Repulsive tweet that reveals why Remainers have only themselves to blame for Farage

Dan Hodges – Daily Mail May 19, 2019

Last Tuesday, an image began to circulate on Twitter of a Nigel Farage rally. Showing a predominantly white, relatively elderly audience, it was quickly seized upon by Matt Kelly, editor of the pro-Remain New European newspaper. ‘An actual Nigel Farage audience,’ he commented. ‘Marvel at the diversity, behold the spread of demographics. And bring a mop to clear up all the leaked piss afterwards.’

On Thursday, Britain votes in the European elections. If the opinion polls prove to be even remotely accurate, they will be won decisively by the Brexit Party.

At which point anxious Remainers will take to the airwaves and print, and commence a tortuous search for the reasons why.

The original tweet has been removed. Here’s a copy. Click to enlarge

The media – inevitably – will shoulder much of the blame, accused of failing to effectively interrogate, challenge and expose the Brexit Party’s leader. Farage will be castigated for nefariously pulling the wool over the eyes of a gullible electorate. Theresa May will be pilloried because that’s basically all she is useful for now. And it will all amount to nothing more than an exercise in self-indulgent, pseudo-intellectual denial.

Farage’s impending triumph needs no scholarly deconstruction. All it requires is for Remainers to open their eyes and ears, and grasp three simple facts.

In 2016, Britain voted to leave the EU. It is now 2019, and Britain has not left the European Union.

Mocking, abusing and belittling people who perceive a basic injustice in this democratic disconnect will not result in them reversing their opinion. It will result in the brutal political backlash about to be administered to Britain’s mainstream politicians in four days’ time.

The Remainers place great store on the perceived ignorance of their opponents. Their supposed narrow world-view, simplistic Brexit prospectus and casual Little Englander prejudice. They are pledged to take the fight to them right up until 10pm on polling day.

But they would be better served doing a little less fighting and a bit more reflecting. Reflecting on their own ignorance of the forces that are about to be unleashed.

Nigel Farage. Click to enlarge

Farage is one of the most highly scrutinised politicians in British political history. His childhood, medical history, private life, business life, financial relationships, political relationships, drinking habits, driving habits, sartorial choices – just about every aspect of his existence has been examined and headlined on one of the major national media platforms. And the bandwagon keeps rolling.

There is no killer fact waiting to be revealed. There will be no definitive exposé. The silver bullet Remainers keep praying for does not exist. And it doesn’t exist for one simple reason. Nigel Farage is fooling no one.

Certainly not the British people. Contrary to popular Remainer wisdom, they know full well who and what the Brexit Party leader is. He does not engender the starry-eyed devotion of Blair, the awe of Thatcher or cultish idealism of Corbyn. Rather than the reincarnation of Churchill, he is Brexit’s Del Boy Trotter – the fast-talking chancer whose patter is ultimately doomed to failure, but will burst the conceit and pomposity of the Establishment in the process.

The British people are also aware of something else. Whatever distortions and sleight of hand Farage may have deployed in previous campaigns and incarnations, in the 2019 European elections he is telling the truth.

Before the Referendum, we were told by the Prime Minister of the day – and in a taxpayer-funded leaflet delivered to every home in the land – that it was our choice. We could vote to stay in the European Union, or we could vote to leave the European Union – and the politicians would implement our will.

Britain chose to leave. At which point the politicians turned to the nation and said: ‘Sorry, but you’re staying anyway.’

Farage describes this as an act of betrayal. To which Remainers respond by accusing him of peddling incendiary invective.

But what do we actually call it when someone delivers a solemn pledge, you accept it in good faith, then they do precisely the opposite? What word is in the dictionary to describe such an act?

In this campaign, the truth is not Farage’s enemy, but his friend. Yet for some reason, Remainers are utterly blind to this basic fact. They are setting themselves against the will of the people as freely and fairly expressed via the ballot box. They are abusing those who want that result respected for being too stupid, too old or too white. Then they wonder why they are losing the argument. And the European elections.

Perhaps they ultimately don’t care. As in 2016, initial shock at the Brexit Party’s breakthrough could simply give way to further defiance. If the voice of the voters has been ignored once, why not again? Maybe the end will be seen to justify the means.

So long as Britain remains in the sainted EU, the implosion of the main parties and fracturing of parliamentary democracy is a price worth paying. But that it will have to be paid is no longer in doubt. The patience of the British people has been tested to destruction.

Our politicians have been given – and ignored – too many warnings. They have taken the voters for granted for the final time.

This morning the Remainers are struggling to understand what lies behind the Farage Surge.

On Thursday they will be given the answer.


6 responses to “Repulsive tweet that reveals why Remainers have only themselves to blame for Farage”

  1. British people are sick of the control and racism of the remainers
    they want us to be able to make our own countries decisions
    george Soros has spent millions on racist propaganda to keep us in,
    but we are desperate to get out
    sorry rothschild

  2. Beware of who COUNTS the votes! Use a black pen not their ERASABLE pencils!

  3. good advice about pencils
    Dont forget who is behind all this mass immigration
    remember who it is who wanted all these people removed from the middle east
    so the road map, the greater Israel project can have the area to themselves,
    what concerns me is our traitors who colluded and accepted them in
    and are trying to keep us in the EU
    we need to have these politicians taken from their beds at death of night and hung from lamp posts

  4. After many years of being a reader I stopped buying the Daily Mail some months ago. It has changed tack since it changed editor. It had become pro-May, and that meant a brexit-in-name-only policy.

    I think sales of the Daily Mail have dropped and those if the Daily Telgraph and the Daily Express have risen. So maybe the new editor has now got the message.

    At least it has had the courage to print articles by Dan Hodges and Richard Littlejohn, so maybe there is hope for the Daily Mail returning to its Conservative, free-enterprise, smalll government personality.

  5. As an outsider of BREXIT-stuff, may I wish Mr. Farage, his followers and his new party a complete success in the upcoming European Elections.
    Beat them, Brexit Party!

    We love Britain and it would be more beautiful to see a Britain of “before the Maastricht Treaty”, indeed.

    Show them your Britishness. Mr. EU Juncker and his association is only representing the European Lobbies and IMO is also a US Deep State vassal.

    Show them your Britishness in your voting for the right party.

  6. What these “remoaner” MPs don’t seem to realise is that they’ve been redundant ever since “Ted” Heath LIED us into Europe in the first place.

    How can Britain have a government if “our” laws are all imposed by Brussels? What is the function of “our” MPs now that they aren’t able to create legislation? The way I see it, they collect their salary, enjoy their lucrative company directorships, and apart from that, do nothing but sit in the Commons making farmyard noises.

    As for immigration, NOT the only issue in our expressed desire to leave the EUSSR, despite what the remoaners say to the contrary, our jobs continue to be “off-shored”, automation continues to make working people redundant, but still the politicians bring ever more people into the country.

    We’re full up to the point of sinking. It’s time to close the doors and throw the “welcome” mat on the fire.