Jewish historian: when Jeremy Corbyn saved a Jewish cemetery from Margaret Hodge’s council

James Wright — The Canary May 10, 2019

Geoffrey Aldreman (left) and Margaret Hodge (right). Click to enlarge

Jewish historian Geoffrey Alderman recalled an anecdote about Jeremy Corbyn on 8 May. Back in 1987, the Labour leader successfully campaigned to stop property developers taking over a Jewish cemetery.

Fighting a Hodge-led council to save a Jewish cemetery

And it turns out that Margaret Hodge, who has smeared Corbyn as an antisemite, was leader of Islington Council at the time. Although Hodge’s personal view is unspecified, under her leadership the council approved “destroying the gravestones and digging-up and reburying the bodies” to build for-profit properties.

Alderman, who’s authored many books on Jewish history, wrote that the 176-year-old cemetery was of “great historic and architectural interest”.

At the time, West London Synagogue had already agreed to sell off its graveyard to the property developers. But Alderman writes that, for orthodox Jewish people, the “deliberate destruction of a cemetery is sacrilegious”. This sparked the successful campaign, which Alderman and Corbyn were both a part of, to overturn the council’s decision.

Corbyn: “philo-Semitic”

Tackling smears against Corbyn further, Alderman also wrote:

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