Word via Ned Dougherty May 3, 2019

Message For The People Of ‘My Beloved France’ – As Well As For The Whole World!

Via Ned Dougherty – End Times Daily May 3, 2019

Eucharistic Chapel, St. Rosalie’s Church, Hampton Bays, New York

Flames engulf Notre Dame. Click to enlarge

Our Lady of La Salette
My dear son,
Once again, I come to you as Our Lady of La Salette.  As you already know, my title as Our Lady of La Salette goes back to my appearances to Melanie and Maximin, my cherished children, on September 19, 1846, exactly one hundred years before the date of your birth.
I come to you today as your Lady of La Salette, for I am continuing my messages to the children through you now. It is a very important time in the history of humanity, and I convey these messages with great sorrow and through tears that cloud my eyes – but not my vision for the future of your world and for humanity.
I have charged you in particular with messages for the people of  ‘My Beloved France’ as well as for the whole world, and you have recognized your responsibility to speak to the people of France and to convey my messages.
You are living in a time when My Son’s Role as the Redeemer of all humanity is being challenged greatly by the enemies of your Heavenly Mother, as well as the eternal enemies of My Son the Redeemer and the Father in Heaven. The one and only true Church for all of humanity is the One, Holy, and Apostolic Church of My Son, the Redeemer Jesus Christ, and the constitution of My Son’s Church is founded on all of you my brothers and sisters who recognize My Son as the Redeemer of all humanity.
My Son’s Church is for all of humanity, and around your world now, the dark forces of the evil one are attacking in unmerciful ways, not only you who are my brothers and sisters in Christ, but also the very edifices upon which My Son’s Church has been built for all of you to show your respect and reverence for My Son as well as to partake in the sacraments that the Father in Heaven has bestowed upon you – only through My Son’s Church – the very sacraments that are necessary for you to nourish your soul and to raise the level of your very spirit to a heightened plateau where you become powerful prayerful warriors for the Triune God in Heaven.
I call you now to arms as your Heavenly Mother, for now in these final days, the dark one and his minions have unleashed themselves from the bowels of hell to fight the final battle; the battle of all times for the future of mankind here on Earth, for you are being challenged globally now by the most putrid demons of the evil one satan, lucifer, moloch and baal.
In France, I watch as my Son’s Church is being burned and destroyed by the forces of evil and darkness who have invaded France most recently to convert ‘My Beloved France’ from the Christian country that I have prayed for and guided for so many centuries now  – only to see My Son’s beautiful edifices burned and pillaged by the evil one’s earthly minions who are misguided in their beliefs with scales over their eyes, believing that they are acting for the Father in Heaven when their true master is the master of lies who is deceiving so much of humanity through occult and demonic beliefs that are not of the Father in Heaven but of the demon in hell.
I pray for you, my children in France, for you are existing in an altered state of suspension from the reality of the terrible evil that has invaded ‘My Beloved France’!
I call upon you to recognize that the destruction of so many of My Son’s Churches in France – particularly of My Beloved Notre Dame de Paris –  is the work of the sinister and evil forces of satan.
Woe to those who defame, pillage, and decimate My Son’s Church – not only in France – but throughout the world. For in the end, the enemies of My Son’s Church will find no peace in the afterlife.
I ask all of you My Children of France to rise up once more and defend my Son’s Church throughout France that has been pillaged before, but never destroyed, just as it is being attacked again. But now, my children, you must rise up in France as well as in the rest of the world and defend My Son’s Church, for these are the times that the ancient and modern prophets have warned you about.
Now the time is near. Now, not later, is a time for powerful prayerful warriors to take action and to defend the Church of My Son.
The attacks against my Son’s Church are taking place in many different ways that you may not yet realize, because you are living in the forest of confusion and chaos brought on by your sources of entertainment and journalism, much of which are controlled and manipulated by the minions of satan who are misleading you and causing the scales before your eyes to harden. I call upon you as powerful prayerful warriors to remove the scales from your eyes to challenge the demonically-directed media and news sources that are hell-bent on destroying not only my Sons’ Church but all of humanity.
You must awaken from the slumber which has been cast upon you by evil world leaders and power brokers who are attempting to exercise control over the world at the direction of the evil one. They are calling for a new world order, which is not of God the Father in Heaven, nor of His Son, nor of his Heavenly Mother. The evil one has called upon these minions to suppress and censure your activities now more than ever before in the history of humanity, for the evil one knows his days are short and his minions are now hell-bent on enforcing their demonic new world order plans, so that in the next decade, in their minds, they will have greatly reduced the population of the world to a manageable number of slaves who are only allowed to exist to serve their atheistic, materialistic, and greedy existence. Such is the plan of the evil one.
I call upon all of you to be vigilant of their plans, and through the power of prayer and meditation and the rising up of God’s children, the evil one and his minions will fail, and in the end, the wheat will be separated from this evil chaff, and the world will become a better place in the eyes of the Father in Heaven, because you will be victorious in the end. Thanks be to God!
You must also be aware now that the evil new world order people are fomenting hatred and prejudice throughout the world – again through the media and governments which they control – for they are continually about creating and maintaining endless wars. But now, they are ratcheting up their global war machine to envelop the whole world in a great and final conflagration.
Keep in mind that their intention is to eliminate much of humanity through poverty, crime, racism, conflicts, economic treachery, but most of all through war. It is time now for all of humanity to be vigilant of the evil power brokers who are calling for interventions and insertions of military forces into hotspot areas, for they know that if they are successful, they will create the third world war that will pit citizens against citizens throughout the world, so that you annihilate each other and ultimately suit their plans of reducing the population of the world to those who would be in a manageable servitude to the evil one’s minions.
But now that you know their plan, you must rise up against the tyranny. Call upon your Heavenly Angels and Saints to assist humanity, and you will be victorious in the end. God’s children shall prevail, and the evil one and his minions will finally be cast into the eternal inferno. Peace and serenity will rain across the Earth, and all of humankind shall flourish and prosper in the New Heaven and New Earth that has been promised you.
My Children, my brothers and sisters, I am calling upon you, each and every one of you, who count yourselves among God’s chosen ones. I come to you directly, for the future of My Son’s Church throughout the world will be assured by each and every one of you who recognize yourselves humbly and reverently as the children of God, for it is the children who will save the world from its own destruction.
I have attempted through many of you who have been receiving my messages to influence your religious leaders with God’s messages to humanity, but our Messages from Heaven have fallen on deaf ears.
I called upon the children of La Salette in 1846 to warn the vicars of My Son’s Church of the scandals that would topple the Church, if only for an instant in time. My messages then and my messages now have fallen on deaf ears. But through you, my children, the Messages from Heaven are being heard as it has been intended and as the prophets have stated.
The world will not be saved by the hierarchy of the Church which is now in chaos and disarray but through you, my brothers and sisters, who humbly and reverently answer the call in these times that comes directly from the Father in Heaven through his Son the Redeemer and with my assistance as your Heavenly Mother, as well as through all the good Angels and Saints.
So in these times, your inspiration to save the world from its own destruction will not come from the Church leaders who are in confusion and disarray and blinded by the evil one who is hell-bent in destroying My Son’s Church.
The world will be saved by you, my children, and the time is now to answer God’s call. The time is short and you must be prayerfully vigilant now more than ever before.
This is the Final Call from the Heavens. A Call to Arms! A Call to Don Your Armour!
Through the power of prayer, the world will be saved.
There truly will be justice finally for all who follow the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Finally… Thanks be to God!
Message ended 10:25am


