Britain Comes First

Gilad Atzmon – May 19, 2019

When it seemed as if the British had lost their survival instinct as a society, the European Parliament election came along. The message delivered by every poll is undeniable: unlike their treacherous political class, the Brits are still amongst the most sophisticated people around, they are performing a landslide exodus from their rotten leading parties: the Conservatives and Labour. They are marching back to their true cultural roots: conservatism on one hand (the Brexit Party), welfare and openness on the other (the Liberal Democrats).
With just days left before the European elections take place, it is pretty clear that the Tories are going to be wiped out. The party that calls itself conservative is being humiliatingly beaten by a man who truly fits the term.
A large number of Brits, the majority according to one referendum, openly like to be Brits and insist to sustain their kingdom as they remember it. They like to see their values  preserved, they are proud of their country’s achievements, they believe that for Britain to survive it better be independent of the EU and Brussels. These people do not find their beliefs and values being reflected by the Tories, the government and their Prime Minister. They are going to give their vote to Nigel Farage and his newly born party. The Brexit Party looks likely to score a higher vote share than the Conservatives and Labour combined, an astonishing achievement for a six-week-old political body. But the truth of the matter is that the Brexit Party is as old as Britain. It is the true Conservative Party. The conservative voter knows it and Tory politicians do not deny it.
But this is not the end of the story. Our opposition party is even more compromised than our Government. Corbyn’s Labour is hardly a functioning party. It has been reduced into a shameless political caricature. Since Corbyn was elected to lead the party, Labour have performed very little politics except relentless back stabbing. Corbyn, no doubt a nice and friendly character, was uniquely clumsy to be pulled into endless battles with the Israeli lobby and Jewish pressure groups that smeared him relentlessly. Instead of holding his ground, the elder socialist reverted to crawling and bowing. Corbyn let the Zionist segments in his party purge his   allies amongst them the party’s most heroic figures. Being the unsophisticated man he is, he managed to surround himself with advisers who were even less erudite than himself. He sought allies with divisive identitarian groups and made friends with Jews-only racist exclusive cells just because they seemed to support him. Brits saw all of this with disbelief. Corbyn, who was of great promise and hope for many Brits including myself, is now a sad character waiting to be politically axed. His approval rate amongst Brits is around 27%, as low as the generally despised Theresa May.
This weekend, just a few days ahead of the election, Labour shadow ministers are in a state of panic and with good reason. A new poll seen by the Observer has suggested that the Liberal Democrats is now in first place in London and could beat Labour overall across the country. More and more polls suggest that the Lib Dems have now narrowly overtaken Labour as the favourite party of remain supporters. As I have been saying for a while, the Left is dead in the water.
Labour voters migrating to the Lib Dems shouldn’t take us by complete surprise.  For disillusioned Corbyn fans and Labour supporters the party is a natural refuge. The Lib Dems were formed in 1988 but their roots date back to the middle of the 19th century. Back then the Liberal Party was one of the two major British parties. They were inspired by the liberal and humanitarian ideals of the American and French Revolutions. Liberal  governments passed the welfare reforms that created a basic British welfare state as we know it today. For people who care about social welfare, but also believe that Britain’s survival requires remaining in the EU, the Lib Dems are the only possible political home.
In my recent book Being in Time – A Post Political Manifesto, I argue that for working people the real meaning of utopia is nostalgia. Trump won the hearts and minds of many working Americans because he promised to ‘Make America Great Again.’ As opposed to the progressives and leftists who claim to know how to make the future shiny, Trump vowed to deliver ‘the past.’ Farage’s Brexit Party is selling the exact same product. The British past is certainly more appealing than the British present. The reason that older people tend to support Brexit is not because they are careless about the future of their sons and daughters. They probably remember times when Britain was a productive nation and the working class was identified by the act of Labour as opposed to a party that names itself ‘Labour.’ The Brits who want to remain in the EU (and according to some polls they are a large majority of the British population) do not see Labour as a valid representative of their views, as the party has failed to take a clear position on any topic in the last few years except the commitment to ‘fight against anti-Semitism.’
What we see in Britain is a homecoming on a grand scale. The mass exodus to the Brexit Party and the Lib Dems is the outcome of collective fatigue over compromised politicians and the political in general. The people who live in this kingdom are upset by the idea that eighty per cent of the Conservative party are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel. They are basically friends of a criminal racist state, yet one wonders how many Tory MPs are remotely friendly with Grimsby or Wolverhampton? Brits are equally tired of watching their opposition leader grovelling for the poison of anti-Semitism in his party.
Brits have had enough of all of that. The majority of the people who live in this country understand that for them to survive, Britain better come first, whether this translates into ‘leave’ or ‘remain.’
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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

