Green Movements are all Illuminati Psyops — May 23, 2019

(Above) “Extinction event protestors” stop traffic in City of London
School Strikes – Children Crusade against Climate Change  
25,000 SPECIES IN DANGER OF DISAPPEARING (due to weather change)
Climate change hysteria, the Green Party, environmentalism and conservation are all Illuminati sponsored. They are different aspects of the one per cent wanting to preserve the planet for their enjoyment and exploitation from useless eaters like you and me. 
This 1995 article exposes the elaborate efforts the Illuminati devote to making sure deplorables don’t survive or prosper at the expense of the people who own the planet.  
“Conservation was born when sport hunters initially wanted to stop other hunters killing “their” game. These other hunters were largely tribal people or poor colonists after meat or skins to eat, use or sell. In contrast, rich hunters weren’t shooting for the pot, even when they ate their prey. Their prize was the “fair chase,” backed up with a souvenir head, horns, or stuffed animal.”

Prince Philip’s Green Order of Battle

 by Jeffrey Steinberg — ( 

At the Gland, Switzerland headquarters shared by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Prince Philip’s transnational “green” insurgents reportedly maintain a war room to track the deployments of their international legions.
In some parts of the world, like Africa, these operations are predominantly covert military operations, staged out of the vast infrastructure of game preserves, national parks, and nature reserves that they administer.
But in the United States, western Europe and other “First World” areas, where the conditions have not yet been set for such blatant and genocidal “military” actions, the WWF runs a broad front of ostensibly independent operations aimed at “softening” the targeted nation-states for eventual slaughter.
Figure 1 (see pdf) is not an official WWF-IUCN document. It is a reconstruction of their actual irregular warfare order of battle, drawn from thousands of pages of documentation, eyewitness accounts, and other investigative efforts.



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  1. The bankers must leave, deal or no deal….. they must leave. we must do our own economy
    The new EU banking laws will allow auditors to interrogate U.K. Banks. This cannot happen, under any circumstances.
    Fact, UK banks launder the heroin trade amongst other well known drugs, for hundreds of years. This is why we are in Afghanistan as the Taliban stopped all drug growth, and we need that money for more wars and the importing in of loads more migrants
    When these laws come into force, those individuals and extended families, who receive proceeds from the creation of destruction, there names and relationships… for hundreds of years….. will all be common knowledge.
    Overnight… families, infected by these vermin….. will be able to survive without the readily available drugs.
    So not only will getting out of the Rothchild EU give us back our country, they can save future generations of our children, from the UK taxation aristocracy, bankers, royalty, BBC and Richard Murdoch crap and various poofs and establishment figures.