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Meet Britain’s new unelected dictator, the man who has made Theresa May his ‘glove puppet’. 

Lasha Darkmoon – Darkmoom.me 

“Don’t underestimate how vindictive I can be.”

“Woe betide anyone who crosses him … Mrs May [is] little more than his glove puppet … He is the very embodiment of the Deep State.” — Richard Littlejohn,  in a devastating attack in The Daily Mail on Theresa May and her Stalinesque Puppet Master Sir Mark Sedwill.
I hope I will be excused from quoting heavily in this article from Richard Littlejohn, star columnist of The Daily Mail, a paper that is now one of the most outspoken cheerleaders for Zionism, Holocaust propaganda, and the fictitious virtues of Britain’s lame duck Prime Minister, Theresa May. The article by Littlejohn, a savage denunciation of Mrs May and everything she stands for—see also here—is therefore all the more remarkable that it should appear in such an organ of ultra-Zionist propaganda as The Daily Mail.
It was either published by mistake, or, much more likely, because Littlejohn is too important a writer to ban. That would be a bit like banning Jonathan Swift for being too outspoken in his criticisms of the political status quo in 18th century England. Apart from which, The Daily Mail, whatever its faults, is doing its valiant best to prove that it is a bastion of free speech and democracy. Hence, the occasional oasis of truth in a desert of fake news and disinformation.
“According to a source quoted in a recent newspaper profile,” Littlejohn begins his stirring narrative, “Sir Mark Sedwill  can’t cope with the fact that he is not Prime Minister.”
Littlejohn then gets into his stride:
Sedwill is not a man given to respecting the opinions of democratically elected ministers. He treats Cabinet members with undisguised contempt and takes decisions without consulting them. Effectively, he runs a government within the Government, formulating policies and presenting them to the Prime Minister as a fait accompli.
“DON’T UNDERESTIMATE HOW VINDICTIVE I CAN BE,” he is reported to have told former Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, who was sacked last week by the Prime Minister after being accused by Sedwill of leaking details of Theresa May’s decision to involve the Chinese in building Britain’s 5G mobile phone network, despite security concerns.
Sedwill’s threat was made in January, after the two men crossed swords over the defence budget.
Williamson, who denies responsibility for the leak, believes his dismissal was payback for crossing Sedwill, WHO DECIDED HE WAS GUILTY BEFORE THE INQUIRY BEGAN.
(Emphasis added)