13 responses to “Britain Comes First”

  1. Excellent article as usual by Gilad most of which I agree with. I am a Labour Party member who re-joined when Corbyn became leader having left over the invasion of Iraq . I also voted for and believe in Brexit in the tradition of Tony Benn and up until recent times JC himself. As leader of the party he has disappointed me in two major ways as Gilad points out he has caved in to the Israel / zionist lobby and has done a u turn on EU membership. He has made both himself and the party a nonentity as Gilad points out , so , it is with much sadness that I will not be voting for labour in the EU elections.

  2. I agree William, a really good article.
    I was really hoping for a strong JC , alas he is a fool to, in the first place, get entangled in Israel affairs and not ignore Israel to concentrate on issues that immediately affect the welfare of the British people.
    He has made himself look very weak to acquiesce to the Jewish organisations.

  3. Exceiient article. I am not a supporter of any party. To my dismay I have seen both main political parties compromised. In truth, I discern there is someone or an outside entity pulling their strings. This is our true enemy with whom the two top political parties have aligned themselves with. From Gilad’s article, I now know that it is the Zionists who are responsible. The Nazis never lost the last world war but the war was a way to morph into the Zionism we see today. Perhaps Nasism and Zionism are the same. And also both must be controlled by someone whether a person or a group of individuals. We are at the heart a real nation having a real identity and a real culture, even though we originate from different peoples. This is why whatever is done here spreads to the four corners of the world. We seek real peace and real joy throughout the world. This can only be accomplished, in my discernment, by nations. The Zionists seek globalisation which homogenises people’s, cultures and makes it one which can be controlled by them. We seek friendships with different nations and peoples. We want to see the French culture, the German culture, the Indian Culture The Chinese culture the American culture, The Russian culture and so on. But most of all we want to see them as free nations having their own cultures with whom we would be great friends and even brothers. The EU is just a tool of these Zionists. Remember the Zionists themselves say you do not need to belong to any people’s or religion to be a Zionist. Why they have even infiltrated different religions and people’s to further their goal of world domination. In doing this they have taken control of the mass media, academia, economies and governments on different levels of society.. All they do is perpetuate hatred instead of real joy and war on different levels of society in which they operate. We are British. We believe in God, and our God created us to live in harmony with one another and not to be homogenous in our lives. God be praised, glorified and blessed forever.
    Thanking You.
    God bless you.

  4. Labour is a joke, when Rothscild who owns both major parties parachuted in the Milipede brothers, to run the party, people left in their droves the over whelming feeling was that its a British party and should be run by a Brit, not foreign jews brought into th UK from god knows where, Conservative no better, people want freedom from the rothschild EU
    Anyone who votes for these parties is a mug.

  5. And Now For Some Honest Perspective!

    My, my, my, how you British over indulge in your self importance, while conveniently forgetting about the “other side” of reality. You Brits that are so proud of your Empire, need to remember, that you would be still an island of poor ignorant savages if it weren’t for all the savagery that YOU BRITISH brought upon the world, and how you then profited from it. Stealing, murdering, massacring, enslaving and destroying other cultures isn’t good enough, you now need to rewrite history to make yourselves better than you ever deserve.

    How conveniently you British forget:
    – The Horrible History That Lead To Partition Of An Entire Sub-Continent:
    AFTER 200 HUNDRED YEARS OF OCCUPYING COLONIALISM, the selfish British government and its people, after robbing India of virtually all its wealth (diamonds, gold, precious jewels and art works, that are still being held ILLEGALLY in British museums and aristocratic homes all over the country), and there being nothing else of value left, the British didn’t want to do the right thing and help the South Asian sub-continent back on its feet, but like a robber robbing a person in the street just left them there, penniless and hopeless. And what happened? Britain just cuts them loose, i.e. Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, with only many wars, periods of starvation and great economic malaise, in their future, while England makes hay! And so we have hatred and continuous threat of war between India and Pakistan, not to mention also the political nightmare that Britain left them with Kashmir. Remember Louis Mountbatten? He was quintessential a British Pompous Ass that didn’t give a damn about anything other than betraying the non-white Asians!

