Russia’s Coming Destiny

Rixon Stewart – May 12, 2019

Sukhoi Su24M front-line bombers fly in formation in the skies of Moscow on Victory Day May 9, 2019. Click to enlarge

What follows is the text of an email that was originally sent in 2011 and then sent again, slightly updated, in 2013.
It’s important because the correspondent predicted the Iraq invasion years before it occurred. In other words he’s gifted with an uncanny foresight. He sent me the following reminder a few days ago and it is vitally important as it throws new light on Russia and its relations with Israel.
This is particularly important reading for those who argue that:
  • 1) Vladimir Putin is a “crypto-Jew”
  • 2) Or that he’s in league with the global elite.
He’s neither. I’ve just returned from a brief visit to Moscow and was struck by a number of things:
  • 1) First and foremost, Western economic sanctions on Russia are not working. New high-rises are going up all over Moscow, and supermarkets are better stocked than when I first visited Moscow nearly 18 years ago. Moreover, there seems to be a wider variety of quality merchandise available. If the West is indeed waging economic war on Russia it’s having little obvious effect in the capital. In addition the infrastructure is better maintained and services are more efficiently delivered than when I first visited.
  • 2) Crucially, Russia’s military seem much more formidable than they did at the end of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. While Russia’s armed forces are smaller now they are better trained and equipped. Furthermore, more than half of Russia’s military personnel are now professional and this showed in the efficient, professional way they conducted their recent campaign in Syria.
Apart from accurately predicting what the global elite’s strategic plans were (even if some of those plans ended in failure), my correspondent’s email also indirectly points to the fulfilment of an ancient Russian prophecy. This speaks of the emergence of a third global empire following the British Empire and Rome.
This third global empire or power will have Moscow at its centre and will be driven largely by the Slavic peoples.
Crucially, the so-called “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce and Christian teacher and researcher Rudolf Steiner also both foresaw Russia’s future importance in humanity’s destiny. Steiner predicted Russia’s coming role just over a century ago while during Stalin’s era Edgar Cayce foretold that humanity’s hope and salvation would come from Russia.
Bear in mind in reading the following that war can be waged economically as much as it can be by the military. Indeed, this is what the U.S. appears to be trying to do with Iran, as witness the newly imposed sanctions on Tehran. Like the various restrictions being imposed on Russia by the U.S., they seem intended to achieve what the U.S. cannot do with its military alone.
Although as if to underline that unspoken objective, U.S. carrier battle groups are on standby in the Persian Gulf and nuclear-armed B-52s have been deployed to nearby Qatar.
Finally, it’s important to note that my correspondent wasn’t ‘predicting’ the future. Instead he seemed to have been able to discern what the elite’s strategic objectives were, even if many were not successfully accomplished. Although later events would propel the points cited into the headlines, at the time he sent the email few of them were major news items. Rather, it was as if he were able to discern the Western elite’s future objectives, point by point. Ed.
The email begins:
Thanks Rixon.
Here is the record of the email I sent in 2011
  1.     Libya – Done
  2.     Syria – In the works for over two years
  3.     Venezuela (quietly in the background) – Done
  4.     North Korea – Strong Resistance – Since 30 March 2013 they are officially at war with the USA according to the North Korean Government. The transcript of the declaration of war makes for interesting reading. It very directly addresses the reasons why they are a target of the USA. The USA has yet to fire a bullet across the border as N Korea will retaliate with a nuclear strike.
  5.     Iran- Complete Resistance = Attack on Syria will be the final trigger on this as you know.
  6.     WW3 Northern Hemisphere
  7.     Russia, Scorpionic nation, steps in, turns on it’s masters and sets the balance right. Israel as we know it today annihilated …

2 responses to “Russia’s Coming Destiny”

  1. Russias economy has bloomed since they took the jews out of top positions
    exactly as hitler did to give prosperity to Germany.
    This is the real reason why the UK wants war with Russia, the skripal bosiness is a red herring, the government never gives the truth about why a war is being raged
    its all fought on lies, what shocks me is the number of British troops who are now understanding this, many of those who joined up to protect the country are refusing more wars for the jews.
    Tony Blairs Astrologer, every single decision made by New labour was astrological, said
    do not descalre war on the people of Iraq, but Toerag Tony did, and has had to hide in disgrace ever since, it is said he is hated more than Churchill

  2. This is an oldie from a man who was an occult advisor to the British Government, its from a long defunct website called TheTruthNews and dates from i think 2008 and fits the article above on Russia

    The long awaited date of 6 june 2006 was said to herald in a new time in history
    this 6-6-6 date was promised to mark a great new era.
    But experts said it was a damp squib as no visible changed occurred.
    But subtle changes have actually been very evident, a landslide of whistleblowers since this date have changed forever the vast landscape, all that was hidden from the public on a host of topics is becoming clear in remarkable new ways, “The Cold war” which in numerology is 6- 6 -6 was brought to an end
    by a man foretold in holy scripture as ” having the mark of the comet on his head”

    Mikhail Gorbachev was the man with a birthmark on his head which looks like a comet with a tail and he brought us Glasnost or open ness and Perestroika or Restructuring in the Soviet Union and open dialogue to bring peace from 1986.
    “Halley’s Comet “which passed by in 1986 is a 28 + 28 and “The Senate” is also a 28 and Ronald Reagan also a 28+28 showing he was a man of his time, “Mikhail Gorbachev”, is a 36 + 45 both nine numbers which reduce to another 9, “Communist Party” reduces to a 37+26 which is a 9 again, Communism is described as “red”
    Red is also a 9 numbrt
    The “USSR Politburo” is also a 9 number, this shows a common karmic linkage with Gorbachev and Communism, and Armageddon which is also a 9 number.
    Comet and Head added are a 20, the Moons number and the number of Gorbachevs’s birth, on March 2 1931.
    This date is interesting because the number 2 is heightened in its power in his birth sign of Pisces showing Gorbachev’s “olive branch” another 28+28 was pre-ordained.
    George Bush who rejected peace offers from the man from scriptures, and fought spurious wars across the Middle East killing millions name adds to the 8, the number of Saturn and karma, and this year we see that this is an 8 year, where the policies of George Bush bear fruit, Saturn is the payer of karmic debts, and the future coming year of the sheep in 2019 promises total destruction, which only Russian leaders can stop.
    The bible warns us of wolves among the sheep, sheep is a 9 and we are the sheep destined for slaughter, unless we speak out to our leaders and stop it.
    Picture of Gornachev would not reproduce