Taking over from Littlejohn, I must explain to our American readers who may not be fully aware of these background details, that Theresa May, Britain’s worst Prime Minister in history—with the single exception of the war criminal Tony Blair—recently sacked Gavin Williamson (right) from his post as Defence Secretary. She did this without bothering to produce a shred of evidence to prove that Williamson had been guilty of any wrongdoing. And she acted in this way solely on the instructions of her Svengali-like controller, Sir Mark Sedwill.
Meanwhile, the unfairly dismissed Gavin Williamson has sworn on the lives of his children that he is spotlessly innocent. He has challenged Mrs May to launch an official investigation into his alleged crime. She refuses, thereby demonstrating to her critics her cowardice and contempt for fair play.
Littlejohn continues in the same acerbic vein, rising to new heights of savage indignation: “Gavin Williamson’s account certainly seems to have the ring of truth about it,” he tells us, letting us into the secret that “Sedwill has a reputation, in which he revels, for bullying ministers. His overbearing behaviour is apparent at No 10’s morning meetings, where he is said to push people aside to secure the seat next to Mrs May.”
Sedwill is presented as a totalitarian bullyboy sans pareil. “He is only able to get away with it because he is indulged by May,” Littlejihn explains. “Sedwill has ruthlessly exploited the intellectual inadequacy of the Prime Minister and her mistrust of other politicians to become the most powerful civil servant in history.”
Intellectual inadequacy? One has to hand it to Littlejohn. A master of understatement, if ever there was one.
Sir Mark Sedwill, Littlejohn tells us, “is now Cabinet Secretary, Head of the Civil Service and National Security Adviser — the first man to hold all three posts simultaneously. It can’t be healthy for such power to be concentrated in a single civil servant, especially one with apparent contemptuous disregard for elected politicians.”
It seems to me, a mere bystander in this bizarre affair, that the glove puppet Mrs May  and her Puppet Master Mark Sedwill  share this trait in common: neither of them shows the slightest regard for their fellow politicians but see themselves as Grand Viziers ruling over a vast empire of slaves.
Littlejohn continues to reflect on the Prime Minister’s dimwittedness, scrupulously refraining in his gentlemanly way from dismissing her outright as the Village Idiot in high heels:
Sedwill first spotted MAY’S VACUITY when she was Home Secretary and set about filling it. Talk to anyone who attended a meeting at the Home Office in those days and they will tell you SHE CONTRIBUTED NEXT TO NOTHING and always deferred to Sedwill.
Sedwill may resent the fact that he isn’t the Prime Minister, but that doesn’t stop him acting like one.
(Emphasis added)
It was Sedwill, we learn, who ordered preparation for a No-Deal Brexit to be scrapped, “without consulting ministers or Parliament, thus stripping away our most potent bargaining chip.”
And these are the same politicians who are doing their best to persuade an increasingly sceptical public that we are still living in a functioning democracy.
As one of the architects of Project Fear, it was Sedwill (according to Littlejohn) who wrote the conveniently leaked memo “warning of a scary 10 per cent rise in food prices and civil unrest in Northern Ireland unless May’s dismal, defeatist ‘deal’ was passed.
One final scathing quote from Littlejohn and I will then resume my role as chief narrator of this sorry saga:
“Certainly he [Sir Mark Sedwill] appears to have IMPERIAL DESIGNS OF HIS OWN.
This week he is due to lead a delegation of 15 senior Whitehall officials to Beijing, in what is described as a vainglorious ‘Mandarin mission for mandarins’ — aimed at bypassing ministers and establishing himself as the main point of contact between the British Government and the Chinese.
Again, sounds about right. It would explain his, and Mother Theresa’s, enthusiasm for giving Huawei part of the contract to build the 5G network, IN THE TEETH OF OPPOSITION FROM MINISTERS, THE SECURITY SERVICES AND OUR CLOSEST ALLIES.
It would also explain his determination to persuade May to sack Williamson, who refused to send any official from the MoD on the trip. By his own alleged admission: “DON’T UNDERESTIMATE HOW VINDICTIVE I CAN BE.”
Sedwill seems regularly to overstep the mark, TO WIELD POWER WITHOUT RESPONSIBILITY OR ACCOUNTABILITY, largely because of the limpet-like dependency of the outgoing Prime Minister.
The good news is that, when May is eventually dragged screaming and kicking from No 10, Sedwill is likely to be out on his ear, too.
Two of the leading candidates to replace her have promised to show him the door. Not before time, either.
Sir Mark Sedwill needs to be cut down to size.
(Emphasis added)
Devastating.  I wouldn’t like to be a political insect under Littlejohn’s cruel microscope.
I will now take up the thread in my own more muted voice.

Theresa May, Sir Mark Sedwill’s “glove puppet”

Tony Blair was guilty of flagrant war crimes; he is now a multimillionaire who has managed to escape justice. Theresa May will escape justice too, you can be sure of that, and will soon be on the lecture circuit like the mendacious war criminal Tony Blair. Here is a picture of Mrs May with her friend and mentor, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis. She had dinner at the Chief Rabbi’s house on the same evening as she was elected Prime Minister.
Strange coincidence, no?
Conspiracy theorists will be delighted to know there’s a strong attraction that brings Sir Mark Sedwill and Theresa May together in a grotesque danse macabre. Both are enthusiastic cheerleaders for Israel; they bend the knee in unison to the same Jewish Master. Both Mrs May and Mark Sedwill are devout disciples of the new state religion commonly known as ‘Holocaustanity’.
Dig deep for the worm in the apple and you will find there a seething colony of maggots. This report from a Jewish periodical spells it all out:
Jewish civil servants have arranged the first ever Holocaust Memorial Day commemorative event for staff at Number 10 Downing Street.
Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill will speak at the event on Wednesday as attendees hear testimonies from a Holocaust survivor… 
Sedwill’s own grandfather was part of the British Army when it liberated Bergen-Belsen and he told Jewish News he had been “personally struck by the power of these survivor testimonies, and how the lessons of the Holocaust still have resonance to us working in Government today.
Is it any wonder that the sinister Holocaust devotee Sir Mark Sedwill should exert a Svengali-like influence over his ultra-Zionist “glove puppet” Theresa May? This is a marriage of convenience  between two soulmates, with the glove puppet Mrs May only too happy to oblige her powerful Puppet Master.
Holocaustanity, that’s the magic aphrodisiac that binds them together.
Watch this video and weep:

VIDEO  :  2.40 mins