    – Palestine, Palestine, Palestine; Wherefore Art Thou?
    Defeating the Ottoman Empire in World War One wasn’t enough for the Great Thieving Britain. Liberation as it was promised to the Arabs was betrayed with colonization. Thanks to British hatred to Jews, IN ENGLAND!, many Jews migrated to Palestine, or Ancient Judaea if you were a Jew. This was vigorously encouraged by many anti-Semitic British officials. And so what did the British then do? The British announced in 1947 their intention to withdraw from Palestine in 1948. Did Britain give a damn about the 1 million Palestinians that were expelled from the lands after the creation of the ILLEGAL state of Israel? Like typical British aplomb, they turned their backs, washed their hands of the entire mess, and where just grateful they got rid of their own Jewish problem!

    – Africa
    Once upon a time, it was known as Dark Africa, not for the color of its people, but because of its obscurity. Well Africa was nothing “Dark” like it became after the British arrived!

    The British showed its true identity when during the The Berlin Conference of 1884-1885, the British “showed/demanded/ordered” how the process of carving up Africa would be done! No mention of the African people, no mention of already established nations in Africa, no mention of any attention to local culture or ethnic groups, was made. Britain led the carving and outright theft of an Entire Continent with typical British Procedural Manner!

    What do you think made the British Empire and all those grand estates in Britain? Gold and diamonds, from the Transvaal.

    One third of the population of the entire African Continent was under British rule. And what did the British do when they left? Did they leave stable countries? Well I supposed if you’re British, people like legacies like Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe and Charles Taylor, make the British proud!

    And the British legacy still continues today, how now the “Black” South Africans have to demand to have their lands given back, from those “White” South African families that stole it from them a century ago! Well done Britain, you really are something special.

    – China Opium Wars
    China not wanting to trade with Britain, only made Queen Victoria and the British Elite more determined to force the Chinese to trade. So what did they do, the EVIL BRITISH CONCOCTED THE EVIL OPIUM PLAN; if the Chinese don’t “wish” to trade with the British, then the British will make the Chinese “HAVE TO” trade with the British. How? By making the Chinese addicted to opium! So by the early 1840’s the British were selling opium to Chinese and making them addicts. British Trade At Its Best! Or most evil, if you are a caring human being, which clearly the British have never been!

    Now with the Chinese populace in total disarray due to their opium addiction. The British took advantage of the Chinese situation and took more control. How long did this control last? The Chinese know this period as “100 years of shame”. Are you starting to get an idea why TODAY the Chinese refuse to open their borders to Anglos like the Americans? You really think they want to revisit those “100 Years Of Shame” again?

    And when the Chinese fought back, what did the British do? They set the Imperial Palace on fire! And the rest is history. For the British, a conveniently forgotten history.

    – The British Greatest Trading Product: Slaves.
    In some nearly 250 years of slave business, both catching, buy and selling, and transporting slaves, starting from the mid-1600s, Britain like no other country in history, transported more slaves, especially to the USA, than any other! How many? It is estimated between 3-4 million Africans where hunted down, caught, sold and transported to the USA, ALONE! Well done Britain, you really excelled at trading humans. So is this too part of the PROUD BRITISH HISTORY, that those other comments before me are referring to?

    I could go on and on, for many more pages on British history, or should I say British Nightmare. When did the British EVER do anything that did not benefit them without, stealing, killing, and butchering their way to fortune. Most of all the elegant manors in England today, are built from theft of resources and human slavery. There is NOTHING in Britain, that was not earned without the cruel/evil machinations of the British Government and Upper Classes that were behind their status and position in the world today.

    As a European myself, I WELCOME THE BRITISH TO LEAVE EUROPE. And once you are gone, don’t ever come back! Good riddance!

  6. This site is pro racist ! Not so true in some things!

  7. dorian your history is at fault, you blame brits for the work of the bastard churchill and the jews

  8. I dont know anyone who has any interest in the olympic games, but the 20 20 games are in japan. When israel released the stuxnet virus to attack Iran, it went viral and smashed japan really bad, israel has said it will not pay reparations, it woud rather go to war
    this means sending in stupid americans to fight.
    see this hot today

  9. @Karen Johnston

    My history is at fault? Really! So Churchill and Jews are to blame for the tyranny in India and how the British stole the entire wealth of a People? So Churchill and Jews were around during the 19th Century when the British were killing and looting there way in India and Africa?

