Why Farage Wins the Country and Corbyn Wins Only a Party

Gilad Atzmon – gilad.co.uk May 22, 2019

Nigel Farage, Britain’s Donald Trump character, is by far the most significant man in British politics. In just a few weeks he has gathered huge political momentum. In tomorrow’s European Parliament elections he appears likely to score more votes than Labour and the Conservatives combined. Farage stood up against the entire political establishment, including the media and the commercial elites and has promised to change British politics once and for all. So far, it seems he is winning  on all fronts.
How it is that once again a Right wing populist has won the minds and hearts of working people? How is it possible that Jeremy Corbyn, who was perceived by many of us as the greatest hope in Western politics, has managed, in less than three years, to make himself an irrelevant passing phase?  How is it possible that the Right consistently wins when the conditions exist for a textbook socialist revolution?
Unlike political commentators, my explanation for this reoccurring political phenomenon is of a metaphysical nature.
The Left’s vision of temporality is a linear structure of historical progress that proceeds from ‘a past’ to ‘a future.’ Left ideology is structured around an ever progressing time line. The Left always promises to make things better in the future, to fight austerity, to care for the many not the few, to bring about equality and tolerance, etc. None of this is happening at present.  This leaves the Left as a promise that is supposed to fulfil itself in an imaginary ‘tomorrow.’
But this is not how the Right’s political argument is structured. In fact the Right and Fascist argument is far more sophisticated from a metaphysical perspective.  In my recent book, Being in Time, I contend that the Right ideologist understands that for the working class, utopia is ‘nostalgia.’ Trump won his voters’ trust by promising to make America great again. He vowed to plant the past in the future, reversing the time line. He promised to march America backward. Nigel Farage is using the same tactic, appealing to the same sentiments. He promises to make Britain a kingdom again not just a corner island in a dysfunctional globalist setting, a.k.a the EU. Farage is riding on the longing for a better past.  Corbyn was a political star only because he is a nostalgic character, an old lefty. For a time, he also reversed the time line, but neither he nor any of his advisers were clever enough to grasp the secret behind the ‘Corbyn revolution’. They let a magical moment of popularity  evaporate. Corbyn has become a cliché. His approval rating is 25%, not exactly a promising for a candidate for prime minister.
Within the context of Left thinking, past, present and future are chronological, set to follow each other in consecutive order. Within Right wing philosophy, time’s tenses change positions irregularly. Trump and  Farage put the ‘past’ in the future. They promise to march us back. They appeal to the masses because the human spirit, in its search for unity, transcends linear chronology. The Right wing ideologist capitalises on the human search for essence, for a logos and for transparency. In this regard, humans are historical creatures. They are capable of seeing the future in the past and vice versa.
Can the Left, in its current from, win the trust of the people? I think it is unlikely. The Left, as I describe it above, is removed from the human spirit. It is in a state of detachment. For ethics, equality and tolerance to prevail, we need a profound study of the human spirit not lame discussions of dialectical materialism.
To learn more about the Post Political condition read Being in Time-a post political manifesto
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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

13 responses to “Why Farage Wins the Country and Corbyn Wins Only a Party”

  1. Typical lefty….an over complicated analysis….had Corbyn promised to cut immigration to the bone….and meant it…..he would be riding a wave of popularity….because ALL of this stuff going on right now is about IMMIGRATION…..nothing more.

    He should have taken a leaf out of the current NZ Prime Ministers book….she told a barefaced lie to the NZ Public on election day….she was going to control immigration…..but she had no intention whatsoever of keeping her election promise.Hardly surprising…she once worked for Tony Bliar!.

    NZ is faced with the farcical situation where a political party called “NZ First” actually voted for the UN Compact on migration….a complete betrayal of the people who voted for it….The leader a Winston Peters is said to have been bribed ….it’s certainly possible.

  2. Why, oh why, oh why does the Truthseeker, give this ardent socialist, a forum with which to espouse his left wing views? Because he supports the Palestinians? Everytime I see a Gilad Atzmon article it’s 100% anti right wing. He’s an Israeli Jew, a left wing, Corbyn supporting Jew, who’s pro immigration, pro feminism (equality), pro LGBTQ, pro multiculturalism, pro multiculturalism and completely anti indigenous (utterly loathes any kind of nationalism).

    Gilad Atzmon, like every Jew there is, is a globalist. He is an anti Zionist because he’s anti borders. He would like nothing more than to see the obliteration of all nations worldwide, most certainly an advocate of Boasnian anthropology in believing there is only one race.