6 responses to “Word via Ned Dougherty May 3, 2019”

  1. I do enjoy the Ned Dougherty messages
    but the references to the sacraments, i think he means confession and communion is no part of christianity, the confession thing was added to give the preists control
    and the communion where the bread and wine is changed into the body and blood of christ is pure cannibalism, who would want to eat their god ? this was put in by the jews who eat human flesh, and the old testament tells of them sacrificing their first born
    The miracle of transubstantiation as its called, is based on necrophophagy, which is forbidden, the kidnap murder and eating the flesh of the lindberg baby is what jews do
    Look up the amount of missing children never found in the UK
    and the statements given to Lord Longford by child kidnappers Robert Black and Doughtrue tell of involvement of the Board of British deputies

  2. When the jews ran russia they burnt all churches and mosques
    But Pres Putin rebuilt them, he ncouraged christianity, i do not know of any child abuse with russian preists whereas over here homosexuals were encouraged into the church
    Putin also chased out the jewish mafia, Tony Blair allowed them into the UK
    Prophecies say putin will save the world from the jews w w 3

  3. Tell Ned to ask for help, hey we cant manage the evil of the jew without gods help and we need it now

  4. The last real catholic Bishop Williamson went through all the vaican archives on the german wartime camps, and gives us the truth on the holocaust
    and what total bollox we are told on this

  5. Adam Pierce’s remark about the sacraments being a means of the clergy to control the laity represents the views probably of most Protestants. I am not a clergy member but have, nevertheless, spent some years of my early training for such, and I do know that although that may be an effect to some extent in the use of various sacraments, that is not the intent and the purpose of such. In order for any religious observance or practice to be effective it has to engender a sense of holiness. The sacraments are essentially tools, the same as Bible, but they are sacred tools intended to be used to connect people with God. Such is precisely why with the sacrament of Holy Orders, where you have homosexaul, sexually active, abusive, or pedophile priests making up about 3% to 4% of their number in some places creating such real damage to a sacrament which must be regarded as a holy or sacred function of that person ordained by God whose primary role is to administer the other six holy sacraments. Whether we are Protestant or Catholic, or whether we believe in salvation through works or not, most people expect and want Catholic nuns to be real nuns and Catholic priests to be real priests, because it is their sacrifices of various things in this life which provides the rest of us with a witness to reinforce our faith and hope in the next life and the supernatural realm of God in our midst. That does not mean they have to be “holier than thou” or angelic beings but at least we expect them to be a cut above the rest of us and most certainly not to be far worse.

    In general the sacraments are holy things or tools just like scripture laden with so many mysteries and facets all intended to elevate the gaze of our hearts(our centers) toward the holy. If you have “faith”, meaning that despite your doubt or you intelligence you simply accept or believe, then you are in a position to determine the proof of the pudding by the very eating of it. Otherwise it is all hocus pocus. Confession, or example, is a method of disturbing the control of sin in our inner lives which is intended to bring it and guilt out of hiding and purging it away by exposure, sorrow, a purpose of amendment, and a firm faith in absolution. Its main purpose is to restore grace and holiness in us, and from there we are better able to make connection with God. It is intended as a cleansing act to make us whole, or more whole, such that inwardly we can better orientate ourselves to God through Christ. It is the best way of personal repentance and humbling one’s self I know. It is not a means for the clergy to control anyone. It is about healing. Then there is the Eucharist which at least to me is all about simplicity and silence in the presence of God, which is the very antithesis of control by anyone.

  6. Simply masquerading demons . .