    Karen you’re obviously delusional and can’t face the reality that the British people are to blame for much of the wars and theft that went on the last 300 hundred years.

    Wake up Karen! It is clear you find it difficult to accept all those beautiful buildings that you have around England were founded on the spilled blood and tyranny you English brought to the rest of the world. Yeah facts and the truth are hard to face, when they are finally written by an honest hand.

    Lets see how you English are really going to do when you finally get your BREXIT! Why do you think the politicians like May don’t want a real BREXIT? It is because, the old stealing days are over! Britain can’t go around anymore stealing their wealth anymore. You are going to have to EARN IT, for the first time in your miserable evil history!

    You think things are bad now! Wait when you finally get your BREXIT. Britain will become an economic cesspit within ONE generation! For the first time in history, the British will have to EARN a living and not steal for one. Your days a truly over Karen, Britain once it is finally out of the EU….. IS FINISHED! HOORAY! Justice will be finally done!!

  10. While it is encouraging the Brits are reportedly abandoning the absurdly corrupt cuckold major political parties, let’s see if the parties they flock to can avoid being utterly polluted by the same interests that infiltrated and destroyed the Conservative and Labour parties, and who have worked to destroy England as well.The United States has suffered the same problem and, well, many countries all over the world have been under relentless attack in the effort to subvert traditional values and morality.

    If the British want to save their country, and their culture and values, they have to destroy the parasitic central banking system, gut the “political class” (the very idea of which is nauseating), and put the Jews back in their place which is that of a very small percentage of the population. The British would be well-served to march en masse into that den of thieves known as the City of London and kick the ever living shit out of everyone they see, flog a few “bankers” in the street and hang them from light poles to send the message that their reign of terror is over. They should do the same to a few shameless propagandists and professional liars masquerading as “journalists” in the mainstream media.

    Good citizens of the United States and the countries of Europe which are actively being subverted should do the same; destroy the central banks, crush the “political class”, put the Jews back in their place, hold the wealthy accountable to the same system of justice as everyone else, and put a halt to the ridiculous and dangerous ideas of “multi-culturalism” and other forms of cultural and moral subversion.

    Be proud when some shrieking Jew calls you an “anti-Semite”, for then you know you touched a nerve by daring to tell the truth. Someone called me an anti-Semite just the other day and I responded by laughing in their face and informing them the term has lost all meaning. That person was a so-called Christian Zionist, which happens to be the most absurd species of deranged fucking idiot ever created and I let them know that as well.

  11. Yeah Churchill the paedophile, mass murderer of Bengali’s and who intentionally started WW2 with Hitler. Queen Victoria forcibly stole enough food for 13 million from Ireland and called it a famine from 1845-50 when it was a genocide. The English, in league with the Roman Empire tried to wipe out the Irish on THREE previous occasions. The remains of the Roman Empire is alive today and is called the “City of London”. The English in past times stole, pillaged, murdered, tortured and raped their way to vast fortunes. Now the Americans are doing likewise.

  12. @NR & @ Umbra Bellator

    As an Italian myself, I whole-heartedly agree with you NR! Bravo for speaking the truth. Yes the Romans too did very much what the British did for the last several hundred years. I am ashamed of our history, just as much as the British SHOULD BE ashamed of theirs!

    The world needs to hear more honest words like yours NR.

    I applaud your truthfulness, if only historians were as honest as you!

    Umbra, you speak the truth too! People like you and NR, and many more need to start speaking out. It is time to put the politician gangsters and corporate criminals, many of which are historians, in their proper places….IN PRISON!

    SPEAK OUT PEOPLE: If you want a better world it is time we start demanding from others, and especially our leaders to start respecting the rights of other People’s to their lands and their ways of life.

  13. I am English (not by choice, none of us choose where we are born. A lot of us should think ourselves lucky.!) and wholeheartedly agree with the comments made about our History. Please don’t blame the brainwashed masses for the behaveour of our so called democratic government. It isn’t actually us Brits who are brainwashed. Just look around the World! We must also remember the Spanish rape of south America and the Portuguese conquests and so on. We; like ordinary people the world over, just want to live in peace and the day we, the people of the world stand against the ruling elite….nothing will change…..