    Quite frankly I’m tired of Atzmon and his oh, so incredibly predictable ramblings. I’m no fan of Farage, clearly a classic British liberal, a centrist politician, most certainly NOT, nor anywhere near right wing at all. He, like any individual, with the slightest modicum of common sense, knows mass immigration destroys. Moreso this is the only manifesto agenda of UKIP. Farage is clearly showing there’s no right in politics. There has been a paradigm shift (as planned) We are seeing the centre vs the left, which will move to the far left vs the left, until the Jews succeed in establishing a world, communist state. This is 1917 Russia all over again, just on a universal scale.

    Gilad should be writing for The Guardian and every other anti indigenous, anti western civilization outlet ou there. He’s clearly a Jew on a mission, to bring socialism into the UK.
    I’m getting tired of the Truthseeker’s Palestinian stance. I agree it’s deeply wrong with what’s happening there, but I’m British and the survival of my people, my culture and tye western civilization is and always will be far more important than the plight of the Palestinians. Moreso, Britain is the key. Destroy the Rothschilds, their puppet monarchy and politicians and the illegal Balfour agreement and you destroy Israel and free Palestine. The head of the snake resides in the Crown Corporation of the City of London, NOT Israel.

  3. Andrew Marr is on £400,000 a year from the BBC.

  4. How I Can’t Wait For BREXIT!!

    As a European I can’t wait for BREXIT. Why? Well, there’s that quaint old English expression about, “when all your chickens come home to roost.” Allow me to explain…

    The British economy for several hundred years was based upon the theft and grand larceny of resource rich countries around the world, euphemistically known as The Commonwealth. From South Africa, gold and diamonds, from India, gold, emeralds, rubies all matter or historical artifacts and so on. If you wish to see some of these jewels, just head off to see the Crown Jewels, everything you will see there was stolen! Yeah, in those days Royalty was a really good occupation, it paid off handsomely.

    Literally England, or I should say the upper echelons of society of England and its vast estates, were funded by the grand crimes committed by the British elites’ thefts from around the world. Just go and check out the British Museum for a good view of a drop in the bucket of all the things that have been stolen over the last few hundred years; statues, paintings, historical artifacts, basically everything from Egypt, India and South Africa! The rest of these riches are scattered around in private collections and estates, longed thought to be lost, but in reality quietly kept out of sight and waiting for an opportunistic future when they will re-arise in public, magically or should I say, “oh look what we found hidden away in the cellar!”. Yeah right, excuse me for a moment while I throw up!

    Its easy to build a society that was so famously known as the Victorian Age, even when the masses of poverty were so great in the lower classes that stories like Oliver Twist became well known and why political movements like Communism were to be born out of what was to be known as the Proletariat (meaning people who had nothing but only their hands or hard labor to offer so as to make a living with). But like all good things, they must come to and end, as they say. So it was during the beginning of the 20th century when England began to struggle. Why? Well many countries like South Africa and Australia became independent and resources had to be paid for now, and as for other places like India, there was nothing left to steal, the British really cleaned India out very well! And thus the English Treasury was starting to deplete itself, because no longer where the riches around the world sailing to merry ol’ England.

    Well thanks to a few World Wars, both of which that could not have started and go as long as they did without help from a very willing British government (I should say upper class, like Churchill and lets not forget the Royal Family too, which was very pro war!), and the United States, Britain reaped hay from Germany’s requirement to pay for war reparations. But that too had to end. Enter the European Union!

    With wonderful opportunity, this criminal organization called the European Union, created a whole new infrastructure of mind boggling political and economy opportunities for the criminals of high society, especially those of the English persuasion. No longer was it necessary for England to employ industries like mines or steel works or other manufacturing or agricultural industries. Wise women like Margaret Thatcher saw no future in a country needing to support itself with useless labor dependent industries like a coal industry, or steel works. Nope that kind of work, was for the poorer nations! Now, the United Kingdom was more sophisticated, an intellectual economy! Cough, cough, cough! London was to be center stage for the industry of Financial Services (aka Financial Swindling!). Yes, the North of Britain paid the price, and merry old London became center stage to become a financial powerhouse of Europe! Oliver Twist today would be wearing Gieves & Hawkes while carrying an Iced Latte Macchiato in one hand, and a bullshit worthless prospectus in the other. Ah how England has changed for the better! I can’t wait for the remake of Oliver Twist!

