Chuck Baldwin – Ten Ways Trump Lied – May 18, 2019

Trump is the only barrier between Americans and the Demon-rats’ globalist agenda.
Chuck Baldwin offers this powerful reminder that this barrier actually is precarious or illusory. 
Latest ICE to Move 225,000 Migrants Inland by Air (not to sanctuary cities as promised)  Couldn’t they just as easily fly them home? This is just an invitation to economic migrants the world over to come and fulfil the globalist agenda. 


By Chuck Baldwin — (Slightly abridged by 

It is undoubtedly true that the vast majority of politicians are liars. Some, however, are more prolific liars than others. And any honest, objective, even semi-intelligent person knows that Donald Trump takes the blue ribbon in the lying game. He lies so much, he can’t even play a game of golf without cheating.
In a column dated August 10, 2017, I wrote a piece entitled The Truth About Donald Trump. In the column, I documented the truth about Trump’s lifetime conduct. In short:
*Donald Trump spent his entire adult life scamming people out of billions of dollars.
Trump’s seven bankruptcies (which he brags about) cost investors, employees and consumers multiplied billions of dollars. Doug Heller, the executive director of Consumer Watchdog, said Trump is the “most egregious, almost comical example” of the disparity between what the average American faces when going through bankruptcy and the “ease with which the very rich can move in and out of bankruptcy.”
*Donald Trump spent his entire adult life as a perverse philanderer and miserable misogynist.
I documented what I could on this subject in the column referenced above. The full account of Trump’s lifelong moral debauchery could not even be reported in polite company. In short, Trump is a sick moral reprobate of the lowest order.
*Donald Trump spent his entire business life consorting with international crime syndicates and the Jewish mafia.”
In my column, I documented Trump’s crooked, illegal, unethical and immoral penchant for deal-making with some of the most unscrupulous, dishonest and evil mafia figures in the world (I even named a few of them). Donald Trump wouldn’t know what honesty and truth were if they came up and bit him on his dumpy derriere. (Read my column referenced above for documentation and details.)
Remember, the focus of that 2017 column was on Donald Trump’s conduct over his entire lifespan right up to and including when he became President. But what about Trump’s track record since becoming President? With his first administration more than half finished, we now have that track record. Surprise! Surprise! Trump is the same kind of miserable, lying, pretending, duplicitous scoundrel he was before being elected.
Here are a few examples of President Trump’s many lies. (“Thank you” to one of my faithful readers, JT, for helping me with this creepy compilation of Trump’s deceit and deception.)
  1. Trump promised to put Hillary Clinton in jail.


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3 responses to “Chuck Baldwin – Ten Ways Trump Lied”

    almost everyone who voted for Trump did not want him in but were determined to keep Hilary out at all costs
    THe Zios pull the same trick in the UK, its a seesaw one term its labour until the pople are sick of them so next time vote conservative, the US has the same trick pulled on them
    Democrat then republican, this is why less than a third of people vote in the UK

  2. transvestites shoud not be allowed into female toilets or to compete in sports against women

  3. Is Trump Really To Blame?

    Don’t blame Trump. Trump is just the characterization of the typical American. Why did people vote for Trump? Because thieves, liars and scoundrels always support each other. Americans don’t vote for “Truth, Justice and the American Way”. How stupid do you think the rest of the world is? Superman may have been an American invention, but just just like Superman, the line, “Truth, Justice and the American Way,” is just pure fantasy.

    Americans for centuries have been allowing their government to do their dirty work for them; to rob, steal, thieve, murder, butcher and destroy its way to fame, fortune and luxury. From massacring the Natives of the Americas to get free land (while at the same time those pilgrims heading west were praying to God), to holding canons to nations’ heads like Japan to force them to trade, to lying about entering World Wars, like the Lusitania and Perl Harbor, to treacherous trade embargoes like that done to Japan to force them into a World War with the US (while at the same time starving Japan through a trade embargo), and now they are lying about the Russian “threat” (while forcing European countries to support an Evil NATO to prop up the US Military). The US government has had a free hand to doing evil just so as the typical American can profit from it.

    No, Trump is not the blame. The people of the United States of America are to blame. They are prepared to allow any evil to be allowed to be done on the rest of the world, so long as they profit from it. The USA makes Nazi Germany look like a haven of purity!

    If you are an American, YOU ARE THE EVIL NOT TRUMP! You allow your country to steal, cheat, lie and threaten war against other countries just so you can profit from the unfair, crooked, dishonest trade agreements that countries are forced to sign, and be tyrannically subjected to.

    To EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN: If you want peace in this world, if you want to trade with it, then stop using your military to get trade deals. Close all your overseas bases, and take them home!

    Until you have US bases on foreign soils, it is the USA that is the real evil in this world, and you Americans, are profiting from it. This is what’s wrong the the American people; Americans are too lazy, too noncompetitive, too backward and too corrupt, and too dishonest, to trade and live with the rest of the world fairly and honestly.

    The American motto, unlike that of Superman, should read, “Cheat, lie and steal, are the American Way!”

    The problem is not just the US government, but the US Nation as a whole! It is a nation of thieves, cut throats, cheats and liars. If you vote for Trump, you are no better than Trump! But then again what can you expect, thieves always support a fellow thief!