Terrorist massacre of children in Syrian Christian town of Al Suqalibiyah

Vanessa Beeley – 21st Century Wire May 12, 2019

This morning, the 12th May 2019, the remnants of terrorist groups still embedded in the countryside of northern Hama and Idlib targeted the Syrian Christian town of Al Skeilbiyyeh. 6 children have been martyred, many others have been injured, some critically. At least one was taken to Hama National Hospital and put on life support. 

The Western-sponsored terrorist groups, led by Nusra Front or the HTS rebrand, attacked the city with Grad missiles and mercilessly mowed down children in their homes and as they were playing in the Monastery which doubles up as a school and community center. Following the recent Syrian Arab Army advances and liberation of the surrounding countryside, civilians in the town had finally begun to relax. The threat of missiles, death and destruction seemed, finally, to have ended. This morning it returned and claimed the lives of children, innocent children.

Children playing in the Monastery courtyard. (Photo: Al Skeilbiyyeh)

The following are the names of the children and one adult who were martyred and the names of the children who were injured in the attack:

  1. Marcel Naama. Child. Critical head injury. Transferred to Hama Hospital and on life support.
  2. Bashar Naama. Child martyr.
  3. Ali Mohammad. Child, injured by shrapnel
  4. Carmen Adnan. Child, shrapnel injury.
  5. Michael Farouh. Child, shrapnel injury, in critical condition
  6. Joud Farouh. Child, shrapnel injury
  7. George Farouh. Child, shrapnel injury
  8. Hala Mkashkash. Adult martyr.
  9. Jessica Karajian. Child martyr
  10. Suhair Adnan. Child martyr
  11. Engi Faisal Razouk. Child martyr.

There should be no ceasefire now. The Syrian Arab Army and allies should liberate all of Idlib from this army of mercenaries and psychopaths promoted, armed and financed by the West and protected by the state-media criminals who have dismissed and “disappeared” their crimes for more than eight years.


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  1. Just keep in mind all these terror groups are israeli run and american armed
    when Armageddon begins in earnest just remember, the enemy of all peopeles has always been the jew