    And of course, the rest of England?…Well they have the Premier League! Where every player earns over 10,000 times the average pay of a poor schmuck who is not lucky, scratch that, worthy enough, scratch that, crooked enough to work in the greatest dishonest, and thieving city in the world today….London!

    And now we come full circle. Wise men begin to understand that Britain is not doing so well (“I’m shocked, shocked I tell you”, with compliments from Captain Renault – watch Casablanca if you don’t understand!)…yes Iced Latte Macchiatos are expensive! And so a movement is formed….BREXIT.

    “HOLD EVERYTHING! You say….BREXIT is not a London creation, its from the North, the people without jobs! Remember!”. Ah yes indeed, you way very well say that…but….read on dear reader, read on…

    BREXIT wouldn’t be, if not for without The Man That Gave Britain BREXIT!

    Ah yes David Cameron. Super intellect, genius that he is, A Man For All Seasons! And here we find ourselves today, for the first time in some 500 years, maybe even more it is arguable, that the British people have to finally come independent from stealing their wealth and start living on their own! Well I suppose everyone has to grow up sometime and make out on their own. And who is going to take Britain to the promise land? Who is going to bring jobs back to all the regions of England outside of London, where they are already well set up with their criminal enterprises? Who is going to bring manufacturing back, agriculture back, industry back to England? Who is going to find all those markets that can’t wait for British goods to flow again, with that great expensive pound currency? Drum roll please …..

    That sultan of trade…
    That common man of the people…
    That man that his finger on the pulse of the British worker….
    The one, and only….
    The Moses Of Britain.

    Ah yes Nigel Farage! The Hero That Will Bring Back Employment To The North!

    Yes when Britain leaves the European Union…. EUROPE WILL TRADE WITH BRITAIN EVEN MORE THAN IT DOES NOW!
    The whole world is going to come to Britain, and ignore Europe, that is more than ten times its market! Why? Because people will remember how wonderful it was in the 19th century, like the British people remember it, when Britain was the place to be! Where everyone wanted to be! Because Britain was an economic super power, that had the best economy were everybody got the best value for the money as they gave their riches away to the British for nothing!

    Ah yes back to the days of Queen Victoria! When the whole world was happy to be robbed, mugged, bullied, financially raped by the British Empire! Back to the Glory Days of Queen Victoria!


  5. Why are we all voting against tory and labour ?
    because they betrayed us, the people fought 2 word wars for the government
    to keep out foreigners, then after w w 2 the same government the men fought the war for
    advertised in the west indies for men to bring their fam ilies and quote
    ” do the work British men are too lazy to do”
    this was an evil racist lie and a slur on our soldiers.
    Positive Discrimination brought in by government means outsiders before our own people, this is racism at its worst and a hate crime of monumental proportions.
    WE must govern our own country, and police our own borders fishing grounds industry
    NHS and economy, not some jewish banker across the world working for rothschild

  6. @Karen Johnston

    Indeed! Indeed! Karen you are absolutely correct! As you say, “We must govern our own country”, so true you are!

    Does that mean, Karen:

    – You are going to grow your own crops like fruit and vegetables to feed your nearly 70 million population? Something you have never been able to do in your entire history with a fraction of the population you have today..
    Like during:
    1235 Famine in England, 20,000 died in London alone
    1321 Famine
    1351 Famine
    1369 Famine
    1649 Famine in northern England
    1727–1728 Famine in the English
    and Today?….Even today you have trouble feeding yourselves, what will happen when Europe closes its market on you…ah the USA, that brethren of social justice, that white brother of riches….That paragon of nutritional wealth!,

    – Does that mean you are going to build your infrastructure with your own iron ore, cement and all the other resources you used to steal from the Commonwealth?
    Ah yes you British have a solution, let me see what brilliant ideas you have:
    Here is one! From Philip Whyte, That Tzar Of Economic Genius, It’s a fabrication that Britain doesn’t make things any more, I quote verbatim from this economic sage of the ages:

    “People who believe that British manufacturing has gone to the dogs tend to pay more attention to factory closures in industries that are in long-term decline rather than they do to rising output in other parts of manufacturing. The UK may no longer be a big producer of textiles but it is still a big player in many high-end sectors. Rolls-Royce and BAe Systems, for example, are key actors in the aerospace industry. Two of the world’s largest pharmaceuticals groups are British (GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca). And Cambridge is Europe’s leading cluster for biotechnology.

