The Ritual Talmudic Execution and Torture Methods of the Bolsheviks Were Satanic

Mike Walsh – Russia Insider May 17, 2019

Real history rather than victors spin teach us that atrocities are committed regardless of occupiers’ nationality, their ideals or ethnicity.

However, there is proven to be just one ethnic-religious ideology that’s gratuitous and hideous depravities cause the crimes of all others to pale into relative insignificance.

RABBINICAL QUOTE: “The efforts of Satan have been successful and they have spread around the Holy Land.” (Toldos Shmuel, v. 3 p. 142).

A drawing of Leon Trotsky, a leading Jewish Bolshevik. Click to enlarge

Wherever they occupied the Soviet Bolsheviks routinely targeted and martyred the most innocent in the most depraved ways. “Vladimir Lenin gave orders to kill as many students as possible in several towns. Chekists (Secret Police) arrested every youth wearing a school cap. Students were singled out and casually killed because Lenin believed the coming Russian intellectuals would be a threat to the Soviet regime.” ~ Vladimir Soloukhin, In the Light of Day, Moscow 1992, p. 40.

The resultant vacuum in the intelligentsia communities was then filled by ethnic Jews. Vladimir Soloukhin revealed that the Chekists were especially interested in handsome boys and pretty girls, who were the first to be killed ~ after intense suffering. The entire Chekist terror was coordinated by the Jewish functionary Joseph Unschlicht.

Beyond normal comprehension is why Bolsheviks in a carefully structured way inflicted upon their victims the most hideous and quite unnecessary cruelties before allowing those martyred to leave their world as tormented souls.

Disembowelling before death commonly practiced

If in some cases victims were beforehand dispatched by a bullet in the nape of the neck, the preferred NKVD method, it was simply because time and circumstance necessitated such industrial methods.

Otherwise, where time and place advantage was in their favour, Talmudic Bolsheviks murdered their victims, children included, by methods that can only be described as an occultist. The mind reels in horror if they chance upon the taboo topic of Bolshevik cruelties and the reasoning behind such gratuitous depravities eludes them.

Romanov family. click to enlarge

There is a covert reason why Talmudic Bolsheviks with coerced accomplices sought ever more creative ways by which to kill their victims in the most hellish ways imaginable.

Talmudic Jews consider themselves spiritually elevated on a scale equal to the degree of pre-death suffering inflicted on their victims. This scale of higher spirituality defines levels of priority such as priests, army officers, intellectuals and children. The degree of suffering in their victims is proportionate with the elevation of Talmudic occultism.

How did Talmudic Jews, foremost among the Bolsheviks, go about the slayings? Chekists favoured murder with various and increasingly imaginative methods of pre-death murder.

In his documentary, The Russia We Lost, the director Stanislav Govorukhin told how the priesthood in Kherson was crucified. The Archbishop Andronnikov of Perm was tortured before death.  His eyes were prised out; his ears and nose were cut off.

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Bolshevism is not Russian!

In Kharkov the priest, Dmitri was stripped naked. When he tried to make the sign of the cross, a Chekist amputated the priest’s right hand. In Soviet overrun the Bolshevik methods of torture and the inflicting ritualistic murder was openly encouraged.

Several sources tell how Chekists in Kharkov placed their victims in a row. Then, having nailed their hands to a table their torturers cut around their wrists with a knife. Boiling water was poured over the skin was peeled off. This was known as ‘pulling off the glove’.

The Soviet occupation of the Baltic States where these orgiastic tortures were also carried out is clear evidence that Talmudic shamanistic methods of torture and death were uniquely a Talmudic Bolshevik phenomena.

Lithuanian refugee Zite Kaulius wrote in The Advocate, Newark, April 1964: “The Germans were angels compared to the Communists.  “Persecuted Christians came out of hiding.  My father who had been arrested was released by the Germans.  He came home with his hands raw. The Communists had tortured him by plunging his hands into boiling water until his skin came off like gloves.”

To properly understand satanic depravities practiced by Talmudic Jews one is advised to simply refer to the teachings of the Talmud.

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All and much more is revealed in TROTSKY’S WHITE NEGROES by Michael Walsh. He says, “The nature of the debaucheries has no equal outside the concept of Lucifer’s teachings. The Talmudic scourge and predisposition towards maximising the sufferings of their victims were not confined to territory but to the peculiarities of the Talmudic mind. Today, the unfortunate Palestinians are treated as abysmally as were their fellow martyrs wherever Talmudic ideology spread.”

