Antisemitism is now a mass movement in Britain

Gilad Atzmon – May 13, 2019

It seems as if British Jewish pressure groups have achieved their goal: anti-Semitism is now a mass movement in the UK. The rabid Zionist Algemeiner reports that “Antisemitism and virulent Israel-hatred were rife on Saturday at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in London.”
The Jewish press seems to be upset by a pro-Palestinian march that assembled at the offices of the BBC, not too far from a synagogue. I guess that the rationale is simple: once London is dotted with synagogues, human rights enthusiasts will be pushed out of the city. They will have to gather somewhere out of the green belt.
Jewish outlets complain that participants brandished ‘antisemitic badges and placards,’ such as “Israel provokes anti-Semitism.” I am puzzled. Is this really an anti-Semitic statement? If anything, it is an attempt to identify the cause of anti-Semitism.
Jewish outlets are also upset by images of the Star of David crossed with a swastika. To start with, those who equate Israel with Nazi Germany actually contemplate the memory of the Holocaust and are by no means ‘deniers.’ I guess that the time is ripe for Zionists and supporters of Israel to accept that in consideration of the ongoing Israeli racist crime in Palestine, the Star of David has become a symbol of evil in the eyes of many.
The Jewish press is upset by the slogan “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” that calls for Israel’s destruction. I would actually expect Jews who seem to be upset by the Hitlerian concept of an ‘Aryans-only state’ to accept that the concept of a ‘Jews-only state’ is equally disturbing.’ They should support Israel becoming ‘a state of its citizens’ and accept that sooner or later this state will evolve into Palestine, from the river to the sea.
The Jewish press is totally irritated by Jewish Voice for Labour’s Secretary Glyn Secker, who claimed that pro-Israel Labour officials were a “fifth column” in the party and asked, “What on earth are Jews doing in the gutter with these rats?” I would remind my readers that Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) is itself a Jewish racist exclusive political body that wouldn’t accept non-Jews into its ranks. I have wondered more than once how it is possible that the anti-racist Jeremy Corbyn is willing to be associated with such a body. However, in his statement (if quoted correctly by the Jewish press),  secretary Glyn Secker actually expresses the most disturbing tribal supremacist view. He looks down at a bunch of labour MPs whom he labels ‘rats’ and call for his Jewish brethren to disassociate from these low creatures. Glyn, in practice, sustains the Jew/Goy binary divide. He should actually receive the Kosher weekly award rather than be abused by the Zionist league.
But we can be reassured. Campaign Against Antisemitism has already confirmed that they are “reviewing the evidence that we gathered today. Where crimes have been committed, we will work with the authorities to ensure that there are arrests and prosecutions.”
The facts on the ground are undeniable. The more Jewish bodies campaign against anti-Semitism the more opposition to Jewish politics is detected. The relentless Zionist campaign against Corbyn didn’t hurt him, as he is still leading in most national election polls. Branding Nigel Farage as an anti-Semite didn’t touch the man whose party is polling higher than the Tories and Labour combined in the coming European Parliament election. One way to look at it is to argue that Brits are not moved by the Jewish anti-Semitism hysteria. Another way to look at it is to conclude that Brits are actually grossly disturbed by the anti-Semitism frenzy. Being hated by the Zionist lobby has become a badge of honour, an entry ticket to Britain’s political premiership.
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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

11 responses to “Antisemitism is now a mass movement in Britain”

  1. Gilad Atzmon is one of my heros, its good to rememeber there are good jews
    and not all jews wanted germany destroyed, Hitler was kept informed of what was being taught and urged in the synagogues, and these yes loyal to Germany were protected through w w 2.
    The hasidic jews have said for some while that the old testament in several places tells of the destruction of israel for its sins by fire, and they urge moderation but mainstream jews
    speak openly of the world a s its slave, each jew will have 3000 goy slaves
    the rest will be killed off, 5 G will be part of this.

  2. There was some talk that Gilad Atzmon would be welcome to play at glastonbury festival
    please do apply

  3. what the hell are israelis doing in our political parties ?
    They should not be in our political parties
    do you think we could interfere in theirs ? no way
    same as why are israel in the eurovision song contest they are not in europe
    Just remember that the major parties are all rothschild owned and run,
    and not for our benefit, we need to get in some independents
    try and get our country back

  4. “Jewish outlets complain…”

    Yes they are spoiled little brats and whining little sissies!