    The UK even has an automotive industry – and not just in niches like Formula One, where it is a world leader. True, the demise of MG Rover in 2005 brought an end to mass car production by British companies. But thanks to companies such as Nissan (whose Sunderland plant is the most productive in the EU), the UK automotive sector produced more vehicles and engines in 2007 than ever before. Some people argue that output by foreign-owned companies in the UK should not be treated as British manufacturing. But on that logic, London is not an important financial centre.”

    Did you read that Karen! YOU ARE SAVED!!! The world is going to buy Rolls-Royce cars (hmm, on 2nd thoughts, isn’t Rolls-Royce Indian?) and pharmaceuticals so you Brits can feed your 70 million people! That’s right, you sell poison, and the world gives you food in exchange for that poison! Boy oh boy, that’s a really good business model! And of course, everyone is going to be driving Formula 1 cars, and you Brits really have the angle on that business don’t you!

    Ah, is the Formula 1 still in Silverstone? I wonder how long that will now last…lets pray all those F1 centers stay in England, you people really need the work!

    As some of your political geniuses have said:

    “The future lies in working with our brains, not our hands. Two [sic too], the job of government in economic policy is simply to get out of the way. Oh, and finally, we need to fling open our markets to trade with other countries because, despite the evidence of countless Wimbledons and World Cups, the Westminster elite believe that the British can always take on the competition and win.”

    You hear that Karen, you need to work with your brain, not your hands! Heavens to Betsy I haven’t got the foggiest idea how you feed yourself with your brain, I always thought it was with your hands! Wait, wait a minute! I got it! You Brits are going hire Pakistanis to feed you! You have plenty of them…now I understand why they are there!

    Yes Karen, as soon as you leave the EU, there will be a new economic miracle in the UK! Food, manufacturing, shops, schools, hospitals …everything will miraculously improve! You will not need to go thieving from other countries, you will become SELF SUFFICIENT, all with selling fake financial services from London, and the new industrial miracle that will occur in the North!

    British Utopia is close at hand, Karen! Keep pushing for that BREXIT.


    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is going to be fun to watch!

  7. Dorian is wrong on one major point
    Britisn did not rob africa
    Africa is owned by rothschild and oppenheimer
    the most valeuable things on the planet diamonds gold emeralds oil, all come from africa
    yet the people do not even have clean drinking water, the average man lives to age 37
    so we know who takes all the wealth. none is ploughed back, we know of our taxes most goes to the jews. bank of england fedral reserve, we like the USA were robbed by the jews
    not the british, they did the slave trade and the opium trade.

  8. apparently the flatlands of East Anglian fen country is heavily into Brexit and voting is said
    wil reflect this. In W W 2 there was a lot of suport for Hitler from this area
    and it remended me of this old article

  9. I now wonder if Gilad Atzmon may be an agitator as well. He certainly performs well and gives righteous Jews a refuge but his positions are becoming more suspect. The last time I saw him in Seattle, I took the opportunity to ask him to explain the implementation of Noahide laws and he totally dodged the question.

  10. Gilad, i respect u immensely but hardly think one man can do anything. Trump, most likely, is deep-state controlled. Under him illegal immigration has escaltated n the problems have exacerbated. Farage is probably too. The octopus has its tentacles everywhere. The fog of war shall soon descend n then the Age of the Moschach. N we know what that means. Oy vey!

  11. @Karen Johnston

    Its 2019 now. If you get your BREXIT within the next year, that’s if of course your Prime Minister, Hopeless and Lying May goes, I give you less than 10 years and the people in the England (note I say England, not Wales, Scotland or N.Ireland, they want to stay in in Europe!) will be wanting to come back.

    I will be working to keep you people out!

    If you want to blame Jews and so on, you deserve every thing that happens to you. I have no support for Zionism of Jews, as you can see in my writings here on this site. But as for the British people’s woes, both socially and economically, it is all because YOU British and your hypocrisy, thieving and lying ways has caused this nightmare which you are dealing with now.

    No Karen, this entire fiasco which you are going through, IS ENTIRELY BRITISH MADE! ENTIRELY! And your racist ways of blaming others for your own incompetence only highlights how backward and yet still selfish you people still are.

    To all British people, I do not claim that ALL British are bad, they are not! At least many are not. As an Italian myself, I will admit we have many problems too, most Italians are racists and backwards in their thinking about the modern world. That’s why Italy is in such a mess. I ADMIT THAT!

    But don’t you British think it is finally time to admit your mistakes? Do you really believe Farage is some kind of Moses and will bring you to the promise land? Come on! Get real! Its not that simple.

