Satan’s Signs are Everywhere – May 16, 2019

The omnipresent swoosh. Click to enlarge

Have you noticed that corporations are taking political stands, and coincidentally singing from the same globalist songbook? Have you noticed that whites are becoming a minority in ads and miscegenation is fostered by TV commercials? It’s as though someone blew a whistle and they all came out for gender dysphoria and “multiculturalism”. 
The explanation is that, despite our pretensions to “freedom,” we actually live under a Communist regime. “Money” is the blood supply of society. The blood supply is controlled by the Masonic Jewish (satanist) central banking cartel. They are the Casino, the “House.” In other words, the blood supply is poisoned. 
All public and private entities are controlled by the world central banking cartel which seeks to enslave humanity by undermining gender (family), religious, racial and national identity.  They use Freemasonry and Organized Jewry to achieve this end.   
Illuminati (Satanic) motifs are present in the logos of numerous corporations, cities and states. These motifs include the dot in a circle (penis in vagina), the Eye of Horus (666 or “OK” sign), the swoosh (sunrise on horizon signifying Lucifer the light bearer), the Masonic Compass and Square, the Masonic Two Towers, the Star of David, Pentagrams and Pyramid without the capstone. This is the way they signal their dominance to insiders.

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3 responses to “Satan’s Signs are Everywhere”

  1. “we actually live under a Communist regime”. Not really – the fact is we live under Talmudic Jewish Bolshevism, there is a difference. Remember Henry? . . . . you’ve been telling us for years . . . or have you?

  2. Briliant and i have often thought along similar lines
    Remember rothschild enrolled all his apostles, those vile homosexual left wingers
    and gave them letters of introduction to intell the BBC and anywhere where they could damage the country. His favourite Sir Anthony Blunt was able to share many young boys
    with these men and anyone who could be blackmailed for the jews.
    Rothschild said in the 30s
    quote;- ” by the year 2000 Britain will be communist, it may not be called that but thats what it will be ”
    Dementiev in his book Socailism for westerners says
    ” communism was devised to put the power and the money of the poeple into the hands of the few”

  3. English people lost and depressed and need a ” real and proper ” government