Trump Is Being Set Up for War With Iran

Paul Craig Roberts – May 12, 2019

Trump destroyed his chance at being a successful president by the stupid appointments he has made.  At the moment he is being set up by his national security advisor John Bolton and Israel for a war with Iran.

Using the same format of lies that was used against Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Venezuela, Bolton has accused Iran of “troubling and escalatory indications” of a forthcoming Iranian attack on American forces in the Middle East.  To help protect against the attack, Bolton has ordered Patriot missile batteries, an aircraft carrier strike group, and a bomber strike force to the region.

Even the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, pointed out that Bolton failed to identify the “troubling and escalatory” Iranian actions. No one else has seen any sign of them.

The reason for the Patriot missiles is not to deter Iran from an attack, but to prevent successful Iranian response to an attack on Iran.

This is the likely situation:  The deal between the Washington Ziocons and Netanyahu is that either Israel will attack an American ship or whatever is selected, and it will be blamed on Iran, thus forcing Trump to “defend America” and retaliate, or Israel using American disguise will attack Iran, thus provoking a response from Iran.

Iran is already on hair trigger from having been provoked excessively by Washington withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear agreement, reimposing sanctions, and making endless false accusations against Iran, as Washington has done against Russia, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Venezuela, Yemen.  It wouldn’t take much more to set off Iranian emotions.

Trump is clearly set-up.  If Bolton and Netanyahu want the US at war with Iran, it is their call.

And they do want the US at war with Iran.  Iran and Syria back Hezbollah, and Hezbollah prevents Israel’s annexation of southern Lebanon, which Israel has twice tried only to have its army, which is not good for anything except killing unarmed women and children in Gaza, quickly defeated by Hezbollah.  Thus, eliminating support for Hezbollah is a high priority for Israel and its neoconservative allies in Washington.

The neoconservatives have an additionall reason for delivering chaos to Iran.  If Bolton can produce a situation in Iran like the one the US created in Libya, Iraq, and Syria, American-supplied jihadists can be infiltrated into Muslin provinces in the Russian Federation as punishment for Russia’s independent stance in world affairs.

The stakes for Russia are higher in Iran than in Syria.  Russia can stand aside only at huge cost to itself.

China also has an interest.  Until the Russian energy pipeline to China is completed, China needs Iranian oil.  Disruption of Iran by chaos is a way of throttling China by reducing China’s energy supply.

The war that Bolton and Netanyahu are preparing to spring on Trump is likely to be much larger than they think.


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

3 responses to “Trump Is Being Set Up for War With Iran”

  1. Israeli soldiers have killed more than 180 protesters and shot over 9,000 more, during the Israel’s Shoot to Cripple Policy over a period since the protests began in March 2018.
    A large amount of those shot by Israeli army Snipers many
    between the ages of 8 to15 years old have now had to have
    amputations, because Trump cut off money going to the Palestinians that would have paid for their medical care.Americans grow some balls and say no to more wa\rs for israel

  2. !!! BREAKING NEWS!!!

    A new military force has emerged from the shadows and is in the final stage of preparations for an assault on the biggest terrorist organization in the world.

    Insiders have leaked information pertaining to the choice targets that have been selected by this unknown militia that goes by the name of Plutonymus Maximus.

    The priority targets include all Rothschild mansions, castles, underground bunkers, yachts, etc…The headquarters of the CIA in Langley, Virginia are also a choice target along with MI6 London, MOSSAD in Israel, the Pentagon, the US State department, Homeland security, the Federal reserve system of banks, the BIS (Bank for International Settlements, Cheyenne mountain in Colorado, Buckingham Palace, the Vatican, the ADL, the SPLC, all US military bases around the world, all NATO bases and its headquarters, the New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, Associated Press, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, VIACOM, TIME WARNER, along with all the other hate promoting, bullshit dispensers of the world.

    Plutonymus Maximus claims to have a secret weapon known as “The Genius Bomb” which allegedly is equipped with psychopath detectors and bullshit detectors allowing the bomb to zoom in on bullshitting psychopaths within these organizations while leaving the innocent people nearly untouched unless they happen to be within 50 feet of these targeted individuals. These Genius Bombs have the ability to split into thousands of smaller bombs allowing for extremely low collateral damage.

    More on this breaking news, later.

  3. This just in:

    Plutonymus Maximus has reported that it has stepped up the mass production of Genius Bombs in order to effect regime change in Tel Aviv, Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Canberra and Ottawa. They have added a number of new targets to their previously disclosed list. These targets include the Knesset in Tel Aviv, the IDF (Israeli Demented Freakazoids), the White Sepulcher House in BrainWashington and the House of Morons in
    Ottawa. Also on the leaked list, we find the Council on Porn Relations, the Trilateral Omission, the Royal Institute for Extramarital Affairs and the IRSSSSS (Imperial Royal Secret Society of Super Stupid Scientists).

    Voltman Plutonymus Rex