    You have a totally disastrous economy on your hands. What do you think will happen in the next world wide economic down turn? You people can’t even feed yourselves anymore? At least in Italy, we have agriculture right throughout the country. What happens when after all your meddling in other countries they start to fight back? Can you support and defend yourselves? You think London is going to save you in the North? Think about it Karen, almost 70 million mouths to fill, and 70 million pairs of hands that will become very idle and very angry, if you have no food!

    People of Britain, I know I have sounded harsh in my writings upon you, but seriously, take my words and tell me where, WHERE I am lying? You all know things are bad. I know you are all quietly, and lately not so quietly, are getting worried. You should be. You are in a very precarious and dangerous economic position. You have no farms, so no food, you have no industry, so you can’t build anything for yourselves, you have what? Financial services! Good luck with that….especially, if you bite off more than you can chew with the Chinese, Russia, and the Europe (which you people never thought of yourselves as being a part of, anyway).

    To ALL BRITS: I apologize, sincerely, if you have taken my words too hurtfully. I sincerely do. But beneath my words, I know, you understand there is much truth that I have written. But it is also true, you are now in a very dangerous place, economically, socially and politically. If you think things are magically going to get better, you are being foolish. The world is not like the mid 1800’s, where there was hardly no competition and a lot of weak countries. It was easy pickings then. Now you have to compete with the likes of China, Russia, and a slowly emerging India!

    You want out of Europe. So be it! You want to blame Jews. So be it! But when you start starving again, and you don’t have any farms for food…don’t blame Jews or the rest of the world, the reason why you are starving, is because you elected governments like Thatcher, to create prospectuses instead of vegetables!

    You made your bed, now lie in it Karen. Its all on you, nobody else. You may not realize this, but your PM, Theresa May, understands all this! Laugh as you may, but its true. She is a teacher and knows exactly why Britain was so successfull during the 19th century. This is why May wants to keep Britain in Europe. She knows, that Britain will fall apart once it is on its own, and things are going to become very bad.

    As bad as May is as a PM, she is no idiot! She understands your country’s history better than you do. I don’t like her, myself. But I admit she is no fool. You will not like reading this, but May is trying to protect you from yourselves. Today she is vilified, but in the future she will be remembered better than Thatcher! May will be remembered as the PM that tried to save Britain from itself but failed, while Thatcher, will be remembered for laying the foundations of the destruction and impoverishment of Britain, and will forever more be cursed! You will see I’m right on this. You will see.

    Karen, think very carefully now, think how the world is very different now than it was 200 years ago. Victorian Britain was an aberration, take those years out of history, and you will see British history is just full of misery! Those years are coming back, and when they do, who are you going to blame then? Me!

  12. @Karen Johnston

    I forgot to add to the above:

    Karen, Karen, Karen, …..Karen. Oh Karen. Please read this carefully,

    I took the liberty to find something intrinsically British so you can see for it yourself, it took no more than 5 seconds to find this, I quote few paragraphs here below…

    “British colonies, Boer republics, and African kingdoms all came under British control. These dramatic changes were propelled by two linked forces: the development of a capitalist mining industry and a sequence of imperialist interventions by Britain.”


    “The industry became a monopoly by 1889 when De Beers Consolidated Mines (controlled by Cecil Rhodes) became the sole producer.”

    and in case you don’t know, Rhodes was British, I don’t like using Wikipedia since it is filled with bias and lies (it truly is just largely propaganda site for those who wish to distort world history), but in this case just read about the man’s personnel details, the rest of the bio. is filled with political correct/bias…
    Cecil Rhodes.

    I’m not going to add anymore on South Africa, seek my other comments around in other stories, I have quoted a lot on this topic before. But suffice to say, South Africa today, is a mess, and you thank the British Empire for that too. What does it have to take for you British to finally accept the nightmares that you transported everywhere in the world? “Transported”, now there’s a word, “Transportation”, is that what you used to call it when you used to send your criminals to other countries? Look what you did in Australia! You relocated your convicts, and eventually what did they do? They killed off most of the Aborigines in Australia. Look at Tasmania, it was a slaughter. The Tasmanian Aborigine is extinct! Why? Because your British settlers BUTCHERED THE TASMANIANS TO EXTINCTION! AN ENTIRE RACE OF PEOPLE EXTINCT BECAUSE OF THE BRITISH!

    That was for the first successful act of TOTAL GENOCIDE committed by anyone! Think about that!

    Karen, you need to do better research. I don’t know what you learned in school or where you are getting your information, but please be more broader with your reading. You need it!