“Nowhere in the Talmud is the Star of David an endorsement of the Jews. However, the Bible does reference this to be the Star of Remphan belonging to Moloch (Satan). Most Jews don’t like to admit it but our god is Lucifer and we are his chosen people. ~ Harold Wallace Rosenthal (1947 – 1976). A senior aide to Senator Jacob K. Javits.

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2 responses to “The Ritual Talmudic Execution and Torture Methods of the Bolsheviks Were Satanic”

  1. As Nutenyahu said ” Palestine today. tomorrow America”
    each jew will have 3000 giy slaves said the jewish holy books
    we are their slaves now through the monetary system
    hitler offered to break the jewish strangehold for us, and we killed him
    My Uncle Sid was one of the men who attacked Dunkirk, he said the support of the men for hitlers ideas was so strong, and the dislike of the jew so great that as the boats landed on the beach several British men stood up and started shooting their own

  2. Another Perspective On The Question Of Jews And The Russian Revolution: How The West Lies

    I have been reading about this story about how the Jews were the real culprits for the Russian Revolution for over a quarter of a century, and you know what? It doesn’t add up. Never has, never will. Here’s why…

    Lenin, especially now with recently new archives been allowed to be studied, does show he had Jewish ancestry (a great-grandfather, which he didn’t much know about), however, he himself NEVER practiced being of the Jewish faith. In fact there is much about Lenin to suggest he didn’t much care for Jews.

    The entire thesis about the Bolsheviks being Jewish is all false. Yes many prominent Bolsheviks, like Trotsky, were Jewish, but this is just accidental, or as I point out soon, opportunistic. Its like the false history that Germans were against all Jews and were exterminating them. That’s also not true. There were many Jews that were fighting ALONG SIDE with the Germans during the Second World War, some of THESE JEWS WON THE IRON CROSS, like Leo Skurnik. That’s right there were Jews that supported Hitler and fought for him! Not just one or two, but 10s of thousands!!

    Of course there is also the situation that to this day there is serious thought that Hitler’s grandfather was Jewish, although the evidence is very weak.

    No the Bolsheviks were no more Jewish than the Nazis were, and yet Jews did have prominent positions in the Bolsheviks revolution, just as Jews did exist in the Nazi Reich and military.

    What happened during the Bolshevik revolution is beginning to look more and more like what happened during the Nazi period with the concentration camps. Hitler has for decades been vilified by the Anglo/Judeo world for his supposed hatred of Jews, and ordered the death camps. Well the problem with this thesis is, that it is WRONG! Always has been. There is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF that Hitler ordered the death camps. ABSOLUTELY NONE! In fact, Hitler tried, even during the war, to not have a war! There is documentary evidence and actual attempts by Hitler to not have a war, and even after years of war, tried to end the Second World War and even leave all the occupied countries. Rudolf Hess is testament to these acts.
    But thanks to the REAL WARMONGERS like Churchill and Roosevelt, they stopped every attempt by Hitler to end the war and for peace!!

    What is more and more starting to look like, is that the Jews within the Bolsheviks did to the populace exactly what a group of Germans in the Nazi Reich did to their people. These separate cliques of enmities, for non-Jews in of the Bolsheviks and Jews for the Germans, were just parts of their respective political movements that took advantage of what Lenin and Hitler where trying to undertake, change in their respective countries. The Jews in Russia, butchered the Russians, literally and figuratively, while a clique of Germans that hated Jews took advantage of Hitler’s orders to punish the Jews.

    This is what happens when leaders spend too much time on their grand ambitions and lose sight of managing their own political movements; individuals take upon themselves to inflict revenge or their hatred upon those they despise. This is a story that has happened many times throughout history.

    As time goes on, more and more evidence is coming to light that is showing that the real evil perpetrated during World War 2 was how the Allies kept on ignoring Hitler’s sincere attempts to stop the war! Yes, that’s right Hitler wanted the war to end, and was prepared to hand EVERY CENTIMETER OF LAND BACK that wasn’t German!!!! Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin kept the war going! NOT HITLER!!

    Many more Russians died at the hands of Jews during the Communist revolution in Russia than did Jews in Nazi Germany. And that’s a fact! If there was a holocaust it was the Holodomor Holocaust that should be remembered for the 10s of millions that were savagely butchered by the hands of Jews all because they were Orthodox Christians. There was no holocaust during World War 2, the word “Holocaust” was stolen from the real holocaust that was created by the Jews themselves when they went on mad-frenzy insane rampaging killing spree during Lenin’s Revolution. That’s the real holocaust, and slowly, slowly, that truth is starting to come out, with the demise of the lies of World War 2.