    You guys in Britain get Britain out of the EU, but please find someone else other than Farage and Johnston!!!….I will work to get Italy out!

    I know I have had some tough talk to you guys, but believe me, I’m more your ally than a foe! We all need to be more honest and open with each other…only then we will then find a REAL road we can all travel on, and build a better future!


    People like Verhofstadt are as dangerous as STALIN AND CHURCHILL. They crave for empires, with their faces on statues. They don’t care a damn about the common folk.


  6. Honestly, with a haircut like that, can this weirdo be trusted to say anything honest?

  7. IMO, Guy Verhofstadt is a dangerous man.
    When I see him in “his Euro Empifre in Brussel” and hear his rethoric I feel my stomach turn.

    It was a good point for EU dictators to put him in the seat as chair for Brexit. To obstruct negations with Britain as much as possible and make it very difficult for them to leave.

    He is a psychopath (sickness of all politicians I admit), has only one direction towards empire building, everybody in line, do what is told to do, convert the sheeple in Europe as fast as possible into communists and take away all borders, cultures, and their own initiative.
    He, is also working for and extra paid by Soros with 228 other MEPs in Brussels.

    When finished and there is finally communism in Empire Europe, he can report to his Master Soros ” Mission Accomplished”.

  8. the missing m oney from the EU slips through the bankers hands and ends up in israel
    EU money in part goes to pay IDF soldiers pay,
    rem,emeber what nutand yahoo said
    ” Palestine today tomorrow america “