    “Jewish outlets complain that participants brandished ‘antisemitic badges and placards,’ such as “Israel provokes anti-Semitism.” I am puzzled. Is this really an anti-Semitic statement?”

    Of course not! It never is. “Jewish outlets” are systematic pathological lying machines that accuse everybody else of doing what they are doing in spades!

    Or…they are complete idiots!
    Or they are both liars and idiots! (My choice)

    The Jewish press is totally irritated…
    The Jewish press is absolutely appalled…
    The Jewish press is profoundly disturbed…
    The Jewish press is completely outraged…
    The Jewish press is deeply incensed…

    The Jewish press is a bunch of shameless, conceited, arrogant, lying, demented, guilty, paranoid, hypocritical, criminal, disingenuous little creeps. They should be addressed as such and treated as such. Period. They are sickening, disgusting, grotesque and vile beyond my ability to describe them.

    In a sane world, all the jewish press throughout Europe, North America and the rest of the world would have been rounded up and sent way on down to Concentration Camp right after 9/11.

  5. anyone who is not anti semitic has no conscience
    if i can paraphrase george Bernard Shaw, slightly innacurately
    if i met a man aged 20 who was not anti semitic i would say that man had no heart,
    if i met that same man aged 30 and he was still not antisemitic
    i would say that man had no head

  6. Interesting analogy by Gilad that I cannot deny : The Star of David is to the Palestinians as the Swastika is to the Jews. Unfortunately this analogy has some truth.

  7. A Jewish Activist once approached me on my wording supporting Israel. She said ” IF THE PALESTINIAN SITUATION WAS ANY WHERE ELSE ON THIS PLANET OTHER THAN THE MIDDLE EAST THE ADL AS WELL AS OTHER JEWISH GROUPS WOULD BE SUPPORTING THEM HAND OVER FIST “. Apparently the Palestinians are in the way of Zionist expansion. Very Plain and Simple.

  8. It is so unfortunate that the Zionists have an extreme case of CPS ( CHOSEN PEOPLE SYNDROME ). The prognosis is not good.

  9. Anti-Zionism = Anti-Semitism? Really? A “semite” is a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language, including in particular the Jews and Arabs. So if a Semite Palestinian Arba is opposed to Zionism and Zionists taking his home and putting him in a ghetto, he is anti-Semitic? Or it a German in WWII was anti-Nazi he is anti-German? Like Gilad all Jews are not Zionists, and all those, Jews and non-Jews, who oppose Zionism and its sociopathic methods are clearly not anti-Semitic. Perhaps the powerful Zionist liars and thugs in their efforts to outlaw the exposure of their heinous crimes by labeling all criticism against them as “anti-Semitism”, ought to be more exact and recognize that anti-Zionist = anti-Nazism. Alternatively, if they wanted to be more inclusive they would say that anti-Zionism = anti-Septicism.

  10. As Michael Hoffman recently said so eloquently:
    A phrase that has been imposed on the West universally is “anti-semitism.” One must ask, how did it come about that anti-Judaic bigotry has a formal name and category, and institutions and governments devoted to its study and prosecution? — Whereas the bigotry of Judaism against gentiles has no entry in the human rights lexicon? What should we term it? Perhaps anti-goyimism would be most appropriate.

    Anti-goyimism is as real, indeed it is more real, than “anti-Semitism,” for who today despises a Judaic because they are of the tribe of Shem, the father of the Semites?
    The haters of non-Jews are legion and they have dozens of sacred halachic texts which instruct them in their hatred: the Mishna, Gemara, Shulchan Aruch etc. ad infinitum. In the Talmud Bavli, there are hundreds of such laws. Here is one, from BT Avodah Zarah:
    “Jews should not leave small animals alone with gentiles, or entrust their sheep to gentile shepherds, because they are likely to use them to commit bestiality.”

    We who are not Jews are prone to have sex with animals — according to the halacha of Orthodox Judaism. Where is there a court that will defend us from virulent racist defamation like this?
    The narcissistic exceptionalism of the Talmudists.
    The hallmark of the Talmudic mentality is the dividing line between the Jew and the goy: one exceptional standard for the ‘Chosen People’ and another for everyone else — eternal vigilance over outbreaks of anti-Semitism — zero attention paid to theologically-inculcated and pathological hatred of all Palestinians, and gentiles in particular.